Some of Laura’s TV Interviews


With Doug Harris and Michael Cummins, Revelation TV – Europe, USA and beyond


It’s been a dream come true to have been interviewed on alternative media and Truth Seeking shows. (See a few below).

Also channels such as Revelation TV, British Christian TV, Thistle TV and Christians Together In The Highlands and Islands have interviewed me over the years, which I also found a great honor.


LIVE on Revelation TV – satellite TV airing across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online

Christians Together In The Highlands & Islands

Filmed in The Scottish Highlands

For a sample of radio shows I’ve also been a guest speaker on, please see

ೋ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ೋღ ೋ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ೋღ ೋ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ೋღ


Live Halloween Show


Other Christian and secular TV Channels asked Revelation TV’s permission to air our interviews, on their channels in Asia, India, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

A few of my TV interviews were translated into other languages for these channels, eg, Hindi and     . Some of those interviews are included in my YouTube Channel link, at the foot of this page.

If you live in one of those countries, you could perhaps see those interviews on the below channels that air them :

New Hope TV - India.

New Hope TV – satellite channel India.

India’s ‘CVO TV’, a Hindi Channel.

Isaac TV

Isaac TV reaches Pakistan, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Kiev, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand & Ethopia.

Christians of Asia Network.

Christians of Asia Network.

Now You See It TV, USA.

Now You See It TV, USA.


APNI TV, India & Pakistan.

New Hope TV Philippines

New Hope TV Philippines

flourish 3

The above playlist of videos contains most of my TV interviews, but see below clips from more recent shows.

See below for my 2nd interview on The Kev Baker Show part of TFR, Truth Frequency Radio.

I shared secret information gleaned over the years regarding Halloween, Satanism, the coming One World Religion and related topics. I thank God that Kev and Johnny have invited me back for future shows.

Flourish 7

Mike Getter, AKA Mike Ghost Getter, from Dallas, interviewed me LIVE, see below video. Mike surprised me by saying our’s was one of his best interviews, yet he began his show in 2007! I thank God for Mike inviting me back in the future.

Flourish 7

Below hear the host of  New York’s Eternal Planner and I discuss issues such as sexual demons, debunking ‘ghosts’ and more. I thank God I’ve been invited back in the future.

Eternal Planner hosts TV and radio shows from New York.

Rob Rennie, radio host.

Eternal Planner TV and radio host.


‘The New Age religion has infiltrated the alternative health movement under the guise of being healthy for you, but we know better. Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell and I put Natural Awakenings Magazine, a popular alternative health magazine, under the microscope.’ Eternal Planner

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