Laura’s new Documentary


New documentary film soon to be released!

This new documentary was produced by Thistle TV, near Inverness, in the beautiful highlands of Scotland.

Thistle TV, Scotland.

Thistle TV, Scotland.

It was requested by TV channels in England, Europe, USA, Asia, New Zealand, India & Pakistan.

The full 60 minute DVD contains information that Laura hasn’t shared before. It will be available directly from Laura soon.

Not yet available on Amazon, etc.

3 minute trailer below.

(Header photo of Scottish scenery from

4 Responses to Laura’s new Documentary

  1. chris kattou says:

    hi laura ,my ex girlfriend died recently ,i hadnt see or spoke to her in over a year , i went to see her father ,he told me he susppected she might have killed her self ,i was very upset and needed to know how she died ,i also needed to know how she felt about me ,you see i loved her very much and stll do , but she cheeted on me and we had a massive fall out and never spoke again, iam a christian and i know its a sin to talk to mediums but i was desparate to find out the truth ,i been to 4 diffrent mediums looking for answers , they tolled me more or less the same ,that she loves me and died by accident ,this gave me comfort ,but i also have regret that i never been to see her before she died ;deep down i was still skeptical land there was one thought kept repeating in my mind ,what if iam beeing decived ,what if the mediums are beeing decived my the devil , i also felt that id sinned towards god and need his forgivness,so i been for confession .i saw you testamony on youtube and iam now convinced that the devil works through the mediums , but iam confused is every thing i was toldby the mediums lies ,i mean did my ex love me ,did she realy die by accednt ?? can you help me laura


    • Hi friend, I’m so very sorry to hear all this. If you have asked Jesus Christ to forgive you and cleanse you, for trying to contact your ‘dead’ girlfriend, then He has forgave you. So try not to feel guilty. Remember, everything the Mediums told you, was coming from demonic spirits. Although the Mediums are very kind, they don’t realise this, and are sadly deceived. The information has not come from God, or your ex girlfriend, it’s come from demonic spirits. Therefore, we do not know if it is correct, or not. It’s true demons tell lies, but sometimes they tell the truth too. But the main question to ask yourself is, why would these demons tell you that information? Usually, they tell people information, as they want to make people go back and visit Mediums again and again, and slowly get sucked into beliveing in the spirits and eventually even asking for personal Spirit Guides or Angels to befreind you, or that you’d want to become a Medium yourself. But those entities are not who they claim to be, all of them are demons disguised as dead loved ones, Spirit Guides, etc. They can give you true information sometimes, but always their agenda is to take you away from Jesus and your beliefs in Him. Those demons could be telling the truth, or it could be lies. Either way, it’s dangerous to listen to anything an evil demon tells us. It’s far better for us to try to focus on God and also to turn to Him for comfort and healing, especially during this very sad season of your bereavemnt. I hope that makes sense. And once again, I’m so sorry for your loss. May the Holy Spirit comfort you and fill you with His love. God bless you my friend, Laura.


  2. How can I make sure to be informed when this film is released?


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