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What we’re watching occur is Christian leaders unknowingly take on the language and mentality of Marxism in the name of compassion. What do I mean? Karl Marx was a German philosopher who wrote The Communist Manifesto. Marx hated capitalism, despised … Continue reading

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Good Advice On Staying Safe Video Just Got Deleted: It Was Only A Humor Piece!

Facebook removed the below video from my wall earlier. It was just humour! I’d managed to put it on my U Tube before FB deleted it. Please see it below on my blog, before they also delete it! It seems … Continue reading

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Fake News Propaganda and Freedom of Speech Censorship.

Fake News and Free Speech. The battle against “fake news” has become a war on freedom of speech. Lots of countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, now have laws intended to eliminate inaccurate news presentations. But these laws have opened … Continue reading

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Laura Maxwell’s Personal Response To YouTube Deleting Her Videos and Article 13: New European Union ‘Copyright Directive’ Censorship!!!

Many are still asking what happened to my videos recently. The below YouTube video was my 3rd attempt as the audio became silent on the previous 2 videos! Beneath the video you’ll find my typed transcript of it, if you’d … Continue reading

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