Scanning Temperatures On The Forehead Or Right Hand: Joy Despite End Times.


Shoppers with masks waiting to be scanned.

‘I kid you not. I’m currently standing outside a supermarket where the shoppers are either scanning their foreheads or right hands before being able to enter and buy.

Didn’t I read about that somewhere?

Oh yes, it was a prophecy in the bible, but of course, how utterly ridiculous to think that this has any relation to it whatsoever…So glad I’m not living in the end times…’ wrote my good friend Jason Carter on Facebook.

I commented. ‘And yet still there are Bible believing Christians who know this has all been prophesied in the Bible but still think this is all a coincidence. They can’t see that we’ll get so familiar with such practises that when the actual mark of the beast comes along, they’ll think no, it’s just the same as before, new tech on the hand or forehead, it’s fine, just take it, the Bible must be referring to something else about 100 years from now! The Book of Revelation won’t happen in my lifetime surely. But how true the Bible is, even saying that the majority of the whole world will be deceived in the last days.’

In his next post Jason added, ”Just to clarify folks, this is clearly not the prophesied mark, but simply illustrates it is drawing ever closer, as indeed it has been for decades.

And for all those who are in Christ they have absolutely nothing to fear whatsoever. In fact we have the exact opposite – the peace and the joy of heaven itself. We can laugh and be exceedingly glad through any trial. Jesus was the most persecuted and yet the most happiest man alive. As we follow Him in everything we become like Him. We receive everything that is of Him, and yes, even His joy!

Jesus said that His joy, (that’s the joy that He feels and lives in), would be in us so that our joy would be absolutely complete. Is our joy complete? Are we utterly content in Him despite mounting global turmoil? Are we of ‘good cheer’? Jesus expects us to be. Why? Because he said, He has overcome the world. You see Jesus has done it all, he has won our peace for us. That’s why he could sleep on the pillow in the middle of the stormy sea with his disciples not sleeping a wink through panic. Jesus was illustrating a point. He said, let’s go to the other side, or as it says on Psalm 23, let’s walk through the valley of the shadow of death because I am with you.

If the disciples had the revelation they would have been as rested as Jesus, first he promised they would get to the other side, but secondly and more importantly HE WAS WITH THEM IN THE STORM.

Oh friends, He wants to give us everything, so we can live in total peace while walking through the valley of the shadow of death or even death itself. Jesus also said my peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you, not as the world gives, do I give to you. Many do not have or walk in this heavenly revelation of the divine peace from glory that Jesus has given (that’s given as a gift to us, that we possess, that belongs to us, just as it belongs to Jesus) and He deposits it into to all those who truly follow Him and forsake their own lives.

Without living in this peace it is incredibly hard to walk through tribulations and surmounting turbulence. Hope of a better day is not the answer. Hope that this might all stop is not the antidote to fear. Burying ones head in the sand does not make it go away. No. Hope in Christ alone is the antidote, opening the door to our hard hearts and welcoming Him in daily to partake of a meal together with Him, eating the very bread of heaven together, and communing on a deep level with our Heavenly Father, this is the antidote to fear, this takes us on and through all persecution and tribulation as we sit together with Him in heavenly places enjoying ourselves with Him.

For Jesus, it was the JOY that was set before Him, for James it was the PURE JOY, for Stephen, as he was beaten to death with rocks, was to look heavenward and see His Master Jesus, the Lord of Glory, welcoming him to sit with him on his throne, to hear Jesus saying “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Stephen overcome by the word of His testimony and the blood of the lamb, having loved not his own life. Oh what joy of heaven!! – that we would all walk in this glorious truth and the realities of heaven today!”

“Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer! How on earth is that possible? Jesus went on to explain. Because He has overcome the world. He has won the battle. We then only need to rest in the fight (Ex 14:14). You see, when we are in Christ, we are as Paul stated, more than conquerors. We are entering an incredible season on the earth right now that is going to lead to a more obvious persecution to the one that is already here upon us. Joshua 1:9 reminds us to be bold and courageous – to be not discouraged. Why? Because God is with us. Indeed, Jesus said, “I will be with you even until the end of the age.”Persecution will increase, but so too will the joy of heaven in all those who follow Him to the very end.Hallelujah!” Much love to you all.” Jason Carter





Laura Maxwell, River Clyde, Scotland, UK.


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