HalloVenn – Pioneering Event – A Celebration of Friendship!


HalloVenn is Norwegian for “Hello Friend” – A Celebration of Friendship!

HalloVenn’s Site www.hallovenn.no

Svein-Robert Solberg is a Norwegian with vision! He is a pioneer, a forerunner with this unique HalloVenn venture. He kindly gave me permission to share this post, October 2016. I’m grateful to Laila Soleglad for translating it from Norwegian for you!

She wrote, ‘Laura, I am SO excited that you will blog this and it’ll be known outside the borders of Norway.  I hope other countries will start similar celebrations. It’s now popular to arrange in many towns and cities in Norway. With many adult leaders, sports, handcrafts, playing, activities, candy and good costumes, celebrating friendship. It’s called HalloVenn or “Hello Friend”. I’m a co-worker in my local HalloVenn-Party. I love to be engaged in this,’  Laila Soleglad 

From an article promoting HalloVenn in a local newspaper in Norway:

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn –HelloFriend! 

HalloVenn Party –The biggest Party of friends in Norway!

Vision and Theme:

  1. A positive alternative to Halloween celebrations.
  2. HalloVenn Party facilitates children to do something positive and fun together. The party is a unique possibility to create friendships.

Together we make Norway a better place to live in. Good friends – everybody needs a friend. –Be a friend!

We believe that Norway can be a better place to live in for everybody. hrough HalloVenn we wish to promote some simple principles.

Let us be good to one another, care about each other. Start to say ”hi” and smile to the people you meet. That is guaranteed to make the day better for the people you meet. HalloVenn puts focus on good, pleasant and nice things. Let us together bring joy to one another.


What is a HalloVenn-Party?

HalloVenn is a relationship-creator and bridge-builder where all people are welcome regardless of skin, color, culture and religion.

-Carnival with creative, funny, nice costumes

-Lots of fun activities


-Smiling leaders

-Good atmosphere

-Building relationships.

In some places they have managed to gather the entire community around HalloVenn!

HalloVenn is a fantastic relationship-builder which puts friendship on the agenda. We advice you in Norway to get collaborators within your local area. There has been most success in those places where this has been done. Possible collaborators can be the Parents Council Executive Committee at school, local churches, sports-teams, other groups and organisations.

HalloVenn is more than an alternative to Halloween!

Everyday life is for many children youths and adults characterized by bullying. And harassment. Daily, we read news about bullying and harassment in schools and at workplaces and online.

Individualism and egoism is spreading fast in Norway today. On TV we watch reality-shows with intrigues and negative behaviour and these are the most popular programs. Egoism takes larger and larger ground in the lives of individuals.

We believe it is important that somebody stand on the barricades and stand up for the GOOD ETHICS and presents something that is far better!

Contact Info

Hello Friend – Norway AS
Grønnegata 33
2317 Hamar

Phone: 412 96 003
Email: post@hallovenn.no

Here is site for HalloVenn www.hallovenn.no

HalloVenn-founder, Svein-Robert Solberg

HalloVenn in Norway

HalloVenn in Norway


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