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About Praise and Worship

There’s a huge amount of worship music on YouTube! Here’s a few playlists from my own channel and a few links to radio channels. I hope you find some you like!

Worship isn’t just to express our gratitude to God. It’s also one of the main ways He can touch us!

We feed our soul and connect with God, through prayer, singing worship songs to Him, and through reading scripture. Many people actually feel His tangible presence and anointing doing these simple things and it strengthens our relationship with Him, developing an intimacy with Him so that we can learn to ‘hear’ His voice better!

In fact, these are the ways we receive anything from God, including receiving physical healing, strength, guidance, wisdom, peace, power for spiritual warfare and so on.

If satan and demons hate to be in the presence of worship, how much more should we engage in worship! Often people are healed and demons are cast out as we gather together and just worship the Lord. Praise is a key weapon of our warfare, hallelujah!


Songs and Music

Positive changes begin to occur through the power of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural power that’s within worship, prayer and the scriptures themselves.

A Facebook friend describes her communication with God like this:

Lindsey Renee on Prayer and Gods Voice 1

God’s response to her:

Lindsey Renee on Prayer and Gods Voice 2

Can I suggest you build yourself up, strengthening your spirit as you draw closer to Him through worship songs?

BELOW: A few playlists from my YouTube channel and a few links to radio channels. I hope you find something you like!


Christian Power Praise. Click on TuneIn

UCB1 – UK Christian channel with music. Click UCB1


radio 19


Contemporary Worship :


Encouraging, Peaceful or Instrumental Worship : Listen as background music… or when praying, relaxing, when ill or unable to sleep.


Scripture Songs : Also good for spiritual warfare!


Gospel Music :



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