Laura Maxwell’s Personal Response To YouTube Deleting Her Videos and Article 13: New European Union ‘Copyright Directive’ Censorship!!!

Many are still asking what happened to my videos recently. The below YouTube video was my 3rd attempt as the audio became silent on the previous 2 videos! Beneath the video you’ll find my typed transcript of it, if you’d prefer to read.

Laura Maxwell’s Personal Response To Being Censored.

I literally burst into tears when I was told my shows had caused problems to an entire network and their associated YouTube channel!

We’re seeing more and more censorship these days. We know more people who disagree with governments and media outlets will be silenced. History repeats itself. Propaganda has always existed. It always will.

Censorship and Freedom of Speech

We also know the day will come when the Christian voice in particular will be completely silenced. Until then, when we face these setbacks, or any type of persecution, with the power of Christ and prayers from each other, we overcome and persevere.

Romans 8:31 reminds us that God calls us all to be ‘More Than Conquerors’.  If the Lord has definately led you to something, then if you remain obedient and willing, He will empower you to see it through. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

I thought of the famous line quoted by the William Wallace character from the Braveheart film. I adapted it for the situation!

“You can take away our internet, but you’ll never take away our freedom in Christ!”

What Just Happened And Why? 

cens 11

Live TV on Halloween.

My deleted shows included my best interviews over the last decade, on topics such as Satanic Ritual Abuse during Halloween, and how Halloween itself is literally promoted by the NWO new age agenda. I provide much source material in these programs and of course referred to my own background in the new age movement. As it was October, I’d been uploading my shows that exposed Luciferianism and Satanism,  particularly in relation to Halloween.

So, why did the platforms Spreaker and YouTube complain? They gave several reasons, for example, that my work broke the Community Guidelines, or that there was a bug in the system.

Interestingly, having reviewed the list of my shows they’d flagged up, I disagree they had indeed infringed the Community Guidelines! My work does not ‘incite hatred’. In fact, anyone familiar with my interviews going back to 2008, will know I’m always careful that myself and others on my shows ‘speak the truth in love.’ Ironically, this is something people have always said is characteristic of my ministry!

If I talk about Luciferian or satanic leaders, I don’t just expose such dark deceptions, I also share the gospel’s message of Christ’s forgiveness for anyone who turns to Him, including such leaders. I often use the Apostle Paul as an example, for he killed Christians before his conversion and transformation! So, in my interviews with ex Satanists and so on, we emphasize how Christ can totally turn a life around.

So, how would my shows, which highlight the gospel message of God’s love and mercy be regarded as incitement towards hatred? Rather, I feel my shows can encourage people to think more deeply for themselves about spiritual things and also about the satanic backing behind government corruption and so on.

The other reason given for flagging up my shows? A bug! Was there really a bug in the system? Perhaps this is true but many of my peers feel such ‘reasons’ are often given to those whose work is actually being censored. (More on this later!)

Ray feels my work is being targeted and censored, just as we all have seen happen to so many in recent times, including Alex Jones of InfoWars. This is an attack on our Freedom Of Speech, an attack on the ability to debate, an attack on the sharing of opinion, an attack of the gospel, and an attack on exposing corruption and satanic deception.

What Actually Took Place.

A day or so before Halloween, my friend John McMahon contacted me. Spreaker had emailed him complaining of my episodes on his network. They advised him to delete ALL my episodes from his network, ‘Fringe Radio Network’, on the Spreaker platform. Not only that, but the associated FRN YouTube channel had also complained to him about my shows. Coincidence? You decide!

It was only recently that John McMahon had invited me to join FRN as a new  host there. He runs FRN. He explained to me these complaints risked his entire Spreaker radio network. So he had to delete my Spreaker channel and all my shows. It also risked the entire FRN YouTube channel being deleted.

He simply had no choice and was thus forced to delete all my 15 shows from FRN Spreaker. He also had to delete them plus another 800+ shows from the YouTube channel too.  These programs were created by his many radio hosts and their guests going back for years!

My Personal Reaction.

As you can imagine I was in tears at this news. I was in utter shock and felt horrible for two days. I even felt guilty that my shows had caused another 800+ shows  to be deleted. All of those radio hosts…all of their guests…all of that information…all of those shows … just gone.

My friends, John McMahon and his colleague Michael Basham, assured me that I’m welcome to return to FRN as a host and upload shows again in the near future. We have to wait about 3 months before I can return. Perhaps this relates to the Spreaker ‘bug’ being fixed? I’m not sure of actual detail. John explained it to me but, hey, it’s tech talk!

The FRN YouTube channel still exists, with Playlists featuring other channels but the 800+ FRN uploads are all gone.  I think they need to wait 3 months for the ‘three strikes’ to be withdrawn before they can begin to upload YouTube videos again. Of course our friendship remains intact. Michael even very kindly offered to try upload my deleted shows to his YouTube channel.

I’m very concerned however that any of my shows may once again cause them, or any other platforms, to be pulled. I quickly switched the majority of my YouTube uploads from public to private view. I hope them being invisible means no one can complain about them. Hopefully, my own YouTube channel won’t receive the dreaded three strikes. I have a decade of my own TV and radio shows stored on there, as well as other hosts’ programs with related topics!

I’d really appreciate your prayers for my ministry, for the protection of my blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and so on.

What Happens Now?

I shared this with my friend and fellow broadcaster Ray Gano. He kindly offered to upload the 15 shows deleted from my FRN channel to his new platform.  He even added a new ‘Censored Section’ to it, to house my shows there!

Where Is This New Platform?

Ray had already invited me to be one of the 15 speakers at The Last Days Warrior Summit which became available online just recently.

Today, he asked me to share with you that the two recent interviews he did with me especially for the summit are in 2nd place in the viewing stats so far! Pastor Steve Cioccolanti’s interviews have the highest views.

Ray and Tracey Gano.

Interestingly, one of the major themes of the summit is indeed censorship. How ironic is that?

Ray wrote, “I STRONGLY believe that the videos Laura posted hit too close to home, or exposed a soft white underbelly that the Luciferians did not want exposed at this moment in time. So they leveraged their power with the social media companies and had these 15 videos pulled.”

“We have created a “Resource” area on The Last Days Warrior Summit. The notes and resources she has given to us to share are incredible. I told her that we need to “rescue” these videos before they get completely pulled down and preserve them, so that people can see what is hidden in the words she spoke in these 15 videos.”

cens 27

Gary Kah

Laura Maxwell is one of the speakers at this summit! Other speakers include Gary Kah, Lyn Leahz, Michael Snyder, Justus Knight (with Lisa Haven), Coach Dave Daubenmire, Mike Adams, Jamie Walden, Mark Sutherland, Ray Gano and more.”

“Stay Informed – Get Access Now at The Last Days Warrior Summit!”

“The Last Days Warrior Summit is an ONLINE, one of a kind webinar/summit of speakers that have produced EXCLUSIVE / Only Seen Here videos just for you and the others who gain access to the summit.”

You Can Order Your Last Days Warrior Summit Access From Laura Maxwell”.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a physical conference. No time off work! No travel or hotel expenses involved! This is an ONLINE, one of a kind, webinar/summit of speakers that have produced EXCLUSIVE videos and resources for you.

When you join, you have access 24/7, 365 days. There is NO time limit. It will remain online!

“This video material won’t be deleted from this online platform after a set period. The online summit includes other resources and articles, from our 15 speakers. ’ In addition, in the future, their new shows and their new interviews with Ray Gano, PLUS, new articles will remain online for you and indeed will be added to over the coming years by our speakers!”

Thank You For Prayers.

I’d really appreciate your prayers for my ministry, for the protection of my blog, Facebook, YouTube channel and so on. The bible is so clear about our need for each other. Those of us in media ministries couldn’t do what we do without the powerful prayers and encouraging words and kindness from all of you

If all of my 10 years of work was wiped out it wouldn’t affect me personally. Yes, of course it’d upset me. But what would sadden me the most is the amount of and type of information and interviews I’ve gathered and shared. This information is a tool for evangelism.

Quite frankly Jesus has used that material since 2008 to bring countless people worldwide to Himself for salvation, healing, deliverance from curses and demons. So many report that this has helped to awaken them to the truth they needed to hear for their own personal journeys.

Folks then send those links to others, translate them into other languages for other tv or radio networks and a chain reaction follows, where more and more people come to wholeness through Christ.

So, thank you for praying and sharing my material while it’s still online! I’m so very grateful to Ray Gano for safely housing what I feel are my best 15 interviews.

“You can take away our internet, but you’ll never take away our freedom in Christ!” Laura Maxwell.


cens 44

Ray Gano’s Blog.


FOR MORE DETAILS: Ray Gano wrote a blog article on censorship. In it, he includes my (Laura’s) very recent experience of censorship.



Remember, You Can Order At: to receive THREE of Ray’s FREE downloadable books!

(When you purchase access from Laura’s above link or directly under the Speaker Profile for “Laura Maxwell,” linked below, a portion of the costs directly supports Laura’s ministry).

Related News – The Coming Increasing Censorship:

Article 13.

Another censorship issue! YouTube recently sent me this email. Article 13 will censor the internet. You’ll only be able to watch what THEY say you can watch! George Orwell’s 1984… End Times Biblical Sign …

”Article 13 is part of a new European Union copyright directive…. Imagine an internet where your videos can no longer be seen. Imagine an internet without your favourite creators. Imagine an internet where new artists are never discovered. It could happen in Europe.
Article 13 is part of a new European Union copyright directive created with the intent to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their content online. To be clear, we support the goals of Article 13. However, the current European Parliament proposal of Article 13 will have serious unintended consequences. It threatens to deprive millions of people in Europe of their ability to upload content to platforms like YouTube. European viewers would lose access to billions of videos from all over the world.
There’s a better way. Learn more and make your voice heard at

The YouTube Team.”

YouTube posted their video on Facebook. Gotta love the sensible comments informed people left under it!!! See below link.

   ~ ♡ ~

About Laura Maxwell:

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts and more about Laura, please visit her blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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During a LIVE show on Revelation TV – satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.



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Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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    Get them sis! Yahweh will vindicate you. People don’t want the truth out. Father knows and sees all in their devices and evil hearts. Xxxxxs love you and your Ministry….. Gbu

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