Ex Ghost Hunter on The Dangers of Alien and Spirit Contact Phone Apps.

Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel, led a ghost hunting team across Florida, and were in high demand for 15 years. She now shares truths from their experiences in magazine articles and interviews.

Dana lovingly warns, “Beware! Communication with entities are being promoted and available everywhere! This is not new, but it IS becoming very popular, even with kids!

Apps such as “CE5 alien contact”, Ouija board apps, ghost apps, EVP apps, psychic apps, meditation apps, etc!

These apps are very dangerous! Dangerous for children AND adults. If you don’t allow your child to go into chat rooms on their computers talking to imposters, whom lie about their identity and motives, why would you allow your child to talk to spirits that lie about their identity, AND motives? They are both dangerous. One thing that makes them different is that the spirit is impossible to keep out of your home while they are being invited in.

If you won’t allow a stranger in your home, why on earth would you open the door wide open and invite a spirit in through these apps! These spirits are NOT who they claim to be.
If you ever seen a demon in its truest form, you would never sit down at a table and initiate a conversation with them!’

Dana shared her thoughts in an excellent Facebook group, G.A.B: Seeing Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot from biblical worldview run by our mutual beloved friend, Mark Hunnemann, author of, Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes. Mark has been interviewed many times. Like Dana, he is an expert on explaining the biblical truths on the real identity of so called ‘ghosts’.

Mark commented on the phone apps too. “I get emails promoting these devices regularly and as you said they’re extremely dangerous!”

Dana added, “Everything now days is so convenient and right at your fingertips! Grocery shopping, paying bills, playing bingo and other “card games”.. but now going to a psychic, or ghost hunting could not be easier! And no need to buy all the expensive ghost hunting gadgets.. now it’s all in your palm of your hand.. in your phone… and most of it is FREE!!

My question isn’t “Why are kids doing these things?”, my question is, “WHY NOT”?? If they are not equipped with knowledge of the truth about the danger involved, chances are, they are very likely to dabble with it!

I know most of you in the group know about these things, and the true dangers involved, my real intention is to get this information out there to those that don’t know, and that perhaps have children in the home.” Wrote Former Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel, who now shows people the realities of being freed from spirits by the love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dana, Mark and me, Laura Maxwell, (myself a former New Age Spiritualist), have worked together on various interviews and articles. Here is one I highly recommend:

An Open Letter To Christian Paranormal Investigators From Mark Hunnemann, Laura Maxwell & Dana Emanuel.

For more articles and interviews with Dana, Former Paranormal Investigator, please see my list: Dana Emanuel.

For more articles and interviews with Mark, author and expert on explaining the biblical truths on so called ‘ghosts’, please see my list: Mark Hunnemann.




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