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Carrie Secretly Worked For A Satanist Coven While High Priestess In Her Witchcraft Coven: She Reveals All.

Carrie secretly blended Voodoo, Luciferianism and Satanism for 20 years. She kindly gave me permission to share her dramatic story. Ex-Witch: How I Was Lured Into the Occult at 7 Years Old Carrie Christian practiced witchcraft for 23 years before … Continue reading

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Ex Ghost Hunter In ‘Good News’ UK Newspaper: Dana Emanuel’s Story, Reviewed By Ex Spiritist, Laura Maxwell.

Filmed in Coldingham Priory Graveyard, built upon ruins of a monastery founded in the early 300’s. Berwickshire, near the border between Scotland and England, UK. In the below video, Ex Spiritist Laura Maxwell reviews Dana’s article. DANA EMANUEL’S TESTIMONY FEATURED … Continue reading

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Normalisin Secs With Children And Reduced Penaltes: Our Future Culture?

‘I fought this in California back in the 1980’s. Every generation has to do the same,’ an American friend of mine, now in his 60’s just told me. I asked how it was pushed back. He replied, ‘We fought it … Continue reading

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World Health Organisation and Pharmaceutical Drug Companies: Pharmakeia Predicted In The Bible.

Interesting points to consider during this global COVID-19 Plandemic, May 2020. Greek Lexicon Entry For Pharmakeia. Strong’s Number: 5331 SOURCE: Definition the use or the administering of drugs poisoning sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered … Continue reading

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Miracles And Societal Transformation In Guatemala To Encourage You!

Amazing Report From Almolonga, Guatemala. This can happen in your town, hallelujah! Old film to encourage you it can happen again. Just over 5 minutes long. Well worth watching. ‘How God can completely change a whole city when people seek … Continue reading

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Ex Spiritualist and New Ager: Janet Ferriday’s Powerful Testimony.

Spiritualism and New Age: Janet Ferriday’s Powerful Testimony. Janet a former follower, outlines the dangers of Spiritualism and New Age practises. She shares her terrifying experiences of enduring ‘hauntings’ at home. She found no help in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or a … Continue reading

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Quotes from Spiritualist and New Age Leaders admitting New Age is Satanic.

Many top New Agers believe Lucifer is still the light bearer.  N. Sri Ram wrote Lucifer, who is Satan, descended from Venus bringing mankind ‘consciousness’. He states: “The adversary or Satan is no other than Lucifer, the light bearer, the … Continue reading

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Sheep With Pentagrams Stabbed In Satanic Sacrifice In Hampshire: Police Investigate.

Two sheep are stabbed to death and marked with pentagrams in ‘satanic sacrifice’ in New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England. Police investigating ‘unusual’ attacks in Hampshire’s New Forest National Park A church was also sprayed with Satanic symbols in quiet … Continue reading

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Your Spiritual Testimony Wanted!

A selection of testimonies are listed in my Directory of Former New Agers and Occultists, as well as posted throughout this blog. I also love collecting testimonies to share on my YouTube channel and to feature some on my radio … Continue reading

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Directory of Former New Agers, Pagans and Occultists.

Are you interested in ‘ghost hunting’, or ‘spirit communication’? Maybe you explore Eastern Mystical practises, metaphysical techniques, or other spiritualities? Maybe you follow an ancient path based on Paganism? Do you practice Magick, Wicca, New Thought, or even the Occult? … Continue reading

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