Spirits mimic the LIVING~not just apparent ‘dead’ people or pets!

Does your friend say their home has friendly spirits, ghosts of the deceased or is even ‘haunted’? Please share this with them.

I get inundated with emails or questions on YouTube, Facebook, etc, about spirits or ‘Ghost Hunting’, especially every Sept’ to Nov,’ as Halloween always provokes such discussion. Today, I remembered an incident of 3 years ago, which sums up my experiences & opinions!

I was called to a house near Glasgow, that had noisey spirits in it for over 30 years, as the elderly mum & her daughter had held seances with many Mediums over the years. That day the spirits had thrown a man across the room and broke his nose! Sometimes these spirits appeared looking and talking as if they were ghosts or their ‘dead family’, other times those spirits could impersonate their family and people who were STILL alive!!!

People have even told me that ghosts have appeared and mimicked their own voice! Why would a spirit mimic your voice? Is it pretending to be your twin? No, they are masters of mimicry and deception.

The family that requested I visit them feared and hated the resident spirits. Especially when they appeared, pretending to be living relatives, as it confused them.

Often they thought it was indeed the family arriving for a visit, then they’d realize they’d been completely fooled! Isn’t it interesting that all the Psychics and Mediums they knew, had not actually discerned these spirits were liars? Why not? Clearly, all the Mediums were also deceived by not only these, but also their own spirits/Spirit Guides too.

A demon impersonating baby's GrandFather

A demon impersonating baby’s GrandFather

Whether impersonating the living or the dead, the spirits always upset their dogs, who would bark frantically and become terrified.

I asked the family, had they never questioned why the spirits would impersonate the living and be able to do it so accurately?

I also said, this implies they are equally able to impersonate the dead! Thus, it wasn’t their ‘dead family’ visiting but demons impersonating living and dead people.

Just as the Bible says, about demonic ‘familiar spirits,’ when it explains Spiritualism. They’d never thought of this and wanted help to be free. Mediums had kindly tried to send the spirits out of their home before, but had failed.

‘Truly a friendly ghost or Angel of Light? 2 Corinthians 11:14-15
‘And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.’ (Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:14).

I explained, if these entities were truely good angels, spirits or dead people, then they won’t get upset or leave, if I rebuke them in Christ’s name. So I phoned my dear friend Michael Cummins, Deliverance Minister often seen on Revelation TV, and we prayed and commanded all evil spirits/demons to stop impersonating people & leave in Christ’s name.

The people in the room saw light enter the room and entire home. They also saw those evil masquerading demons leave out through the door!

That was the first night in many years that the family and their dogs slept peacefully, praise God! A year after that, she told me her house was still free of demons and full of peace, whilst before I went there to pray, they’d had spirit problems for 30+ years!

She is a Christian and now understands that she & her family had been deceived by it for decades. All because, they didn’t know that the Bible explains it all & advises us to ”test the spirits” & to challenge their true identity in Jesus Name. A genuine angel from God will stay, but if it’s an impersonating demon from satan, pretending to be an angel or dead person, etc, it will flee at Christ’s Name. Hallelujah!

This includes the knee & tongue of every demon, on Judgment Day! No wonder they hate this verse

This includes the knee & tongue of every demon, on Judgment Day! No wonder they hate this verse

My good friend Vince McCann, EX Occultist, has similar accounts to share. Which you can view on his YouTube Channel ‘Shazoolo.’ I’ve heard such accounts many times like the ones Vince shares.

Here’s one. He heard of a family who attended a Medium, and a spirit appeared and spoke and behaved exactly like their cousin, so they had no reason to doubt it was a liar.

However, as they’d lost touch with the cousin they hadn’t heard he’d died. So later that day they phoned the family to say they were sorry to hear he had died, as he had just appeared to them from spirit world. Imagine their shock, when they were told the cousin was not dead! Again, this shows, if spirits can impersonate the living, and make the Mediums and clients believe it, then they are also capable of pretending to be ‘dead family’ too.

Peace I leave with you ...

Peace I leave with you …

Often people’s first response is to say that maybe some spirits are mischevious impersonators, or demons, but they’re totally 100% convinced that the spirits they talk to are truly dead people or Spirit Guides. But where is the proof that your spirits are not master deceivers, unless you have literally tested them in the Name of Jesus Christ and commanded them to reveal their true identity!

Deception does indeed work, simply as you do believe it and don’t challenge it! Also, the Bible shows dead people stay in heaven or hell, and can’t return to earth anyway, it’s impossible. So even if your spirit visitor acts nicely and seems plausible, it’s not a dead human, it’s impossible.

Even Satanists and EX Satanists have told me that they know that Mediums are unaware they’re in touch with impersonating demons. The Satanists can have seances, see the spirits and know they are not truly dead people! The difference is, they choose to worship satan and take advice from demons, but sadly, Mediums are unaware this deception is happening to them.

Challenge the spirits & Spirit Guides to reveal their True Identity.

Challenge the spirits & Spirit Guides to reveal their True Identity.

Praise God, that people world wide do hear these truths and when they challenge their spirit visitors in Christ’s Name, their ‘masks’ fall off to reveal the true demonic entity underneath. People, including Mediums have told me they have done this after seeing my TV interviews or YouTube, and they then accepted Jesus as Saviour and renounced Spiritism. Hallelujah, thank You Jesus!

For more on this topic, and true stories of countless others who have experienced this too, please see pages listed in the top menu bar of this website entitled ‘EX Occultists,’ and especially ‘Test The Spirits!’ The latter outlines how to test the true identity of spirits – these alleged ‘dead relatives,’ ‘Spirit Guides,’ ‘Aliens,’ Ascended Masters, Fairies, or any Angels, etc.

Demon impersonating a loved one

Demon impersonating a loved one

1 John Chapter 4. ‘Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.’

2 Corinthians 11:14-15. ‘And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.’

A full explanation of the above and practical advice on how to test and challenge every entity that appears to you, is given in that section.

God bless you. Laura Maxwell.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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19 Responses to Spirits mimic the LIVING~not just apparent ‘dead’ people or pets!

  1. You know.. I never really thought about these spirits masquerading as the living, but now I can’t help but think of a time when my brother was living with me.. and he got really upset with me because he swore he saw me spying on him in the room! I know we had a demon in the house, and he did see it as a dark shape one night staring at him, but this is the first time it occurred to me that maybe he did see “me” but not me spying on him. Wow.

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  2. Pips says:

    Personally I noticed mimicking of what demons heard is what was presented as a truth. It was NOT!! Things I had said, what others had said around me. The more I dabbled in New Age I began to hear things had nightmares, my dog was scared. They attached themselves to me by always hanging around. By God’s grace I was enlightened to their deception. As soon as Jesus closed those doors for me they went straight to my son. Praise the Lord I no longer read or practice any new age. Spiritual warfare is real and the only one who can help us is Jesus.


  3. nita says:

    Hello Laura,
    Thank you for writing this article. I found your article because I have seen such spirits a lot in my life and so has many in my family. Recently, I’ve been listening to more bible teachers talk lately and building a stronger connection with God and have seen an increase of these impersonating spirits. I once did see a demon impersonating a deceased person at a concert where he was being honoured. My mother once said she saw me, but knew it was a demon impersonating me and I saw a demon impersonating a professional hockey player on the public transit just two weeks ago. They always look at me straight in the eye. But I am never afraid because I have Jesus in my life! I hope education and awareness about this spreads because I believe we’re fighting a spiritual war right now and the only way to win is with Jesus.


  4. Please show me in the Bible where it says this. The Bible shows dead people stay in heaven or hell, and can’t return to earth anyway, it’s impossible. So even if your spirit visitor acts nicely and seems plausible, it’s not a dead human, it’s impossible. Because we can see the human spirit. The bible does not say that.


  5. me says:

    This is freakin…true…lmao….but thr will…and the way…is Gods…and only…so in the end…even most….have a way out lol….your are most informatable….and for this…..I am thankful.


  6. James says:

    Have you ever watched the show catfish? These guys try to connect people around the US or even the world with each other. And they came across a case with a medium contacting the daughter of a dead man who was coming to her as a spirit. From what I’ve read here, this seems to be the case of a demon trying to fool them into believing. And successfully fooled everyone on the show.

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  7. Hi Laura, many years ago I attended a medium who talked to “dead friends a relatives” and gave me information. I found out a long time ago that these were impersonating spirits. You are so true when you say that sometimes mediums do not know that these are impersonating spirits, but Satanists know because they serve Satan directly. just as the article says: if you are in heaven or hell you are not going to be let out so that you can through a medium


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  9. SquinklaPsyOps says:

    Hi Laura

    From this part of the article
    “Often they thought it was indeed the family arriving for a visit, then they’d realize they’d been completely fooled!”

    Are the intentions of those cursed spirits
    “They want people to begin to depend on them, rather than on God”
    is it because that is how other cursed spirits deceived those spirits before they died and they became lost souls to roam the earth never to find the road to Heaven because they did not detect them on time?

    Now that the family in the article detected them on time is God going to give them points for reporting them so that other persons do not get confused?

    The other question is what is God going to do to those lost spirits that were spotted or are they going to get away with those spiritual crimes because persons have things to do or is it a waste of time providing evidence.


    • Hi friend, many thanks for taking time to read the post and to reply. I’d say that the spirits I mentioned are all demons impersonating the dead & that it’s impossible for any dead person to return to earth to talk to us. To see what I consider evidence for this, you can read my other blog articles or tv programs. Many thanks and God bless you. Laura.


  10. maybs says:

    hi laura, one off my colleague saw another me at the office today. thank you for your explanation about spirits impersonating the living and dead. tho i have a question, is there a message or reason why they mimic people?


    • Hi Maybelline. Spirits mimic people to try & cause an interest in the supernatural & get people to try to communicate with them. The main reason is they want to divert people away from God. Any advice given from spirits will seem good advice, but has curses attached with it. They want people to begin to depend on them, rather than on God. Hope that helps? Many thanks for getting in contact!


  11. Dear Jim, thank you so much for commenting. I’m so glad you are studying such things & posting material on your Blog! Thank you also for being a great encouragement! Peace and Blessings to you too, in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


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  13. insightfuloldman says:

    Laura, I just finished reading the chapter in the book, Dancing with the Devil by Jeff Harshbarger. Excellent detailed material to educate and stimulate people about that dangers of fake spirit guides. I have used some of your material in a posting on my Blogg…www.Insightfuloldman.com, as I have been studying the hidden agenda behind all the hype regarding mediums and ghosts. I am a retired minister who has dealt with Witchcraft in Africa and demonic possession in America, now spending my time blogging with a new intention of exposing the devil and angels of light. I appreciate the book material and through it have found your name have found your website. I will be checking in from time to time to see what else I can learn. You are a walking miracle and I am proud of you for your ministry. It is very much needed. Peace and Blessings in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior be your always…former minister Jim Clonch


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