The Death Of A Medium by Laura Maxwell.



My mother when I was around three years old.

Many thanks to my very good friend Vince McCann, who created the below video and recited the poem I wrote about my late beloved mother.


Please also see Vince’s YouTube channel. A former occultist, he produces many great teaching and true testimony videos warning of the truths and dangers within new age, witchcraft, mysticism and the occult.


My mum when I was around 1 yr old ೋ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ೋღ

My mother when I was around 1 year old

The Death Of A Medium

(Testimony Based Poem – In loving memory of my mother).

A mother who muttered and spoke with ‘the dead’,
With ease predicting future events,
Dreams and visions played out in her head,
To development seances, she gladly went.

For this destiny was I born?
Events unexplained that brought a thrill.
A life for The Occult was being formed,
Strange sights drew me in deeper still.

From Astral Projection to Yoga and Zen,
Sketching ghosts – the Psychic Arts,
Crystals and chakras, trance and T.M.,
Our home became ‘haunted’. Fear seized our hearts.

Then mother became more and more ill,
Dangerous accidents. Terror by night.
Spirits controlling against her will,
Levitating furniture, a common sight.

Psychics and Mediums who tried their best,
To rid our home of unwelcome guests.
No help from gods of wood or stone,
Mum and I lost in our curs’ed home.

Afraid to stay in, yet afraid to go out,
Wherever she went, they would follow.
Their evil voices would mock and shout,
Cars halt, as spirits threw her across the road.

Events became more absurd,
I feared what would befall my mum.
Trapped in an unseen world,
For her, this meant the end had come.

Hell’s final surge. The gates open wide,
Spirits assailed her like a tide,
Blackest darkness, no hope in sight.
Mum’s final action – suicide.

My screams of horror echoed that night,
I found a Bible, searching for Light.
Praying ‘Who is the true God? Please reveal.
Jesus Christ, is He Saviour of all?’
His Word showed me Jesus forgives and heals,
Ghosts scream – fled our house when His Name I called,
Peace flooded my soul like a waterfall.

I learned to trust Him. His Love cast out fears.
Joy in His Presence. Worship sublime.
A new church family I can call mine.
Christ lovingly saved me from Satan’s snare.

Too late now, for Mum to pray,
If still alive, what would she say?
“Don’t dabble in New Age. Please! Not even a spell,
Why sign your life over to a living hell?”


With my mum, just a few years before her suicide.

With my mum, just a few years before her demonically induced suicide.

Based on my true story, e.g., the timing of events was altered to help the flow of the poem.
2003 Copyright by Laura Maxwell, (BA Hons. Psych).

Braveheart Mum

Jake Ruchotzke of The Sharpening Report created this image of my mother, to encourage me never to give up sharing my story!


Laura’s Novel: A Spiritual Quest.

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A Spiritual Quest - front cover

Please read FREE Sample Chapters and Reviews of my book on this link.


Churchill 3

If you feel led to pray for Laura, and for the audiences who hear her speak at conferences, or through the media, it would be so appreciated.

Thank you very much! God bless you.
Laura Maxwell – Ministry Founder of A Spiritual Quest.


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7 Responses to The Death Of A Medium by Laura Maxwell.

  1. Wesley says:

    Hi Laura,

    Wish you the best and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michele says:

    Beautiful poem. My mother also committed suicide. Guess our moms propelled us to God’s mission for our life. God has the victory: He uses what was meant for our destruction to rescue people…


  3. scfministry says:

    That was a truly powerful testimony in the form of a poem, I’m blown away!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much friend. I wrote it about 14 years ago! However, I don’t like the fact it rhymes, I think it lessens the severity of it. Back when I wrote it, I wasn’t online and wrote it for a printed magazine, never thinking it’d be read by many more ppl online today! God is good!


  4. Oh Darlin’ LauraLei, your pain broke my heart. I’m so sorry for the hurt you’ve lived through and I Love the warrior picture of your mum. I Love you Lil Sis and I always will,, Don’t ever give up as we have a standing appointment in Heaven neath that Weeping Will… ❤


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