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FREE Books With This Article: Coronavirus and Global Power by Jason Carter.

Jason Carter’s books Trumpet Blast Warning and Beyond Earthly Realms, will be FREE on Amazon Kindle for a few days. (When the FREE offer ends, check Amazon regularly, as the FREE offer is often repeated. Find them on Amazon too.) SEE … Continue reading

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Holy Ghost Power from Scotland invades Mexico and Jesus Sets People Free, by Arthur Perales.

Holy Ghost Power from Scotland invades Mexico and Jesus Sets People Free. By Arthur Perales, Pastor, Mexico. Earlier in the year, international speaker and author, Laura Maxwell from Scotland, toured our beautiful country of Mexico. She interviewed Maria, a woman … Continue reading

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Deliverance For The Dead? A Deliverance and Necromancy Heresy!

Dana Emanuel’s response to unbiblical techniques used by some deliverance ministries, including the famous “exorcist”, Bob Larson. Please use discernment and the Word of God to judge for yourself. Thank you for watching, God bless! Link for deliverance method used by … Continue reading

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Fake News Propaganda and Freedom of Speech Censorship.

Fake News and Free Speech. The battle against “fake news” has become a war on freedom of speech. Lots of countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, now have laws intended to eliminate inaccurate news presentations. But these laws have opened … Continue reading

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Jesus Turning Water Into Wine: Miracle At Cana.

DID JESUS SERVE ALCOHOL ? Written by Marc Roy. _____ The miracle of Jesus turning the water into wine is found in John 2:1-11. Some people try to justify the drinking of alcohol by saying that Jesus made alcoholic wine. But … Continue reading

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Satanic Ritual Abuse, Day Of The Dead and More: LIVE Halloween Show w/ Ex Occultist Laura Maxwell and Michael Cummins, Deliverance Minister.

HALLOWEEN TRUTHS. I often speak about the realities of cult and occult crimes that occur throughout the year, but especially during Sept-October, with SRA, (Satanic Ritual Abuse), culminating on Halloween itself. I also expose inside information on Halloween, as an … Continue reading

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The Truth About Crimes Committed In Jesus’ Name.

To introduce this article, Steven Bancarz wrote in Reasons for Jesus, ‘The crimes committed in the name of Christianity throughout history do not reflect the teachers of Jesus or the Bible. We can’t judge a worldview by it’s abuse’. Jesus Vs … Continue reading

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Dangers of False Doctrines: Montell Fields Interviews Laura Maxwell & An Anonymous Guest on Reaching Out Radio International.

Laura Maxwell on spirit and angel communication, cult-like controlling churches and more. Plus, the anonymous guest, a former Mormon shares about escaping the cult and the dangers it brought to her life! ”Reaching Out Radio International is so excited to … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Return Yet? Debunking 1st Century Return Beliefs! By Dan Infowars Bidondi.

Dan Infowars Bidondi worked for the famous news broadcaster, Alex Jones of who was recently banned from YouTube! He recently filmed the below video. Did Jesus Return Yet? Debunking 1st Century Return Beliefs! Many religions and beliefs are now falsely preaching … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism: Comparing Mary to God by by Matt Slick of CARM.

Roman Catholicism, comparing Mary to God by Matt Slick 10/17/2014 Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry Roman Catholics certainly exalt Mary. In my opinion, they do so far too much and inadvertently attribute to her things that belong to God.  Of … Continue reading

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