Adventures of Yona: Siberian Huskie Puppy – Booklaunch LIVE today 4pm UK, 8am PST, 11am EST.

“I was so happy to be asked to review a wonderful book about a gorgeous huskie puppy! My video review will be coming soon. I highly recommend the book. I’m sure it will delight you, as it did me!” Laura Maxwell.

Karen Turner Olive, the author wrote:

“The Adventures of Yona,” is ready to launch! YOU ARE INVITED to the book launch:

Saturday, May 14th, is Launch Day, 11am Eastern time, 8am Pacific Time, 4pm London UK Time, a one hour live event on Facebook!!!!

AND Don’t forget the PRIZES!!!!!! We will be Celebrating with you, at least we hope you can be there!
What should you do next? We are so glad you asked!

FIRST Join us Saturday. You can purchase the ebook then, it is only 6.99! You can even buy up to 15, that’s right 15 books and gift them to loved ones if you so choose. A portion of your purchase will help rescue animals.

Please, share with your friends! It will help us with the visibility!

I am so grateful for you, now, hold on to your hats and glasses and join the Facebook Launch Party!
Did we say…Prizes, YES PRIZES!!! We all love prizes!

Come for a lot of fun as Karen Turner Olive is interviewed and we discover about YONA and her adventures.

To join FB live go to

Here is the Amazon link for the US

Here is a universal all country link

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your support and help putting all of this together. You all played a big part in this. You are the best friends a person could have. Truly. Thank you!

Please share this post to your Facebook to help reach more people. Thank you!

Karen Turner Olive, author.


During a LIVE show on Revelation TV – satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.


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