Occult and Cults In México: Laura Maxwell Interviews Arthur Perales, On Location In México.

Spirituality In México


Filmed On Location In México!

Street Advert for Day of The Dead, Mexico.

While in México, Laura Maxwell interviewed Artur Perales, a pastor living in México. Artur spoke on the rise of the occult, Mexican death cults, Santeria, Santo Muerte, Palo Mayombe, witchcraft, etc.

Santa Muerte Death Cult

Santo Muerte, a death cult, is now the most popular belief and practise in México, second only to Catholicism and often merged along with it!

Witchcraft market in Mexico – Mercado de Sonora.

Santeria bones

Santeria sacrifice

Santeria is almost as popular as Santo Muerte. Both traditions can use animal cruelty, blood, bones and sacrifices in their rituals. In Palo Mayombe, there is more evil intent, where users send curses to deliberately harm people, damage their businesses and so on.

Shop selling La Calavera Catrina products.

La Catrina Shop












Santeria artifacts

Arthur also mentioned the growth of Christianity. He shared his pastoral experience of travelling Mexico with evangelistic missionaries over the years. They ministered deliverance to many and saw Jesus liberate numerous people from evil spirits! Praise God!

Santa Muerte Death Cult


Isaiah 61:1




Laura and Paul Maxwell were very blessed at what the Lord did in Mexico during their missions trip. All glory to God.

”We were made very welcome and look forward to visiting your beautiful country again! A special thank you to Pastor Arthur Perales, for being interviewed and for translating for us all weekend! Also a special thank you to your lovely family and friends!”


Filming Interviews, Mexico.

Arthur Perales ”En días pasados tuvimos la oportunidad de recibir en México a la evangelista Laura Maxwell desde Escocia, quien grabó el testimonio de una familia que fue liberada de Santeria, Palo Mayombe, ocultismo, etc.; así como de nuestros pastores quienes han seguido ministrando a esta familia, las entrevistan estarán disponibles en el canal de youtube de Laura Maxwell y en programas de radio en varios países de Europa, toda la gloria a Dios!!”

Laura and Paul Maxwell with Arthur and Cristina Perales, Mexico.


Laura Maxwell’s Mexico Mission 🇲🇽 – Eternal Radio Airs Video Premiere!


PHOTO: Pastor Artur on a missions trip in Argentina.



Pastor Arthur Perales is on Facebook at: http://facebook.com/arthur.pemyr

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3 Responses to Occult and Cults In México: Laura Maxwell Interviews Arthur Perales, On Location In México.

  1. leon says:

    In Mexico you Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde which are popular with narco gangs, you also have narco ballads. So you are having a culture build up and which is pretty much mainstream now. I do remember Adolfo, he was in fact a Satanist but with a polytheistic Mexican flavour much like Santeria or Voodoo. However regardless of your favourite demon you have to give first worship to the Satan. And Adolfo also liked transsexuals/vestites.
    When you look around the world today you see a culture based on drugs, trannies, crackpot spiritually which is really just about getting rid of Jesus Christ and replacing him with Karl Marx.
    These were the things I was told about when I was a Satanist and I too would be invited to drug parties as an ‘insurance’ to prevent police raids.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Research has led me to learn some human sacrifice Cults went to the Catholic Church. My understanding is they practice in Santeria – Palo Mohombie . Human Skulls were found being shipped to USA from Mexico for Santeria Rituals. Adolfo Constanzo a cult leader in Mexico murdered , performed human sacrifice & mutilations. Adolfo was hired by Cartel to perform rituals. Cartels believed they can import narcotics into USA safely and would become (invincible) if Adolfo Constanzo performed Rituals. After 42 bodies were discovered in shallow graves in Rocky Point , MX.
    I believe the Occult is responsible . Media fails to mention Occult Worship in Cartels or the Catholic Church Members who take part in Occult Worship. I find to be strange the media blaming kidnapping gangs for the murders when no gangs publicly requested ransom . I do know Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and Man. Jesus Christ is the Son Of God and we will not know God unless we invite Jesus Christ into our hearts. A Saint is not going to save you ! Saint or worship of the dead is not going to save you. Santeria belief of merging Gods together and attending the Catholic Church will put them in eternal fire. Santeria followers are (invincible) filtering into the Catholic Church. Who would think a person who attends the Catholic Church is actually worshipping Satan and possibly takes part in Human Sacrifice as Adolfo Constanzo ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes friend, as you know, such things have happened since time began, not just Mexico but everywhere, even within churches, Catholicism, etc. I find it interesting the media rarely report such things, unless it fits with their agenda, eg, perhaps reporting on the 42 bodies, to try imply it’s just Mexican drug/gang related problems! When does the media ever report on other occult, or satanic cult related murders? Very rarely! About once every 30 years!


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