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Vimeo Deleted My Channel Without Warning!

I noticed my Vimeo Channel had been deleted earlier this month. I’ve had YouTube videos deleted before but not Vimeo. To delete the whole channel was quite a surprise. Seems they’d deleted it without even emailing me. Hmm. They’re meant … Continue reading

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Fake News Propaganda and Freedom of Speech Censorship.

Fake News and Free Speech. The battle against “fake news” has become a war on freedom of speech. Lots of countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, now have laws intended to eliminate inaccurate news presentations. But these laws have opened … Continue reading

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Is Christianity Used To Enslave The Masses?

Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and Metaphysics.com and thespiritscience.net He recently shared this Facebook post: ”One of the main objections that I heard when I left … Continue reading

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