What Is New Age?

Different influences on the New Age :

Theosophy –

I’d like to mention some key facts that most folks aren’t aware of. Top famous Mediums admit they believe that Lucifer is the god of the New Age Movement and Spiritualism, etc. During the 12th-21st December 2012 through 2013, masses deliberately meditated globally, in an attempt to usher in Luciferianism.

Since then, they have been more vigilant at urging others to join the New Age or Occult. The aim is to increase the unfolding of the New World Order and false/demonic ‘light.’

Luciferianism is key within Spiritualism and New Age Movements. Famous Mediums and self confessed Luciferians, felt Lucifer is god – Madam Blavatsky, (‘Mother of The New Age Movement’), and famous Medium Alice Bailey, founded Theosophy in 1830’s and it still influences the New Age, Spiritualism, FreeMasonry, Illuminati, etc, today. It aims to aid Lucifer in bringing his ‘light and peace’ via NWO, One World Religion and Govt, etc.

(The following extract taken from ReachOutTrust website.)

“Theosophy, meaning Divine Wisdom, is a mixture of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian ideas. It was founded by a Russian Countess by the name of Madame Helena Ptrovna Blavatsky in 1875.

This has deeply affected the modern roots of the New Age Movement with its heavily occultic influence. Theosophy aims to obtain ‘knowledge of the nature and attributes of the Supreme Power, and of higher spirits by the aid of physical processes.’

It teaches that all roads lead to God and is heavily into reincarnation and spiritualistic in the way it receives messages. Blavatsky’s best known work is probably The Secret Doctrine first published in October 1888.

Alice Bailey, a successor to Blavatsky, is for many the high priestess of the New Age Movement. She founded the Lucifer Publishing Co., today known as Lucis Publishing or Lucis Press.

Through a ‘Tibetan spirit guide,’ Bailey channelled over 20 books. Revealed and developed from 1875 onwards was ‘The Plan’. There needed however to be a 100-year silence and so it would be brought into effect in 1975 and have its culmination around 2025.”

(Extract taken from ReachOutTrust website – see full article on below link).

Yoga meditation chakra

What does “New Age” mean and why are such ideas so appealing to young people?

The below is an extract from an interview by Natasha Crain and Marcia Montenegro, Former new ager, professional certified astrologer and former teacher of astrology.  Please see her ministry Christian Answers for the New Age.


The term “New Age” covers a broad ground and can be difficult to define. The New Age itself doesn’t even use the term “New Age!” The more popular term is “spirituality” – someone forming their own spiritual path. That type of path is usually New Age or partly New Age.

But here is how I define New Age: It is a network of beliefs whose roots are GnosticEastern, and New Thought.

The Gnostic part values spiritual above the material/physical; the material is merely a manifestation of the spiritual, so everything is spiritual. In New Age views, the body is a manifestation of the spiritual state.

The Eastern beliefs of Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism contribute several ideas to the New Age: principles of reincarnation, an impersonal source that we all come from and go back to, the view that this world is not ultimately real, the claim that there are no absolutes (all spirituality is subjective), and the need for Eastern-based meditation to achieve spiritual understanding or awakening.

Finally, the New Age draws heavily from New Thought, which includes the belief that Jesus came to correct wrong thinking and model how to achieve Christ Consciousness, the awareness of our innate divinity. New Thought also teaches that one’s thoughts and words can bring one’s desires into reality via certain techniques. The bestselling book, The Secret, is a classic example of New Thought. New Thought claims to be Christian and often sounds like it. It is very deceptive.

You can find people in the New Age anywhere along this spectrum from Gnostic to Eastern to New Thought, as well as many who combine these beliefs. Additionally, the New Age adopts some occult views and practices (see my response to the next question.)

The New Age can appeal to young people for several reasons. One is because it is very different from the Judeo-Christian worldview, which makes it intriguing. Another is that it seems to offer ancient wisdom, since Eastern and pagan beliefs were established before Christianity. Some areas of the New Age emphasize the power or divinity of the female, and draw women in that way.

One of the chief appeals is that the New Age is experiential in nature, so what a person experiences and feels is highly valued over objective truth. This allows you to have a customized spirituality, which is especially appealing to young people.

What Christian Parents Need to Know About New Age and Occult Beliefs

3.    Could you also define the occult and explain how occult ideas relate to New Age ideas?

The occult is a set of practices based on Deuteronomy 18:10-12, where God lists and denounces all of them. They are divination (often called fortunetelling), spirit contact, and sorcery.

Divination is the practice of gaining information by reading hidden meanings in nature or patterns (for example, astrology, tarot cards, numerology or palm reading) or via supernatural means (for example, psychic powers).

Spirit contact is seeking information or guidance from disembodied beings, who are believed to be ghosts (dead people), aliens, ascended masters, angels or deities from non-Christian religions.

Sorcery (today usually called ritual or ceremonial magic) involves using the will to bring about a desired end through incantations, rituals, magical tools, contact with spirit beings, and/or the manipulation of powers or energies.

Although many New Agers use occult practices or consult those in the occult, the New Age and occult worldviews differ. The New Age is transcendent and future-oriented; the person is always seen as evolving toward a goal, learning lessons, and eventually being liberated from this life and reality.

The occult is more here-and-now oriented, is more pragmatic in nature, and focuses on the practical use of one’s energy and/or nature’s energy to manifest happiness and results.

As a general disclaimer, New Agers and occultists disagree amongst themselves on their beliefs, and certainly some would likely disagree with my descriptions as well.

If there are parents reading this whose kids are already involved somehow in New Age/occult ideas, what resources do you recommend to help them?

I have articles on the occult on my website at www.christiananswersforthenewage.org. Also, aside from my book, there is Jeff Harshbarger’s From Darkness to Light: How to Rescue Someone You Love From the Occult.

For older teens and parents, a resource explaining biblical miracles versus occult paranormal activities is Norman Geisler’s book, Signs and Wonders: Healings, Miracles, and Unusual Events: Which Are Real? Which Are Supernormal? Which Are Counterfeit?

If your child is getting interested or involved in the occult, it is imperative to have a talk with him or her. Don’t postpone it or hope it goes away. At the same time, don’t show fear of it. Ask questions, use Scripture to show why these areas should be avoided, and make it clear you will not allow occult materials in the home. Be low-key about it, but firm. It is your home and your responsibility to guide your child in the wisdom of the Lord.

I offer parents a resource for this in my book, SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids (2006), which is now on Kindle and is an e-book on sites such as Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com. This is a guide for parents (and others) that offers suggestions on how to talk to children about these areas and how to answer objections.


Marcia was involved for many years in Eastern and New Age beliefs, and was a licensed professional astrologer. She became a Christian in 1990 and today has a ministry called Christian Answers for the New Age.

Her ministry exists to 1) educate Christians about the New Age and occult so they can be more discerning and equipped to witness, and 2) reach people in the New Age and the occult with the love and truth of the Gospel.

Marcia has a Masters in Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary and is a missionary with Fellowship International Mission. She has spoken in 30 states, is a frequent radio guest, and has published articles in several Christian publications. She is the mother of an adult son, and is the author of SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids.

To see this full article by Natasha Crain please go to this LINK.

Seeking Truth?

Seeking Truth?


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