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Famous Ex Occult Priestess Ivone Silva’s Video Blocked By Court Order!

COURT ORDER BLOCKING YOUTUBE TESTIMONY VIDEO OF FORMER CANDOMBLÉ (YORUBA) PRIESTESS Posted on April 7, 2019by in gods we trusted This post was shared by my good friend and Ex Occultist Ivani Greppi. ‘We continue to hear of more and more online … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Again Speaks Out On Political World Affairs.

‘OK, that’s not a real job, but is he seeking to lead the global conversation’. ”Pope Francis Wants To Be President Of The World” By Howard Fineman, Global Editorial Director, HuffPost US NOTE: This article was first published on 24/09/2015 Although … Continue reading

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Critique of ‘How psychics, suddenly everywhere, are healing the world, ‘ By Marcia Montenegro.

Ex New Ager, Spiritualist and Professional Astrologer, participated in past life regression, astral travel, spirit contact, tarot cards and had spirit guides: Marcia Montenegro is a woman who I highly admire and have loved her resources for years!!! Marcia Montenegro wrote the … Continue reading

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Ex-New Ager Marcia Montenegro Exposes Mindfulness and Enneagram Concepts.

Ex New Ager, Spiritualist and Professional Astrologer, participated in past life regression, astral travel, spirit contact, tarot cards and had spirit guides: Marcia Montenegro is a woman who I highly admire and have loved her resources for years!!! Marcia Montenegro, author … Continue reading

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Famous Ghost Hunter, The Late Mark Constantino: Exorcism Of His Sister Laura Constantino.

Exorcism/deliverance after involvement in Paranormal Investigations, which led to Demonic Harassment and Family Deaths ~ Article by Dana Emanuel.  SEE BELOW VIDEO – OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SISTER AND BROTHER OF THE LATE FAMOUS GHOST HUNTER, MARK CONSTANTINO, OF THE ZAC BAGANS … Continue reading

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Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates: Endorsed by Creation Ministries International.

The Alien Intrusion: A creation-based movie like no Other! by Gary Bates Creation Ministries International. Science fiction is a wildly popular genre, accounting for many of the highest grossing movies of all time. Movies like Star Wars and sci-fi TV series such as the Star … Continue reading

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Deliverance Available: Kilburn Christian Fellowship, London with Michael Cummins.

Deliverance by appointment at the Church or phone Pastor Michael on his UK cell phone at 07469235351. Or email him at Michael can also minister deliverance to you via Skype. My dear friend and ministry colleague, Pastor Michael Cummins just … Continue reading

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Witchcraft Moves Mainstream As Christianity Declines: And Has Trump In Its Sights – The Telegraph.

Although I don’t agree with everything in this article it’s worth sharing it! Witchcraft moves to the mainstream in America as Christianity declines – and has Trump in its sights. Rachel Ray, The Telegraph•December 21, 2018 The ‘witch’ Tituba of Salem … Continue reading

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Witchcraft On The Rise As Christianity Declines by Ray Gano of PZTV.

Laura Maxwell, ‘Wicca would have been something I’d have naturally gravitated towards if I hadn’t found Jesus when I did. As a new ager and a spiritualist, the beliefs, especially about nature and animals would have definately appealed to me. So, … Continue reading

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Step Into Your Power by Camilla Rosa Eriksen.

Camilla Rosa Eriksen wrote an article recently in Exposing The Darkness. and kindly gave me permission to share here. Step Into Your Power. “Prepare to use your imagination, your most powerful, largely untapped human resource. Imagine that you have a remote control in … Continue reading

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