Halloween Confessions: Interviews with Ex Satanists and other Ex Occultist Whistleblowers.

Ex Satanist’s and other Ex Occultists’s Inside Information on Halloween Rituals and Activities.

In the below TV and radio interviews, myself, Laura Maxwelland other ex occultists, reveal Halloween Truths and Origins.

These interviews include testimonies with Halloween confessions from Ex Satanists, Satanic High Priests, witches, demon worshipers, pagans and other whistleblowers.

The below PlayList also has my own radio interviews with Ex Satanists and other Ex Occultists, on The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.

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My interview with Jerry Blase:


Jeff was due to be the human sacrifice for his coven on the night of Halloween but a miracle happened! Hear Laura interview him at:  Jeff Harshbarger, Ex Satanist

An Ex LaVeyian Satanist contacted me and I shared his story on my blog: Ex LaVeyian Satanist.

For other articles by guest writers and Laura on Satanism, please see: About Satanism

Ex Demon Worshiper Caleb’s confessions and views on Halloween: Ex Demon Worshiper


Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger, Laura Maxwell and others.

Book Dancing With The Devil, exposes occult secrets by myself, (Laura Maxwell), Jeff Harshbarger, infamous killer ‘Son of Sam’ and other ex occultists: Our Occult Secrets



Satanic Ritual Abuse 


Animal Sacrifice 

Blood Sacrifice 

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About Laura Maxwell: 

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

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