I feel the Holy Spirit prompted me to make this short video. As much as I’d love to continue, it’s now become far too difficult to continue on Facebook, YouTube, emails, etc, and to answer all messages individually.

Please submit questions you'd like to see included in the FAQ. Many thanks!

Please submit questions you’d like to see included in the FAQ. Many thanks!

So, I feel led to produce articles of Frequently Asked Questions for this blog, that people can refer to instead. This should also make it faster and easier for folks to access.

If you do have any questions that you’d like me to consider including, please submit them below.

Thanks very much for reading this & for your help in this project.

I really do welcome your prayers for this too, particularly for wisdom and strength from the Holy Spirit.

God bless you,
Laura Maxwell.

A list of FAQ coming soon!


11 Responses to FAQ

  1. Laura G. says:

    I see that Japanese Anime is very popular with young people nowadays. I know many Christians are into watching anime for the entertainment value. However, I can’t help but see many “spirit” (demonic) themes involved in watching anime. I was told they even have some characters opening “portals” to another world, in addition to the nature “gods” that are a common theme in these stories.
    Do you have any insight into the anime phenomenon that is very popular now? Have you ever researched this subject since Anime is all over our society –in video games, TV and movies. Have you interviewed anyone that can shed spiritual insight into the dangers of anime involvement? It’s almost become a “religion” for many youth. Many Christians I know don’t believe me when I bring up the dangers of anime. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  2. Lee says:

    Hi Laura, I know it’s difficult to respond to your emails and such but I hope you can read my email.

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  3. Avocadess says:

    I have been searching for a good testimony regarding Reiki and going into some depth on the subject and have found absolutely nothing, so posting this as a request that you do a show with an ex-Reiki master who is willing to give more information on the topic that may be able to speak to those who still today think Reiki is just a very nice and sweet and wonderful practice. Thanks for all you do!!!

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  4. Good question Tracey! Pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you the truth, what is true and what is false. Ask Him for greater discernment and wisdom. As you know the Bible says to test the spirits & to test prophecy. There are a few tests you can use. Does the person have a good track record – do their prophecies have a reputation of coming true, do their prophetic words lead you closer to Jesus, or actually to that person him/herself? Do their words uplift you, or feel like bullying, or a threat? Sometimes a Christian who has a tendency to control and manipulate, or draw you to themselves or their church/agenda, may give you a false prophecy, or even a prophecy with some false in it. Also, a controlling person may show disapproval or anger, if you said you were also receiving prophecies from another church. Someone who truly wants you to receive God’s best for you, won’t try to control you or even instill fear by prophecy. Instead, they should be happy to encourage and equip you to follow Christ’s call on your life, even if that were to mean leaving their church & going elsewhere. I’m interested in why they’d even want to say that they know how you feel and what you think about them. That sounds like manipulation to me! There’s more I could say, so I will write an article about it sometime. Hope that helps Tracey.


  5. Tracey Eaton says:

    I was in a church where people called themselves prophets. Or had the prophetic gift. How do we tell the difference between a clairvoyant, etc. and someone who truly has Gods gift of prophecy? I have people pray for me in a church and bring up names of people and details of the circumstances there is no way they would know. And also people who claim it to be a gift of God tell me they know how I feel and what I think about them. Thank you


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