Laura’s Halloween Poem!

Laura Halloween poemOne year, I wrote a poem for Halloween. I hoped it’d attract people to hearing some truths about the origins of Halloween and what some occultist groups actually partake of during that night.

If you need help escaping from Satanism, etc, please contact me. There’s a network of people worldwide I can refer you to. If I don’t reply promptly, I’m not ignoring you, just busy! So please see this list for HELP.


My poem was filmed in a Scottish castle, also in Port Glasgow and Loch Lomond, Scotland!

Many thanks to my friend Vince McCann for making this video of my poem! Please see his two awesome YouTube channels Shazoolo and XOccultistsForChrist.


Also see Facebook page, ‘I HATE HALLOWEEN’ co-hosted by myself, Ex Pagan Deborah Anna Nelson, Ex Medium Pennie Reese, Ex Witch/Ghost Hunter Kristine McGuire and other Ex New Agers and Ex Occultists.

(Kristine, an author, has shared her story on TV and radio networks).


You can also read true stories about Halloween from Ex Occultists on my blog.

Please, also see a variety of exposes of Halloween activities from whistleblowers – former Satanists, etc, on this Halloween Playlist from my YouTube channel..

Please share with your online friends! Many thanks and God bless you. Laura Maxwell.


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