Laura Maxwell interviews NASA employee, Joseph G. Jordan, on the Alien Disclosure.

Laura Maxwell interviews retired NASA employee, Joseph G. Jordan on the Alien Disclosure. (All 6 parts below.)

Joseph worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Conducting expert research on UFO’s, aliens, accounts of alien contactees and alien abductions since 1992. He is still a qualified field scientific investigator for MUFON.

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Top researchers worldwide shared secret evidence dating back to the 1950’s ‘off the record’ with him. In 1996, his revelation of a Grey Mantis shocked him to the core, as he watched the ‘Alien’ morph into a hideous being, revealing its true identity!

Hear how so called alien races since the 1950’s, claimed to be from Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc, but were later proven to have lied, or changed their story!

Hear common themes most ‘alien races’ teach. They either created us, or are our ancestors, or a breakaway hybrid civilization, etc. That the leader of their particular race is a Saviour god and shall return to bring peace and save the world. So many of these ‘alien races’ claim their particular leader is the saviour, but only one can be! So statistically, all of them have to be lying! Will the real alien saviour please stand up?!

Such contradictory claims by ‘aliens’ highlights they can’t be trusted. They are often caught lying, or changing their teaching! Just as demons often do! So who are ‘aliens’ really?

Joseph said, scientists know, such beings are banished at the name of Jesus Christ but scientists do not document this fact in their research findings! I also refer to my other interviews with ‘alien abductees’ who stopped alien visits by rebuking them in Jesus name!

Please Watch All Six Interviews Below!

Please share! It’s important people hear this great global deception. Thank you. Laura Maxwell 

Part One:

Part Two:

For Parts 3 to 6 of Joe’s interviews, please click below. (The list also contains all my other shows on aliens).

About Joseph:

Joseph, is the President of CE4 Research Group, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, Co-Founder of Alien Resistance with Guy Malone of Roswell.

More about Joseph G. Jordan on my blog at:


Please also hear my interviews with Eddie Bennett, former ‘alien’ contactee and Alan Brooks, former ‘alien abductee’.

When sharing The Gospel, it’s a good opportunity to mention this coming great delusion. Sharing how they truly are demons. This will surely help many in the future, who will remember your comments when faced with this in the media and from NASA, The Pope and governments globally.


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Please share! It’s important people hear this great global deception. Thank you. Laura Maxwell 



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  1. Very informative interviews given by Radio Host, Laura Maxwell, with Joseph Jordan, of CE4 Research, discussing UFOs, and the great deception behind them! I truly enjoyed listening to all 6 interviews!! God bless you both, and I pray that God will continue to bless your ministries! ❤️

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