Your Freedom from Spirits

Deliverance Prayers for Your Freedom from Spirits.


Before praying along with Michael on the below video, I suggest that you firstly build yourself up, in your prayer life and in faith by reading scriptures, especially those that highlight your identity and authority in Christ.

I’ve posted links that list such scriptures, scripture songs, etc, under the Contact & Advice menu, at the top of this site.

It’s my prayer that you find the advice you need, or the help from Christ, that you’re seeking Him for. I also pray you gain full spiritual and emotional freedom, as well as physical healing from Him too.

God’s will is for you to be totally whole in mind, body and soul. John 10:10. God bless you!

Deliverance Prayers of Michael Cummins.


Michael hosts a weekly program on Revelation TV.

Contact Michael on his blog

Video introduced by Laura Maxwell, filmed in Glasgow, Scotland. 2nd July 2013


My chains are gone -amazing grace!

My chains are gone -amazing grace!


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