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Is Christianity Used To Enslave The Masses?

Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and Metaphysics.com and thespiritscience.net He recently shared this Facebook post: ”One of the main objections that I heard when I left … Continue reading

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♫ Laura’s radio guest: Healing of SRA, DID, MK Ultra – Michael Norton.

JESUS CHRISTS HEALS VICTIMS OF SATANIC AND OTHER RITUAL ABUSE  ♫ Laura’s radio guest: Healing of SRA, DID, MK Ultra – Michael Norton. The ministry of Michael and Lisa Norton focuses on the healing of those who have suffered from … Continue reading

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Shayla escapes from a controlling Psychic.

This is a lengthy testimony from a YouTube friend of mine. It’s worth reading, as the detail and conversations convey how she fell under the manipulation and control of a Psychic. Her visits became addictive and it was difficult for … Continue reading

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On tv – freedom from controlling church leaders.

Pastor Michael Cummins, asked me to mention his special show on ‘Freedom From Controlling Leaders,’ tomorrow Thursday on Revelation TV, Voice In The Wilderness, at midnight, London Time. Have you have been affected by controlling Pastors or heavy shepherding? Or … Continue reading

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