Overcoming your Problems

matrix freed

Many online resources help you learn how to receive Christ’s victory, and see Him change your life. Receive His power to overcome areas of struggle and gain freedom and new joy in life!

For example, please see the Overcoming Series, by UCB.


2 Responses to Overcoming your Problems

  1. hello Laura i need your help and advice please can i phone you my email is daxfocreten@gmail.com


    • Hi,

      The Lord hasn’t called me to work with individual people, as I’m more involved with media work to raise awareness of these things, reaching the masses, believers and non-believers alike.
      I get inundated with messages here, on YouTube, emails and my blog. So, when people contact me, I refer them to certain Facebook Groups and Deliverance Ministries who can help, especially as it sometimes may need one to one visits, Skype phone-calls, or even weekly interaction.
      I’ll send you the link from my blog, that I send to everyone who requests advice or help.
      Many thanks for understanding.

      God bless you,
      Laura Maxwell



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