YouTube Deleted MORE of Laura Maxwell’s Videos and Radio Shows!!!

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YouTube Has Deleted MORE Of My Radio Shows.

These YT deletions weren’t due to copyright strikes. Weeks ago they highlighted videos saying they weren’t deemed suitable for YouTube. So I requested a review of that. They deleted them after reviewing them.

YouTube deleted vids 7

My views have continued to decrease! Also folks tell me they try to ‘like’ my videos, then witness the ‘likes’ vanish before their eyes or actually see the view count decrease!

YouTube deleted vids 6

Others have said YouTube unsubscribed them from my channel, or wouldn’t allow them to subscribe when they tried. Nothing supernatural about this. It’s a YouTube tactic I’ve heard many others complain of.

YouTube deleted vids 5

*** Help needed please friends! Can you please go and like some of my videos? Even watch one or two videos to help get the views back up? Perhaps even consider subscribing or sharing my videos on social media too? ***

I have similar problems with my Facebook posts too! Folks often tell me they just don’t see my posts anymore! I got so tired of it, I hardly post now!

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Many thanks indeed! God bless you! Laura Maxwell

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Could this be one of the reasons for this?

Just saw this post below. Could it be my videos are deemed to be inciting hatred bc I stress the dangers of the occult, ouija boards, etc? I always emphasis I’m an ex occultist myself and I long to see people free from demonic harassment, but I guess many non Christians can feel offended at that, even though our motive is good.

A Facebook friend replied: Lorraine Dusseau ‘Yes, they probably get flagged by opposing pagans and other religions. Some of us need to re-post your videos, to keep your quantity up.’

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SEE ALSO: Laura Maxwell’s Personal Response To YouTube Deleting Her Videos and Article 13: New European Union ‘Copyright Directive’ Censorship!!!



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Please pray for ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, if you feel led. Please pray, those God wants to reach, through this show will hear it. My guests and myself would so appreciate your prayers too.

Many thanks indeed! All glory to God. God bless you!


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