CENSORED VIDEOS! Laura Maxwell’s Shows Shut Down A Radio Network and Their Linked YouTube Channel.

“This week Laura was talking to me in tears and did not know what to do. She felt horrible and was feeling guilty like it was all her fault that her videos along with approx. 1000 more got pulled.” RAY GANO.


Laura explained, ”The day before Halloween, my friend at FRN on Spreaker was forced to delete ALL my episodes from my new radio show on Fringe Radio Network and their associated FRN YouTube channel!

John McMahon who runs FRN had received complaints from the powers that be about my shows. This risked his Spreaker radio network and YouTube channels being deleted. He was forced to delete around 800+ shows by his many radio hosts and guests going back for years! As you can imagine I was in tears at this news.

I had read this comment on Ray Gano’s blog just the day before those shows were deleted!”

The Powers That Be Have Pulled Gab AND… You Are Next!


‘What people need to understand is that our free speech is seriously under attack. In fact, more now today than any other time in history. More and more Christian conservatives are being shut down and prevented from expressing their views on the world. If they can do it to Alex Jones and Gab, then they can do it to us and they are.’

Folks this is serious our freedoms are being taken away at alarming rate. I don’t know if you know anything about Alex Jones or Infowars but they were the first ones to be taken down now today gab or gab.ai has now been taken down.’ By Ray Gano.


”Little did I know how true this was and how it’d affect me and people I know until the following day!” Laura said.

Laura Maxwell and Ray Gano

BREAKING NEWS – Ex-Spiritualist Exposes Satanic Ritual Abuse at Halloween & Illuminati Connections To Halloween – Spreaker Deletes and You Tube Follows Suit.

November 1, 2018.


ray-gano-10-15-18-medBy Ray Gano

A few days prior to Halloween my friend and fellow speaker at Last Days Warrior Summit got notice from the radio podcast network she has been with had massive complaints by the higher ups at Spreaker and You Tube.

They demanded that Laura’s last 15 videos be pull off the network or that network would be completely shut down.

What was so wrong with Laura Maxwell’s videos?

She has made clear connection with Satanic ritual abuse during Halloween and how the Illuminati are involved and there is a clear connection.

15 videos were wiped off the internet that 
Luciferians do not want you to see!

What did those videos contain that the powers that be wanted them off?

But not only those 15, the powers that be also demanded approximately 1000 other videos also be pulled from the network. I have learned that a person stated that if Laura did not have those videos up there, everything would have been OK with the network. But it is Laura’s videos that caused the network to come under the microscope. So, either they have to comply or be taken down entirely.

I STRONGLY believe that the videos that Laura posted hit to close to home or exposed a soft white underbelly that the Luciferians did not want exposed at this moment in time. So they leveraged their power with the social media companies and had these 15 videos pulled.

I mean “Talking to ‘The Dead’” and “Satanic Ritual Abuse at Halloween” is a pretty horrific topic.

Is it possible her interview and information she was able to obtain from with Ex Illuminati member Carolyn Hamlett?

Again, what was in those videos to have them pulled so quickly?

In one of Laura’s talks that she gives here at Last Days Warrior she was telling me about how New Age religions are getting ready to force people to RENOUNCE Jesus Christ and accept Aliens who will come to this earth and help us cross over into the “golden age.”

Folks, you know and I know that the “gods” are being set up to start interfering with man’s world again. These are not aliens coming, they are the demonic powers / the “little gods” that will help usher in Lucifer / anti-Christ in these last days.

Laura hit the nail on the head with these videos, but that is not all. She has given us 2 hours of incredible interviews talking about these very things as well as copious amounts of notes, quotes and web links so that you can see with your own eyes the progress forward that the enemy has made.

We have created a “Resource” area on Last Days Warrior Summit and the notes and such that she has given to us to share are incredible.

CENSORED VIDEOS Now On Last Days Warrior Summit.

This week Laura was talking to me in tears and did not know what to do. She felt horrible and was feeling guilty like it was all her fault that her videos along with approx. 1000 more got pulled.

I told her that we need to “rescue” these videos before the get completely pulled down and preserve them so that people can see what is hidden in the words you spoke in these 15 videos.

What Tracye and I have done is created a special section on Last Days Warrior Summit to house these 15 censored videos and we are putting them up so that folks who have gained access to Last Days Warrior Summit can watch these and study them. There is something there that the Luciferians fear. There is some sort of knowledge or Laura uncovered something that the powers that be do not want you and me to know.

So know that we have preserved these videos and they are now up on Last Days Warrior Summit.

Folks, come check out Last Days Warrior Summit.

I think a few people have gotten confused as to what we are doing. This is NOT a physical conference.

The Last Days Warrior Summit is an ONLINE one of a kind webinar/summit of speakers that have produced EXCLUSIVE / Only Seen Here videos just for you and the others who have gained access to the summit.

Tracye and I continue to create more value and in fact, if you sign up today, not only will you gain access to 26+ hours of incredible video, but also every session has been recorded in MP3 so that if you can’t watch all the videos, you can download all the MP3s and listen to them at your convenience.

Couple that with our resource area of speaker notes, articles, newsletters and other incredible information and now our “Censored Videos” area.

WHICH… I have word that some of our other speakers have videos that were taken down off of You Tube and such and they will also be giving us those to be placed in our “Censored Videos” area at Last Days Warrior.

Laura Maxwell  is one of the speakers at this summit!

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Ray and Tracye Gano.



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