Caleb And The Occult: Incredible True Story Of Demon Worship.

Caleb was a Demon Worshiper, then used a mix of Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft.

(Also, for Caleb’s article on what he did on Halloween as an Occultist, and his very different views on Halloween now, please see this link.)

Harmless Halloween? Not when you're celebrating evil.

Ephesians 5:11 … have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Having known Caleb for a few years, I was so delighted when he agreed to writing his testimony for this blog. This is the very first time Caleb has shared on the internet. So, I am very excited he has taken this bold step.

Below, he describes just some of his experiences with the supernatural, that spanned from the age of 14-26 years.

Caleb’s Early Days In The Occult.

Caleb explained to me, “I considered myself a Solider of Satan,’ under the guise of darkness. It was all to kill, steal and destroy,”

John 10:10  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Demon Worship.


I won’t go into a lot of detail. It’s enough just to give a glimpse into the evil world that I got into. When into demon worship, I had a ram’s head on a pentagram and spoke, chanted, etc, with it. I wrote a lot of poems and spells then. When I wrote songs, poems, etc, it was not coming from me, as it just flowed. Things got revealed to me.

I had an altar with 3 statues. On one I’d put my nail clippings in the bowl and round the figurines I’d have the hair and nails of who ever I had cursed.

I’d scan through books such as Raymond Buckland and some Egyptian magick books, to name but a few.

My worship was very grass roots. Even other witches wouldn’t accept me at first, as I never dressed the Gothic style they did. I was more Crowley/Gardner than Sanders. Much of it was all for show. All my life I looked up to the stars and got drawn to Orion’s Belt and the full moon.



Halloween definately had a pull on me, for me when I moved from Demon worship to become a pagan. I meditated on ‘the dead’, on the night of Samhain, to mark the pagan new year. I did feel a stronger supernatural connection at Halloween.

I’d go out and take part in the festivities and have my own time round the park, I did feel stronger than at other times of the year.

Around Halloween, I also  feel stronger using Tarot Cards, than usual. I never learned them, but could just read them and it’d be correct for the person getting read. As a demon worshiper, I was fond of drinking blood in a sexual context. My altar, when demon worshiping, resembled a witch altar.

At that time, at the start, I was unaware about any books, or like-minded people,etc. I just went into a world of my own for 3/4 years. For me Halloween was everyday! Looking back, I can see when things got a grip of me. My mother became a christian when I was 9 and after going along to church with her I didn’t feel right then and believe it or not, it was on Halloween!

Turning Fully From Christian Church.


So, I made my mind up not to go back to church, because it was Halloween, so my brother dressed me as a ‘liqorice all sport’ and that night the anxiety and the ‘all eyes are on me’ feeling in the church put a stop to it.

Three years later I went to a Ninpo (Ninja) class and at the start they would pray to Buddha.

Then a few years later I came across the skull of a goat/ram in my friend’s house his mother was a good Catholic by day, and a practising witch at night!

Before too long I was writing spells, poetry, songs and it was common for the words to just flow. My hearing amplified. I could tell what people were thinking and could give them readings. I invited them to use me, then it came to a point when I felt a voice (not audible), saying, ‘You’ve had a taste, now its time to basically sign on the dotted line.’

Deeper Into Darkness.


I stopped that day. I made a noose and hung the skull from my curtain pole in my room, looking out a window, with a poster sized Pentagram on it.

After 2 years I got interested in Witch craft and over a year went from white (as I thought ) to gray, then black Witch craft. It was a mix of demon worship and a shrouded Wiccan style.

I was given three statues and I used to place my finger and toe nail clippings in the bowl at the top and all cursed nails and hair from others, and bits of photos all around it. It was given to me, all cobwebbed, with dead flies on it.

Isa 14

Invitation To Occult Orgies.

I was invited to a few gatherings. But for every friend of the guy that invited me, there was someone younger and there were connotations of homosexuality.

They asked me if I’ve tried it! I said, ‘No, not my thing.’ But the words, ‘Don’t knock it till you try it,’ was his reply!

So after that and going along to one of their nights, I felt they did it just to get an orgy. I got invited once more but declined.


Six months after that, I ended up in prison for 3 and a half years. I actually felt good when given my jail number 666 18. I felt it was no coincidence! Then after Admin’ Hall, I spent 13 months in ‘D Hall’, cell 13, right next to the old ‘hanging cell’, where the executioner would hang people sentenced to death.

I liked the fact it was cell 13, a magick number I thought! I think the last occupant had been a Pagan, because when I walked in, a picture of Stonehenge made me feel at home.

Drug Withdrawal.


On the 17 January, 9 years ago, I was in a state of unknown drug withdrawal, as my years of selling drugs had took its toll on me. I lost my phone so I couldn’t get some contacts (drug). I had been consuming 20 to 30 Valium daily, along with any pill that I could take. (Valium or ‘Diazepam’, is a Benzodiazepine prescription drug).

Then 10 days later, I was getting attacked to the point a child would say hello and I’d get anxious and jumpy. The ‘fear of man,’ and everything else was strong.

I asked my mother for the first time to pray for me. She said I’ve been praying for you for 17 years, pray for yourself.  So I went in my room and for the first time said, if there is a God (of the Bible) please help, as the gods I’d been worshiping weren’t helping.

Torment and Desperation.

hell image

Next day I smoked copious amount of heroin but it didn’t help, as I was withdrawing from a cocktail of drugs. The next day I couldn’t get any. The area I live in is infamous for drugs and I was seasoned in that lifestyle – more on the dealing side. Nowhere could I get it. Then on the Thursday night the torment was the worst I’ve ever had.

I went to my mum. I said, ‘I’ve got a fear like no other, it was different – manic 100 miles an hour, can’t shake thoughts’. She said ‘The opposite of fear is faith’.  I said ‘Don’t hit me with that Jesus cr*p’. As I’d thrown craft books on her Bible, etc, in the past. But something inside – an inner cry said, ‘But I need this.’

My Mother’s Prayers.


The next hour was hazy. She phoned her friend. I think I made a cry to Christ. (Aunty Caroline, mighty woman of God, came to my mum’s, in what seemed 5 minutes. She lived 8 miles away). My mum and Caroline prayed over me. I repeated the sinners prayer.

My Prayer For Salvation.

breaking chains

When I stood up for a glimpse, I felt 10 foot tall. I looked down on each side of me and seen my mum and Caroline as wee bowling balls. I felt free and light.

The next 4 weeks found me watching almost 24 hours a day, channels like Revelation tv, God channel, etc. Every time it got turned off the channels, I got what I know now is ‘attacks’.

When I came to Jesus, the minute I gave my heart to Him, I felt 12 foot tall! I felt a new person. I grasped that it was a new beginning. I went down to Wales, where I got a good bit of Christian teaching. Also, at this time, I was aware that Jesus was always there with me.


Over the years, I’d hone my defence against attacks, as it was a regular thing in my walk back then. A lot did happen at that time that only God could have done.

A famous man once said something like, “I am convinced if God played dice, He’d win every time.’

From Demon Worship To Worshiping Jesus Christ.

Within 3 months I was writing sermons and asking questions that nobody could answer. So I said I should just give this up, as no-one could answer my questions.

But based on the night I got saved and became blood bought I knew I owed it to Christ and myself to press in.

I couldn’t deny what happened and especially having come from a path where supernatural things happened frequently.

My Christian Walk.


Importance of fellowship

I’ve had my battles, through various stressful things happening all at once. Firstly, my fiancee and I losing our first born son. (I’ve always wondered if it was linked to the demon worship); having our second beautiful child, then moving house three times, getting married, then my beloved wife going through Chemo’. And the passing of my father, due to alcohol abuse.

It was a stressful time, as all of this happened over a three year period.

But I’ve never turned from God. I had a few attacks with drugs but short lived, praise God. Proverbs 24-16


My walk hasn’t been easy but I’ve kept pressing in, trying to take the narrow path.

It’s been lonely, as a lot of Christians feel threatened by me. Also, I’m tall, at 6 foot 4. But look at what I once was!

When sharing my testimony, I’ve seen a difference in Christians, when they find out about my Occult past!

Over time, I built that closer relationship with Jesus, to where I now feel He is walking closely next to me.

I read my Bible almost daily. Over 9 years now, since my conversion, and it continues to renew my mind. Especially, when I have fallen, it’s amazing how quickly certain things return to the old you, BUT God is just and good to forgive my sins, 1 John 1-9.



I continue to share my faith, sometimes on a daily basis, in places like coffee shops, McDonald’s, etc. When I open my bible it draws people to come over and talk.

The first scripture the Lord ever gave me was Matthew 11 : 30 ‘For My yoke is easy and My burden is light’. It spoke to my conversion experience and He also gave me Proverbs 18-7.

My Advice To New Agers Or Occultists.


Please take it from someone who has seen the dark side and been open to demonic influence, it always ends in broken-ness, physically, spiritually and in your relationships.

To anyone who is caught up and tormented, call on the Name of Jesus Christ – the Jesus of the Bible. And ask Him for total deliverance from your captors.

Advice For Christians Speaking To Others.


The best way to witness to family and friends involved in the New Age or Occult, etc, is to firstly, just meet them where they’re at! Then introduce Jesus, once the ground work is done.

If they are tormented, as I was, the name of Jesus is All powerful. Pray for discernment when reaching out to them.

Thank you for reading my testimony and I give God all the glory and honour, for all He is, and for what He has done in my life.”

Caleb Keogh.


For Caleb’s article on what he did on Halloween as an Occultist, and his very different views on Halloween now, please see this link to Caleb’s Blog. 

Many thanks, Laura Maxwell

DISCLAIMER: Caleb Keogh is not related in any way to Caleb Dyer, nor Krystal the Pagan Wiccan or others featured in the True Crime TV show, Obsession: Dark Desires.


Satanic Ritual Abuse 


Animal Sacrifice 

Blood Sacrifice 


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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37 Responses to Caleb And The Occult: Incredible True Story Of Demon Worship.

  1. Lux Lisbon says:

    Is this the Caleb Dyer who harassed and stalked a woman to no end?! Cause there is no amount of loving Jesus that can change the fact that you are just another man who can’t take no for an answer and one of the most dangerous types of criminals s


  2. John, I’m Sorr you feel that way and this account is a watered down version of m past i will keep you in Prayer and hope that on your Journey you have an encounter with the true living God all the best Caleb


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  6. John Dale says:

    Buahahaha. You people are a joke. Everything this guy said is a joke and you confront it with more Bullshit. Does your God tell you that you have to refute what this maniac says? Is that how you get into heaven? Your faith creats the situations where these crazy people can flourish and then you blame it on your own creation that is Satan. Fuck your dogma, fuck your superstitions.


    • leon says:

      And yet you watch this site…….. hypocrite…….


    • mate you dont have a clue,you dont even know caleb.I am one of his friends and can vouch this account of his life is true. For example, i wrote to him in prison and 66618 was his prison number. Me and others were around when this was happening.You dont have a clue so dont come on slating peoples testimony.


    • kevin says:

      Mate you dont have a clue,you dont even know caleb. Im his friend and have grow up with him. When he was in the jail his number was 66618 coz i wrote to him,so dont come on slating peoples testimoney.


  7. Michelle says:

    You were obviously not a Wiccan, you were a confused kid who played with the idea of a dark deity that doesn’t exist and traded it for another fake deity to worship. I hope you find yourself and give up worshiping man made deities once and for all, you need to mature mentally, and I hope you do. We need less delusional people in world. Come to the sane side and believe in yourself.


    • Wicca is neither a religion or occult system, it is just the personal musings of Gerald Gardner. A mixture of witchcraft and south east asian spiritualism, it has tried to mean everything to everybody and truthfully means nothing to nobody.
      Gerald Gardner introduced ‘skyclad’ into his supposed religion because he was just a dirty old man who liked to get young girls naked. Maybe we should get the opinion of Fiona Horne who used wicca to peddle her dying/now dead rock career.
      Oh BTW she is an atheist, the last I heard of her she was palming herself off as a gypsy princess.
      And oh….. she is a wiccan success story


      • caleb keogh says:

        Hows Leon getting on hope alls well Brother


        • Hi Caleb
          Things have been going OK for me, as for everyone else?….. I dont know.
          I watch the world seemingly throw itself into oblivion without any attempt to figure out why they are doing it. I can only describe it by the term ‘wetiko’ which describes a psychological illness spread by psychological means.
          For some unknown reason people seem to want to jump on the atheism bandwagon, you now have atheist wiccans, atheist satanists and so on.
          Though really people like us do know the reason…. I mean…, why should Satan pay idiots when they do what he wants for free?
          Hope alls well with you
          Christ bless you Caleb


          • Hi Leon & Caleb, reminds me of that quote in The Usual Suspects movie: ‘The biggest lie satan ever told was convincing the world he doesn’t exist!’


          • caleb keogh says:

            Glad to hear Leon been under a bit of attack of late but still pushing in with Christ the best i can with present circumstances.And yes Satan and his Minions are sitting back with some as you said there doing his work for Him Hello Laura that quote fits in quite nice with subject at hand i pray we all have a breakthrough in the precious name of Jesus Christ Amen..


    • caleb keogh says:

      Michelle thanks for your comment when i was young i worshiped the 8 sabbat’s minor and major my favourite was the end of the yearly cycle when the horn god and mother goddess when they were in there hunter and crone roles i hadfriends who were Wiccan/Satanists too i would meet up with and you are correct Wicca is a reinvention of Witchcraft popularised by Gerard Gardner in the 50s a rip off of Crowley’s work of which i was familiar of as well as i said above or in my other article i was drawn more to this than the flamboyant sanders branch i found kate west’s books to simple an used Raymond Buckland’s book as my reference and back then to this day i still get harrassed by Demons and thats exactly what THEY are and what 14 year old kid isn’t confused!!! i wrote this article as my friend asked me to it is one aspect to my past/testimony i have been on a big spiritual journey before Christ and in Christ it can be lonely as i know my bible and people feel threatened but i can assure you i worshiped Demons in one form or another since i was a child and even When i went to prison my number was 66618 and my cell 13 i was doing some research on the Jesuits recently they were created on “Assumption Day” August 15, 1534, also being the traditional feast day for Lucifer since 70CE my birthday is on the 15th also(forgive me for waffling on ) but i can assure you at one point in my early life i opened the door to the demonic and when it Returned WICCA was the mask it wore once again thanks for comment Michelle i will keep you in my prayers and a wee scripture for you “Jesus saith unto him, I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.John 14 v 6


  8. caleb says:

    Leon, I’m excited about your you tube video’s, people need to know, ” Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”. Ephesians 5-11
    If you cant find a church, find some Christian peer’s. I tried looking for you on F.B. I don’t have a you tube, or Google account but will open one if needed. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6-33, and please read Ephesians 6-11 ’till end of chapter, hope to talk soon. Caleb


  9. leon_the_14 says:

    I decided to start telling my occult experiences on youtube, so using a C170 webcam and windows movie maker along with a dreadful voice and not being photogenic…. I have begun.

    I’ve only just started but I am determined to finish it.


    • Hi Leon, many thanx for sharing. I will let Caleb know. I know he will be excited! I watched your introduction video so far. It’s after 2am, so will watch the rest another time! It’s good mate & I loved how you asked people to check out everything you say, for themselves! It’s great, you are so willing to share with people & I hope many people will learn from your past experiences in Satanism & Kabbalah and the deceptions you used to be stuck in. People need to hear this stuff. Also, I’m so thrilled to hear you came to Jesus Christ very recently. God bless you Leon! Laura


  10. caleb says:

    That’s brilliant News Leon i’m Overjoyed that you gave your heart to the Lord now your Blood bought “sealed to the day of redemption”Ephesians 4-30,Praise Jesus Brother please read Ephesians 6 v 11 till end of chapter i pray that you are Suited and Booted and covered in his Armour from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes and that “no Weapon formed against you will prosper”Isaiah 54-17 and i ask this in the precious name of Jesus Christ i was given a scripture at my baptism Philippians 3-14 and i feel this for you Also i’m sure you will have a hunger for his word and will be guided to what he wants you to learn please keep in touch and anything i can help you with in your faith just ask here or Laura will get in touch
    God bless Caleb

    Liked by 1 person

  11. leon_the_14 says:

    Maybe this song sums me up
    ‘Put your lights on’ – Santana/Everlast

    Liked by 1 person

  12. leon_the_14 says:

    Well Caleb, it looks like Ive finally given in to serving Christ Jesus of Nazareth.
    I had taken an interest in Christianity over the past couple of months, conversing with Christians online and in real life. I was praying to Jehovah and concerned that maybe that I took too much of an interest in Christianity, so I said “I will not become a Christian nor call myself one until every spiv, every hustler and every conman has been driven out of it”
    Then came a moment of utter silence, both outside and inside me.
    I just kneeled on the floor wondering “Did I just undertake a job by my own mouth?”
    But it seems that I should go through with it, and to tell you the truth… I feel better for it.
    I prayed to Christ Jesus of Nazareth, for me it was a very hard thing to do.
    Again I felt better for it, looking out the backdoor while praying I saw the Sun glistening. It was something I would not have noticed otherwise.

    This earth in this world belongs to God – not Satan nor his stooges.
    And it’s about time we take it back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Leon, I will tell Caleb the good news. My heart leapt as I read your message. It makes perfect sense, as you are such a deep thinker and you researched so much. It did feel like it was just a matter of time. The Holy Spirit was clearly wooing you to Himself, by His love. Ofcourse, satan wouldn’t like that & would be reminding you of all ”the spivs, hustlers & conmen”, in the church! I see them all too, it’s disheartening, but as you know, Jesus is our answer, not the people. It’s beautiful you felt the silence & the sun shone as you prayed. Yes indeed, “the world belongs to God – not Satan nor his stooges.
      And it’s about time we take it back.” I love that attitude and applaud your resolve! Do keep in touch & let us know how you are doing. Every blessing in Christ, Laura.


  13. caleb says:

    Thanks for your encouragement Denny i feel the lord lighting a fire over the past year and i’m stepping in to the confidence in Christ and as long as i’m walking in his will 1 Thessalonian’s 5 v 16-19,he will lift me above my cares take care God bless Caleb


  14. caleb says:

    Leon thanks for your comment i see where your coming from i believe God one source in three distinct persons God the father God the Son and God the holy spirit,Mathew 3-16 is a good example of all three working as one,And although God’s blessing’s fall on everyone(serving his purpose)Matthew 5-45,for our prayers to be answered it has to be according to his will 1 john 5-14,


  15. caleb says:

    Thanks for your words Leon i have looked into the kabbalah side once or twice when studying the old testament im familiar with the shemhamphorash when i was looking in to Gods name Sometimes the two overlap e.g within a month of becoming a follower of Christ i began having breathing difficulties i have asthma but this was different 8 going on 9 years ago, 6 months ago i got diagnosed with allergies i asked God to help he gave me a name baylor i tried baylar,bahlor,bahlar,and a few other variations the only thing that made sense was i ended up at a kabbalah name meaning site( looked there but cant find it anyware) after two or three general statements i came across a link to lung disease.The only shield i’ve had is my salvation and i said in article i asked “if there is a God” 2 days later i was blood bought it hasnt been easy i’ve had more attacks this year than probably the last 5 together but i stand on the word and the enemy does flea,and at times when he dosn’t i clear my slate with God allowing the spirit to do its job,your right alot of christian’s don’t know half of whats really going on and they need educated 1/3 of christ’s ministry was dealing with demons he commissioned us to do the same.once again Thanks for the interest it’s a different ballgame when you seek the kingship.g.


    • leon_the_14 says:

      Caleb, I dont believe the Shem ha-Mephorash is against Christianity. There are 2 Angel/God forms which specifically serve Christianity.
      Pahaliah (God the redeemer)- Who acts against enemies of religion and converts nations to Christianity.
      Hahahel (God in 3 persons)- Who governs Christianity and acts against the impious and slanderers.
      You could call upon one of the shem to help you, but remember they have both a virtue and a vice. You have to use whatever blessing they give you to help yourself, if you just expect the God aspect to heal you as though he were just a servant then the blessing will turn against you to teach you a lesson about laziness and contempt.
      I am not going to teach a lesson about it, but I find that psalm 119 is always a good place to start if I am going to ask God for favour.


  16. Denny says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Caleb. I also was a sataist/wiccan/druid. I expetienced physical stuff from demons one even sat on top of me at night just as Ivwas falling asleep. It was terrifying! ..I also came to God for help and received constant help and prayer from my local church. The attacks lasted months but as my faith grew they lessened. Stay strong! God bless


    • Hi Denny, I’ll tell Caleb that you left a comment for him. Like yourself, my mother and I experienced physical stuff from demons, eg, sitting on top of us and paralysing us at night. It was terrifying for us too! Like yourself, I found freedom from these things, when I turned from Spiritualism, and came to Jesus and He set me free. Hallelujah!


  17. leon_the_14 says:

    I have been a satanist twice and when you leave it everything you may have gotten materially while practicing soon vanishes. Unfortunately as demons are relegated to the likes of cartoon characters they are no longer seen as a danger but as some sort of fluffy toy. Even worse is that a lot (if not the overwhelming majority) of people who call themselves satanist are actually atheist. Theistic satanists absolutely hate these types of ‘satanists’ as well as atheists in general, they will gain no favour in hell. I wrote a book (ebook) about my experiences, its called ‘Creed of Assiah’ and is available as a free download at


    • Hi Leon, thanks for your comment. That’s brave of you to write a book. Do folks sometimes email you about it? Are you still into Kabbalah? Thanks for visiting my blog.


      • leon_the_14 says:

        I dont think it was brave of me to write a book but I do think it was neccessary. Actually I was somewhat hoping I wouldnt have to and that others would write more a explicit story than I have, but there seems to be no takers. I really just wrote it as a warning for others what happens if you get in.
        As for emails? I actually dont get any, in my book I say if you are going to tell me that Im wrong then do so but offer something better in its place. I suppose that I had atheists in mind as a target audience when I wrote it, but they havent emailed me. Altogether I have received 2 emails but they were passing comments if anything.
        As for kabbalah? Well I am still into it, it is something you cannot unlearn. I do factor it into prayer and the like, it is freestyle if anything. The kabbalah and the shem ha-mephorash are worthwhile learning, it gives you an insight into the ‘order of things’. It is not the garbage that madonna peddles.
        I like your blog, I find you to be among the increasing amount of Christians who are prepared to acknowledge that humanity has a problem. Make no mistake the dirtbags of evil in the spirit realm are up, organised and running. In addition they have an increasing army of stooges on this earth who serve them by default, actually Im writing another book to show how atheism is more of a cancer than actual theistic satanism. I think other people have the same idea I have but have yet to find a way to express it.


  18. Emma says:

    Glad to see Caleb has turned his life around as I knew him back in the days if his demon worshiping, his mother was always a lovely, understanding Christian woman although we where all involved in a lot of negative behaviour, she behaved as a true Christian should, always willing to listen and help, never judgemental. Keep up the good work helping others to see the light as the dark seems so attractive until you know the consequences, plus the devil is a master of deceipt. No matter how deep you think you are in the occult it’s never too late God will always take you back, don’t be fooled by the promise of “things” as in the end all we have is our soul and that is a costly thing to put in the wrong hands, we are human and not without sin, but can only try to keep pure of spirit and make what difference you can in this life. Well done Caleb!


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