My Halloween Contest

Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger, Laura & others.

Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger, Laura & others.

I don’t celebrate Halloween, but because of it I always get inundated with online questions about the New Age and the Occult, from September through to November. These 3 months are my busiest times for public speaking and ministry engagements too.

Because of this, I take opportunities to reach out more during this season.

One year, shortly before Halloween, I felt it’d be useful to run a contest for Halloween, as an out reach video. I felt it would attract people to the truths of Halloween and that they may look at the other Anti-Halloween videos on my channel on YouTube.

The prize offered was three copies of EX Satanist Jeff Harshbarger’s book, Dancing With The Devil, co-authored by Jeff, myself and others. This video was therefore uploaded to Jeff’s YouTube channel and mine.


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