Spirit Entity Harassment Support Group

In this video I advertise a new Facebook support group by my good friend Chenzo1969 of YouTube.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-6J3OiyR0VfeZqbNTIdQg/feedYouTube.

Spirit Entity Harassment Support Group on Facebook.

This group offers support from Survivors who overcame supernatural abuse in the Name and by the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ.


Please see this Facebook support page. It states :

“This group has been set up as a place of help and support for those who are suffering from troubling unwanted encounters with hostile tormenting spirits.

Many people, worldwide, and throughout history, have suffered encounters with all kinds of malevolent evil spirits that may present themselves as: ghosts, angels, extra-terrestrials, demons, angels, or a whole host of other beings of wide variety.

People who suffer at the hands of these beings often do so in silence out of either fear of the entities that harass them, fear of what friends and relatives may think of their experiences, or both.

This group has been set up as a place where people can come and share their experiences and get help and support from others who have been in similar situations as this themselves.

Chenzo’s true life story of deliverance from evil spirit entities :

Chris White’s excellent website on sleep paralysis :

Freedom from alien abduction type encounters :

ghost spirit-entity-harassment-support-group

Please also check out Chenzo’s YouTube Channel: Chenzo1969 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-6J3OiyR0VfeZqbNTIdQg/feed

It’s an excellent channel with many of his own videos giving advice on reaching New Agers and Occultists.


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