Laura’s Reviews of Authors’ Books.


Over the years, I’ve been honoured to review authors’ books, writing appraisals for the back covers, or promotional material.

True stories from those who came out of Witchcraft, Satanism, etc. Also, New World Order exposés. As ‘supernatural whistle blowers’, we uncover revelations for those who seek truth.

Authors such as Bill Bean, Jeff Harshbarger, Kristine Maguire, Patrick Meechan, Jerry Blase – who have all spoken on TV and radio – Ian Meredith, Pamela Strange and others.

Also, planning to review Mark Hunneman’s excellent book ‘Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes.’

Those reviews will be included below soon! As with all of the articles and chapters that I submit freely for books or magazines, I write reviews voluntarily and receive no payment.


You can read some of their FREE books, or FREE book extracts, on this LINK.


You can also see a few on my Pinterest and YouTube links below :

Jason Carter’s :  Trumpet Blast Warning – End Time Prophetic Wake Up Call.

“In January 2015, Jason kindly sent me a copy of his book Trumpet Blast Warning. A life changing book, guaranteed to deeply impact you. Startling and deeply concerning, it proves biblical, global, end time events are happening now! It contains documented evidence of the world elite’s New World Order plans. It proves international policies, unions and actions toward implementing One World Government, economy and religion have been gathering pace within the last 100 years. Past and current roles of the occult, secret societies and religion within the NWO are outlined. All of which sets the global stage for the soon coming rise of the Anti-Christ. Jason’s observations are backed up by original quotes and references from senior politicians, presidents, world banks, religious leaders, the media, etc. So, you can check references to confirm this isn’t a conspiracy theory on world government, as it’s supported by documented facts! To be forewarned and prepared, everyone, especially ministers and prayer groups should read this book. If you only read one book this year, please let it be this one.’ Laura Maxwell, 2015.


Jeff Harshbarger’s  : From Darkness to Light: How to Rescue Someone You Love from the Occult

“I can highly recommend this book. I was a New Age Spiritualist before I found Jesus, and I appreciate the Christ-like and sensitive way Jeff deals with these important issues. I first saw Jeff on TV years ago and was so pleased when he released this book. In it, Jeff shares his testimony of Jesus saving him out of Satanism. He also provides an overview of various occult beliefs & practices such as Wicca, Kabbalah, Shamanism, etc, then he provides advice on reaching them. I think its essential reading for all Christians not just Youth Pastors and parents. It’d also make a great gift for any of your loved ones who are trapped in the New Age or Occult. I look forward to reading his insights in his new book ‘Dancing With The Devil’, and to reading all of the various testimonies in it. Also, I’m very honoured to be one of the authors featured in it.” Laura Maxwell, 2011


Bill Bean’s book of his ‘haunted’ house : Dark Force – The Terrifying and Tragic Story of the Bean Family 
‘In 2010, Bill sent me his first book ‘Dark Force’. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day.It’s very well written and Bill put much emotion, honesty and vulnerability into it. I’m sure this touches people, as well as the very story itself. Readers must sense see his heart as they read it. I’m so glad Bill got out of that cursed house alive!

As I read it, what those demons did to Bill’s mom made me sad and angry, but I do rejoice that God set Bill free.
Many need to read this book. It’s a blessing he made it free to download and I pray it reaches people in many more countries. I thank God that Bill found Jesus and follows Him.
Great to hear so many have been helped through Bill’s ministry. Especially all of the secular TV channels he has spoken on. Amazing God opened doors for him to speak on such shows that normally feature Ghost Hunts! It’s a wonderful testimony of overcoming every storm of life, with Christ’s power.’ Laura Maxwell, 2010.


Patrick Meechan’s book of his ‘haunted’ house :  220 Fifth Street  
“In 2012, Patrick sent me a copy of his book and I genuinely recommend this book to everyone, whether Christian or not! I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day! A candid account of Patrick’s brave journey out of a living hell. Having also endured a demonised home when I was still a New Age Spiritualist, which I’ve shared during tv and radio shows, I recognised similarities in his story and can vouch for the spiritual truths he described.
Hosea 4:6 ” … My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Sadly, Western Christians often discount the unfamiliar, but reality reveals this type of spiritual warfare does exist. Whether you are a Christian or not, one day you’ll probably meet someone trapped in a ‘haunted home.’ This book will equip you with the wisdom needed to help overcome demonic forces and see Christ release these captives into freedom.
Patrick reports clear information, explaining the phenomena of ‘haunted houses,’ as well as showing victims how to overcome and be victorious.
I recommend this crucial book to everyone, especially today with the media’s rising fascination with such topics. As Patrick has been there, he has insight and understands what thousands battle with. This is a message of hope for many who seek deliverance from such supernatural imprisonment.
I’m grateful God saved Patrick from such evil and thrilled He is using this book to enlighten and rescue many.” Laura Maxwell, 2012.


Pamela Strange, AKA Isobella Rose : Daddy’s Little Spy – Isabella

“In 2011, Pamela sent me a copy of her book. As an EX Spiritualist I recommend ‘Daddy’s Little Spy – Isabella Rose’, to anyone thinking of dabbling in witch-craft, the occult, etc, it may dissuade you! It’s based on the author’s suffering at the hands of her witch mother & satanic hypnotist father during WW11. I’ve personally known the author a few years now, and in my own life I’ve spoken to, helped & met many folks affected by the occult, so I read her book, recognising the accounts she wrote of, rather than being sceptical. Sadly,her story is far more common than most folks realise. Indeed as Pamela says, such events are increasing in current times, since the occult is no longer illegal as it was when the author was a child. It made me cry, laugh & cry again. I’d also recommend it to Christians & church ministers who help counsel victims of occult abuse. I thank God, it had a happy ending. It’s a book you won’t be able to put down, whether you’ll regard it as total fiction or based on her true story. I stayed up all night until I read it all. Folks should maybe read it instead of Harry Potter ! It would make a fabulous movie.” Laura Maxwell, 2011.


You can also see a few book reviews on my Pinterest link below.


Below is a short video review I made of ‘Spiritualism – A Warning,’ an excellent short booklet written by Ian Meredith, published by Reach Out Trust. I highly recommend it to everyone! It costs only a few pounds.

The booklet ‘Spiritualism-A Warning,’ is available from

This video was filmed at the loch at Gareloch-head, Scotland.


Below is my First year Anniversary Video Review of Ex Satanist, Jeff Harshbarger’s book, ‘Dancing With The Devil – An honest look into the Occult from former followers.’

With testimony chapters from Jeff, Laura Maxwell (myself), the infamous convicted killer ‘Son of Sam – David Berkowitz’, Vincent McCann, Kristine McGuire (as seen on TV) & others.  Jeff Harshbarger, Ex Satanist, is a Christian preacher, as seen on various TV programs in the USA, Europe & beyond.


More reviews to be added soon!


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