Illuminati Halloween Agenda: Evidence and Quotes.

Jim Duke is also a contributor to He aired our recent interview, saying:

”Our guest Laura Maxwell explains how the New Age and Illuminati push the Halloween agenda to desensitize the public to occult rituals and paganism. She discusses the progression in the 20th Century towards acceptance of occult witchcraft using Halloween and its imagery specifically. She also gives her own personal experiences of having to denounce her participation and spiritual deliverance from it. There are many points made in this episode you do not want to miss!”

Jim Duke‘s past interviews with Laura – see LINK.

Sources Laura Used:

Laura’s blog post on Halloween

Satanists Embrace Halloween

Laura’s Interview

Former Satanist Mike Passio (not a Christian).

Two Girls plan to kill classmate for blood



Jim Duke Perspective Radio.

”Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show that provides conspiracy truth exposing the New World Order and Luciferian agenda from a Christian view, as well as other topics not covered by mainstream media. The information on this show is for listeners who want the truth about the inside agenda, the guts behind the facade, and exciting details that the world is not exposed to from their normal resources.

The episodes cover Conspiracy truth and social analysis. Our topics are the New World Order, Secret Societies, The Illuminati, Black Op projects, the paranormal and occult, End Times prophecy, Signs of the Times, and we share biblical insight. Jim also hosts guests and invites an exchange of ideas and insight. Information beyond the mainstream.

Shows air LIVE Sundays at 7pm EST, or posts at that time.”

Website is

Jim Duke Perspective, Oct 28th. 2018

Jim Duke’s previous interviews with Laura – see LINK.

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Satanic Ritual Abuse 


Animal Sacrifice 

Blood Sacrifice 

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About Laura Maxwell: 

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

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