Ally Tower's book contest

Ally Tower’s book contest

I love to donate copies of my books to contests such as these!



To enter the FREE GIVEAWAY, please see Facebook pages of  Ally Tower or her publisher Robert Marchuk. You can’t enter through me, so please contact them! Many thanks, Laura Maxwell.

As Halloween is approaching, perhaps this book would be an eye opener for any of your loved ones involved in the occult, witchcraft, wicca, ghost hunting, new age, yoga, satanism and so on. All of the authors share their testimonies in these books!

What do authors Laura Maxwell, Mike Shreve, S.A. Ally TowerDeborah Hawkins, Kristine McGuire, Sheri Hadley, Marcia Montenegro, Mike Morton, Victoria Shephard and April Gemma Marie Blake all have in common?

Most of them have spoken on tv or radio, including my radio show, The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell. They have life-changing Ex Occultist testimonies.

They are all participating in this give-a-way.

Contest starts 10/23 and runs through until 30th October 2016 . Contest rules will be posted 10/22 on authot S.A. Tower’s Facebook page:

Maybe you’ll be one of the 8 winners! To enter please see Facebook pages of Ally Tower and Robert Marchuk.

Most of the 8 authors have been guests on my radio show. You can hear those shows on my Youtube Playlist below.

Previous books by Ally Tower From The Craft to Christ and Taken From The Night.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.


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