David Icke Admits Not Knowing True Identity Of Spirits Who Guide Him.

Icke says he’s “not interested” in knowing the identity of a “force” that’s been guiding him all these years. Thus, revealing the spiritual naivete of the New Age mindset. In the 1980/90’s Icke even said on tv he was Jesus Christ.


‘As an ex new ager and spiritist myself, I share material exposing its deception, while also lovingly pointing them to Jesus Christ. The salvation of leaders like David Icke and his followers is my hearts’ desire. Thank you for praying for them!’ Laura Maxwell

Please see Laura’s article on how to determine the True Identity of spirits:

Testing Angels, Ghosts, Shadow People, Pleiadians, Spirit Guides, Starbeings, and other entities.


Icke also talks openly about The Master Racorscky of the Ascended Masters, see They Lie by FreeTheCaptives at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTwANQzMbUw

‘Removing his channel from YouTube recently was nothing more than public mockery and fakery, to further enforce the Icke followers’ beliefs that he is a good man, on a mission for the good of all. It’s all to bring the focus back onto him – PR if you will. The first warning our Lord Jesus Christ gave was… ‘Do not be deceived,’ wrote Tracey Bee.



Light Workers REPORT being LIED to by Ashtar and other entities channeled via ‘Stargates’, etc.



Kind permission to upload the above video was granted to me by E511 Ministries, from their original video ‘David Icke admits he’s not interested in knowing who the spirits guiding him are,’ at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdrLujTrU9I

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5 Responses to David Icke Admits Not Knowing True Identity Of Spirits Who Guide Him.

  1. leon xiv says:

    I remember as a satanist that I asked 2 djinn (demons) as to where humans came from. I got no answer from either of them.


  2. theOwl30 says:

    90% of everything “Occult” or New Age today goes back to: THEOSOPHY. In 1888, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote “The Secret Doctrine” (there is a Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 to this).

    The whole idea of different spiritual “planes” is here. Blavatsky believed she was guided by “Masters”. And “spiritual evolution of humans” and different long spiritual epochs, and much else is here. The Secret Doctrine also teaches reincarnation. Blavatsky’s EARLIER work (1877) called: ISIS UNVEILED (also 2 vol’s., does not). These works are soooo huge that almost no one will read them through, completely. This does 2 things:

    1. Keeps Theosophy from being more criticized than it has been, as how can you criticize it if you haven’t read it…..but it also means:

    2. there will be much LESS followers/members than there could be because again, very few people will read all of those works—and—the whole system is soooo involved/complex that many will throw up their hands and say Heck-with-it and move on to some simpler spiritual system. But almost every spiritual/occult CONCEPT we’ve heard of, was already talked about, there.


    • I was taught about her back in the 1980’s when I was a new ager, so I know what you mean friend. I often mention her and Theosophy when I give lectures. So tragic that most folks don’t know about it or how they teach Lucifer is god. Many thanks for adding your comment!!!

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      • theOwl30 says:

        More info:
        Before Theosophy, were the Spiritualists. Ignore the Fox sisters. In 1847 Andrew Jackson Davis wrote “The Principles of Nature”. All about Creation, What happens when we die, the Spirit World and the levels of the AfterLife. In 1850 he would write his The Great Harmonia. Spiritualism (Modern Spiritualism) became very popular., However, by 1885, Davis would have been married 3 times and had all of them end. His influence/popularity likely fell sharply after that and 3 yrs later in 1888, Blavatsky would write her Secret Doctrine. However, the public still had an interest in contacting dead loved ones and about 1891 the Ouija Board was invented. A very inforamative book that gives a timeline of “Alternative Spirituality” from say 1850 to 1950 is “Occult America” by Horowitz. Amazon.com should have it. See also Wikipedia searches. On a totally different note—-Christianity. Jesus had 12 disciples. But the Apostle Paul was NOT one of them, and yet, he “dominates” the New Testament! –Romans, Galations, Thessalonians, Ephesians, Timothy, etc….How? Why so much influence? He wasn;t even “one of the 12”. Another handy “overgrown pamphlet”/think book is: “We Found Our Way Out” edited by James Adair & Ted Miller. This is Christian-critiques of: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Scientist churches, Theosophy, Communism, Humanism (under 80pgs). I am “uncommitted” to any particular “path” but the research/exploring has been informative.


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