Short Bible Readings for Beginners

`Author of Bible

These samples of daily bible readings were taken from The Word For Today by UCB and God’s Word Fresh 4U Today by ChristianityWorks.

Searching for Significance?

Does Anyone Hear Your Hearts Cries?

What Is Your Destiny?

The Start Of Your Destiny!

Flourish 8

Bible 10

If you have questions about God, faith and the bible please see :

Looking For – Some answers for spiritual seekers.

Flourish 8

For online daily Bible readings God’s Word Fresh 4U Today, please see ChristianityWorks: 

A 3 minute daily devotional to help you get deeper into God’s Word and closer to Jesus. A short, powerful devotion, 365 days a year.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio or read the text on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Whatever works best for you.

Click this link.

Flourish 8

Or for the online daily Bible readings The Word For Today, please see UCB below:

The spiritual dynamite power of the Holy Bible.

The spiritual dynamite power of the Holy Bible.


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