Your Spiritual Testimony Wanted!

A selection of testimonies are listed in my Directory of Former New Agers and Occultists, as well as posted throughout this blog. I also love collecting testimonies to share on my YouTube channel and to feature some on my radio shows!

Such testimonies are amazing true stories of ordinary people just like you! They give glory to God for everything He has done in their lives and what He rescued them from.


Psalm 96:3 (NLT) ‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.’

In a world saturated with sad news reports, it’s so exciting and encouraging to share these amazing true accounts of what God is doing in our countries and homes today!

There are plenty of excellent Ex New Ager, Ex Spiritualist Medium, Ex Witch, Ex Yoga, Ex Reiki and Ex Psychic testimonies on here now. But I feel there’s a gap in this list. It could be added to, by more of you who once practised Astrology, Energy Healing, Ghost Hunting, Kabbalah, Paganism, Shamanism, or Wicca. Or perhaps you were once a Light Worker, or an Alien Channeller?


There must be a few of you, or a few hundred, who could fit into one of these categories! If not, maybe you have friends who would be willing to share their testimony with us?

Please don’t be shy. If you’d like to send your testimonies, but you prefer I leave your name out, that’s ok. We realise some prefer to remain anonymous. Maybe you have never shared before. Maybe now it’s time to do it! Please do pray and seek the Lord about this.

To submit testimonies for consideration for this blog, you can contact me via Facebook at:



Or easier still, send a message in the comment box below and I will reply to you soon!


Let’s join to inspire others with our testimonies, especially those who are perhaps still walking in such beliefs and lifestyles.

Let’s encourage them with the transforming love, hope and peace they can receive from Jesus, as they see the truth and accept Him as their Saviour.

Please send me your testimonies!

Please Send Your Testimonies!

I pray these testimonies will do just that. Also that they will bring God much glory.

ALSO: You may have friends tormented by spirits! If you care, please share my blog articles. Remember, silence is consent!

Please don't stay silent - help others!

Please don’t stay silent – let’s help others!

Help spread Christ’s truth to liberate those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

Many thanks for considering this request.
God bless you! Laura Maxwell 


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit my blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura does not get paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on tv, radio or at events. All of her ministry work is of a voluntary nature.



44 Responses to Your Spiritual Testimony Wanted!

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  2. Richard says:

    Mine is long. About 20 mins conservatively. Was part of a paranormal research group. Worked on a television show and was deep into new age doctrines. I was only 20. Would be willing to share it in a testimony interview for your channel if desired. I will type the short version to you in an email tomorrow.

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  3. Edwin McKinney says:

    Hello Laura, I was wondering if you were still excepting testimonies. I was delivered out of the Occult and Paganism by the almighty. I have shared the testimony of YHWH’s intervention in my life with congregations and individuals, but I feel that those who need to hear it the most are those who are or were like me. Though it has been several years now since I have been delivered, I am seeing a great interest in what I used to be. I was a member of the “Ring of Troth” (Asatruar), Angelseaxisce Ealdriht, and of the Theodish Rice (Anglo-Saxon Heathenry). There is a growing interest in Germanic Paganism and its’ concerning to me. With the popularity of the show “Vikings” and various other movies like “Thor”, the interest in the “gods” of the Aesir and Vanir is growing. While many of these groups focus their attention on the natural and earthly side of the “faith”. The supernatural side is unavoidable, especially through the practice of galdorcreaft and seidhring. I practiced this religion for nearly 15 years and had absolutely no intention of ever changing. It was only through the supernatural intervention of a GOD I hated and despised that changed everything. My conversion was so extreme and explosive that friends and family thought that I had lost my mind! Believe me, I went from warning family members to never use the name of Jesus in my presence, to shouting my Messiahs name from the roof tops! It happened practically over night.

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  4. Juliet says:

    Hi Laura, are you still interested in my testimony about reiki? I checked on youtube, there are thousands reiki videos teaching people how to use it and so many get into this deception. There are hardly any Christian testimonies against it. I am going to record mine but it will be like a drop in the ocean. God bless.

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  5. Wow, I am in tears now as I have been praying/petitioning so hard for more to be delivered out of the ‘new age’ occult. We have to keep exposing these doctrines of demons, the ‘strong delusion’ so that more come out, Amen Loving The Lord Thy God, The Real Holy One of The Holy Bible, The Godhead! Amen & Alleluia I know that Laura will be listening to this. I just want to share it for whomever else might want to hear a ‘portion’ of my testimony, interview by Jon Pounders (last year before the pope came to the US). Please listen to the end regarding the new age universalists and the (catholic) universal corrupt mother church whom has killed the real Saints throughout history.


  6. Marlyn murphy says:

    Hi just reading this and without a doubt cannot ignore. I have a lengthy testimony but could go into more depth if you wish. I’ve been truly wanting to put on my Facebook page something as I’ve friends ex work colleagues who go to mediums. Etc. Not aware what they are involved in. It breaks my heart. I got involved in reiki and went up to level 2. I had a spirit guide I believed in and had confirmation of that from mediums. I could sense spirit. Went to spiritualist churches. I wanted to become a medium as my reiki teacher was one. He gave me a book on wicca also but I thank the Lord I never went that far. Tarot cards….using crystals took my far enough to start a very dark journey. I came to a point in 2009 then 2013 I never thought I’d get through. The real battle came in 2012 to 2013 when I was being drawn by the Lord into all truth. I was saved by the Grace of God in 2013 baptised 2014 and God has brought me into the Kingdom of light. Praise God for his faithfulness and we are in a daily battle we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. Would love to contribute more if you wish. M x

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  7. Amber Baker says:

    I have always been very spiritually perceptive. From my earliest memories and my mother’s earliest memories, i would know things or see rhings. Some days were overwhelming as a child. As an adult, I went thru some very painful experiences and felt I had no one to talk to.
    At a certain time in my life, there was a spiritualist church nearby. I went for some readings for guidance and comfort. Then I began to attend church and progressed into taking classes. The church doesn’t speak of any particular god. You’re allowed to believe in whomever you wish. The church is there demonstrating that spirit continues after death of the body. So ppl there come from all religions. There are statues of many gods there including Jesus.
    While I was attending this spiritualist place, i discovered another kind of work that was phenominal and new. I ended up going to a conference in Los Angeles. It inclufrs more than usual taro cards or mediumship. Energy was moved and some things are indescribable here. One because it sounds to far fetched. Another is because it takes too much space here. And lastly, i dont want aren’t one seeking this out in order to experience what Im talking about here. But, it’s straight up witchcraft. I didn’t understand that it was witchcraft because the spiritualist church had mixed everything up so well that I thought it was “all” okay. When i got back from LA, i was really bored but stayed at the church because it was the only ppl i had. However I had progressed past their abilities very rapidly. I remained “open” all of the time. I felt hands on me. I’d wake up at night with a Chakra completely open and knew something was doing it but I didn’t know who.
    I went to an annual event at church. I went to a seance and went into trance. I wasn’t supposed to but I didn’t know that. I’d had no training in trance work so I’d didn’t understand what happened to me until they told me. They banned me from future circles and seance til I could take a class in trances because they felt that it was dangerous for me if I didn’t know what I was doing. I might mention here that the truth of trance is that a spirit temporarily takes over so it’s possession.
    This began to open my eyes. They stated they thought I was gifted but needed help. Well why didn’t they just teach me? They were waiting on me to cough up the money. So i saw that money and not value of the person was more important to them. I remembered the scripture that daid a house divided against itself will fall.
    At this same time, i had a personal crisis that caused me to flee home with clothes on my back. I went to a long term Christian homeless center where I could stay up to a yr to get on my feet. The first thing they did was hand me a Bible. We had many different kinds of helpful, living skills classes but we also had Bible studies too. I couldn’t go to church at spiritualist church because it interfered with classes at the shelter.
    I had been there about 9 months. One evening I was reading Romans. I got up to walk across the room when a bright light entered my room and came toward me. I could see the shape, hands, robe, and feet but not the face because it was too bright. My knees broke. I knew instantly it was Jesus. I heard audible words that said, “choose you this day whom you will serve. Seek the Lord while he may be found.” I again instantly knew I’d probably never hear from Him again and I’d die and go to hell. However long i lived, I’d be in more and more pain. I immediately started saying, “you, i choose you, Jesus.” A conversation ensued.
    Since this time, i do not feel hands touching me like I used to. I used to feel multiple hands touching me all of the time. I still know things but was shown the difference of the source. One is Holy Spirit. One is evil. Jesus told me the guides i talked to were demons. He told me the high that I got from doing the spiritualist work and energy work was an interaction of my spirit and theirs. This is why God calls witchcraft and god worship audultry and fornication.
    Coming out of this lifestyle is very hard. You can lock someone up and keep them from alcohol but not spirits. The temptation is incredible. The pain is intense. But ive never been happier and known more truth than with Jesus!! If ur in this lifestyle, please come out and know that God cares for you deeply. He will put ppl in your path to help you stay free. From my experience, many ppl are doing it for lack of knowledge. They are deceived and don’t know what they’re doing is wrong. I’ve been free almost 5 yrs now!
    The scriptures say that God is a rewarded of those that diligently seek Him. He didn’t come running the first cry I made. Not for 3 months. It felt like my DNA was screaming. Keep seeking and you shall find Him.


    • Many thanks indeed Amber! I’m going to be busy, so hope to put this in an article next week. Praise God, you were set free from demonic deception and came to know Jesus! Love Laura


  8. Kim Weems says:

    I have always had these memories which seemed like a Deja Vous experience every since I was a young girl. I never understood why as I could not remember how I knew about these places I’d been or even people I knew. I got saved at the age of 12, but never had anyone really teach me anything about God except of course the very basics! I knew If I got scared I could pray in the spirit, but other than that I had no clue what I was in for. I often had dreams of places I’d been and people I somehow knew. I would try to put the pieces together and even asked my Mom if she remembered any of this. She could never verify any of it. As I got older I began to see shadow’s and feel like I was being watched and would get scared and would pray in the spirit and after a while they would go away. Around the age of 27 I began going to church and really pressing in to God and learning how to hear his voice and as I got closer to him it seemed like a portal to the spiritual realm opened up. I could see demons. I always knew there was a spiritual realm, but never saw anything like this and so as a rededicated Christian I couldn’t understand why this realm opened up to me. My family did dabble in past life stuff and card reading and my great Aunts even did love spells. I began to realize that all this past life memories or past places I’d been were purely demonic! As I began getting closer to God I suspect he allowed me to see some things so I could deal with them and put them behind me. I went through a whole lot of learning and crash courses of things I won’t talk about here. I can say that any thought of past life or Deja Vous memories is purely demonic.


    • Many thanks indeed Kim! I’m going to be busy, so hope to put this in an article next week. Praise God, you were set free from demonic deception and came to know Jesus! Love Laura


  9. Eliza says:

    As a teenager, I was very interested in witchcraft. The series, Bewitched, had peaked my interest. I read a lot about spells and other things. I even gave a speech in my speech class about witchcraft. It was interesting that once I started pursuing this desire the door seemed to open up of itself to others who knew witches, and I met a few. A classmate introduced me to a white witch, during a spooky encounter, and I stated I was interested in becoming one. Supposedly, they weren’t under the auspices of Satan. Well the day came when I was supposed to give my answer to this woman through my friend. I told the young man, “If Jesus Christ is real He wouldn’t want me to do this.” The desire for witchcraft was gone and the doors that had opened were slammed shut. Notice, I didn’t even know Him, Jesus Christ, at that time, but just the mention of His name changed the direction of my life and delivered me from this evil pursuit and desire. Praise God He kept me from that evil. God bless us.


    • Dear sister, apologies for my delayed reply, been busy. I look forward to seeing your blog. Do you have a YouTube testimony, etc. It’d be great to work collectively to witness the truth of Jesus Christ. God bless you dear lady. Laura

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      • Eliza says:

        Thank you for your gracious response. No, I don’t have a YouTube testimony. My testimony is on my blog. God bless you too.


        • Can I plz copy it and put it on my blog sister?


          • Eliza says:

            How about I write it up and send it to you, okay:)


            • Yes plz, are you on Facebook, it’s easier that way! I’m going on vacation a few weeks, so if you haven’t sent it by the weekend, plz keep it for 3 weeks, then send. Many thanx!


              • Eliza says:

                I am not on facebook. Should I just email it via your blog?


                • Yes plz, Eliza. You cld even post it here, and I’ll just copy it 🙂


                • Yes, just put it in a comment below, on this page. Then I’ll make it into a new post! Many thanx!


                  • Eliza says:


                    Salvation is through repentant faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning work for us on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. I wasn’t raised by parents who knew Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I had minimal experience with believers while growing up, however, when God was pleased He revealed His Son Jesus Christ to me. It is likely that many of you can relate to my testimony that I am happy to share with you. May God use this testimony of His grace and love in my life to bring Him praise and edify His saints.

                    My first experience with believers was when I attended church, with my sister, at about the age of four. Since she is three years older than I am, she and I went our separate ways when we got to church. In my Sunday School class the Sunday School teacher shared the gospel and in her zeal segregated myself and another child who did not want to trust Jesus. She put us into the anteroom to replicate eternal separation from God in hell. The little boy broke. I was defiant and said that my dad was an atheist and we didn’t believe in God. I never went to that church again.

                    At another home where we lived, believers were our neighbors. I remember the woman talking to my mother about Jesus. She said that God could make it rain right there and then. All of a sudden there was a small dark cloud overhead that dropped some raindrops. This apparent display of God’s power and glory did nothing to move my mother from sinful unbelief to faith in Christ. I followed her example.

                    I attended VBS when I was a little older, mostly for the prizes. The teacher seemed really irritated when I wanted to get a puzzle for my baby brother who missed a day because he was sick. Again, I wasn’t impressed with VBS or the message. I don’t even remember the message. A couple of years later my brother and I attended our state’s fair, and a couple of men tried to get us in to a tent to watch the movie, The Greatest Story Ever Told. I promptly told them that our family didn’t believe in God. They asked what we believed in, and I said that we believed in ourselves. This is evidence of the sin nature led by Satan that works powerfully even in the hearts of children.

                    My father was an atheist. He was also a psychiatrist. I saw up close and personal the bankruptcy of the help that comes from man. Although there were times of happiness and distractions that lessened my sorrow and hurt (horseback riding) our family was still very sinful (dysfunctional in psychological terminology). My parents drank, took drugs, cheated on one another, and neglected their children, (four, one with special needs) even though my father made good money. Satan ruled our home with disastrous results.

                    My mother died when I was 12 years old. The official cause was suicide, and that was accepted since she had tried to take her life more than once. A year later my father remarried, and although his wife made an effort with all of us, we were pretty hardened by neglect and early independence, so she had a difficult time.

                    Before my mother died, she had an apparent change. Normally, locked up in her room, concerned only with herself, she came out of her room and expressed uncharacteristic interest in her family. We were all shocked. A few days later she died. Afterward, when her mother, my grandmother, came out to place a headstone on her unmarked grave, she told me that she had written my mother a letter, telling her about God. My grandmother doted on me, to the exclusion of my siblings. She gave me money and asked me to share with my siblings. When I said okay, she told me she wasn’t talking about the money. My grandmother was a great encouragement in my life. I was greatly saddened when she died of cancer a few years later.

                    Shortly after our time of mourning for our mother had subsided some, I read a few chapters out of the book of Acts in the Bible. When I asked my father about what I had read, he told me that Jesus Christ had been killed by the Jews. I mentioned that they said He was alive, but dad said it was just superstition. I believed what he said because he was my father and I idolized him. When I was a little girl I had a dream about my father, and he and I were somehow separated by a cavalry troupe. I said that Calvary separated us. My father was displeased with this slip and tried to correct me with little success. That episode seemed to sour my father towards me.

                    I rebelled at a very early age, and stopped living at home by the time I was 14. At first I attended a girl’s boarding school, it was there I told a friend that I wanted to know God. Later I became a ward of the foster care system. I attended four different high schools during the tenth grade and lived with four different families. One of the families was “Christian”, but the impact that it had upon me was that I took great delight in attacking their faith. One of their friends showed interest in me, perhaps the Lord encouraged him to care about me.

                    I stayed with the final family I lived with until I was almost 18. I left because the father made sexual advances towards me. I called my father for his assistance; he told me to threaten to tell his superior officers. That worked for a while, but I was scared and moved out. It was while I lived with this family that I became interested in witchcraft.

                    It was attracted to witchcraft as a means of controlling my out of control life and getting whatever I wanted. The program Bewitched made it seem so appealing. Once I verbally expressed interest in witchcraft, it seemed that people I knew would talk about witches they knew. Quite a few people seemed to know witches. That seems weird to me now. But by expressing interest in the realm of Satan’s rule he made sure that I opportunity to get sucked in.

                    I was able to get books on witchcraft from the library and I read them. I was taking a speech class at the time and I gave a speech on witchcraft and shared that I had performed a spell that seemed to have the effect that I wanted. One thing that impressed me from these books was the experience of the witches with drugs and with the devil. That seemed a little too scary for me, and a little too close to home. I had an experience when I was a couple of years younger with the devil while taking drugs. It was very surreal.

                    One night, it was always night, and it was always really eerie, my friends and I went to visit a warlock and the women, witches, who resided with him. I don’t remember much about him, other than he seemed really mean, but one of the women said that she had been a Christian, but was somehow caught up with this warlock and his witches. This memory is somewhat sketchy, but it is important. She was an artist, and showed me some of her drawings that she had made as a believer. One was the dove representing the Holy Spirit. Now all she could draw were demonic beings. This was all very weird. I wondered why she stayed there. I urged her to leave, but she was so fearful.

                    After that experience, I knew that I didn’t want anything to do with witchcraft that was controlled by Satan. So a classmate told me about a white witch that he knew. He made an arrangement for me to meet with her during the evening on a deserted ditch bank. It was really unnerving because she just popped out of the reeds that lined the ditch bank. That was scary, and I’m sure it was meant to intimidate me. She was dressed in a hooded light colored robe. She said that white witches have nothing to do with Satan, but once initiated, witches could never go back to being mere mortals. She said I needed to think about this and then give Harvey my answer the following Monday.

                    Was my grandmother praying for me at that time? I did get a somewhat cryptic card from her expressing concern. Did the other witch that I met make an impression upon me? It is hard to know where my ultimate answer came from. Although, I had expressed interest in knowing God, I was a hardened atheist who did as she pleased and what pleased me was sinning. I had no reason not to go forward with the initiation into becoming a white witch. Everything seemed primed and ready. The many opportunities for meeting witches that I had witnessed appearing seemingly out of nowhere were an indication of the devil drawing me in. My own growing interest that led me to check out books on witchcraft and attempt to perform spells proved that I wanted in.

                    Then the day for my decision came. Harvey met me in the hall and asked me if I wanted to join the white witches. What I told him visibly shocked him and he was left without an answer to me other than he would pass on what I had said and that I would never have that opportunity again. My answer to him was this, I told him that if Jesus Christ is real He wouldn’t want me to do this. That was all I said. That wasn’t a profession of faith. It was a vague but powerful calling upon the name of Jesus Christ and He set me free. For from that moment onward all desire to practice witchcraft ceased and the opportunities that I had witnessed for meeting witches just disappeared. As a matter of fact one of the individuals who had pointed me towards witches later denied knowing any or even mentioning that he did. Jesus Christ the Creator of the universe delivered a poor beleaguered sinful child from the deceit of the devil when she needed it even though she didn’t know Him. Praise His holy and merciful name!

                    Years later, as a young adult, I came to know Jesus Christ when He met with me. I called upon Him, knowing that He is the only way to the Father, and He met with me. He made a covenant with me exchanging His life for my life. He transformed me so that I wanted to read the Bible, pray and go to church, habits that I had no inclination for up until that time. He changed me, I called my husband and told him that I wanted to be a Christian, even though I expected ridicule because of my father. My husband however reassured me that many people believed in God, something that I just didn’t know. Jesus Christ my glorious Lord and Savior has continued to deliver me from the deceit of the enemy propagated by false teachers and has set me upon His rock and His truth which is the Word of God the Bible. Praise God for His mercy to sinners, His provision of the Holy Spirit, the wonder of His love given to us through His Son Jesus Christ, and the glory of His wonderful Word that establishes us in the faith once for all delivered to the saints. God bless us.

                    30 As He spoke these words, many believed in Him. 31 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?” 34 Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. 36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:30-36

                    Please visit my blog for encouragement and exhortation from God’s Word, the Bible


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  11. Samantha says:

    I am a ex pagan, and I practised witchcraft, yoga, shamanism, I was a trained crystal healer, I wrote ebooks on crystals, fairies, chakras etc. I am now a Christian. I am starting a blog and writing a ebook about my past and my future as a Christian.


  12. Juliet says:

    Hello Laura, I discovered your video and blog not long ago, and I also opened a new blog to warn people about new age and reiki deception although there is not much about it yet. I have started writing a book as well. I placed the link to your blog there because there is so much information and there is no need for me to repeat it all, hope you don’t mind. Let me know, if you are interested in my testimony, there is an introductory page of the book to read. Praise God, He is helping people to see the truth and delivering them from the hands of the devil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord.


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