Debunking Zeitgeist & The Age of Aquarius.


 The Zeitgeist Movement’s/Christ Mythers/Christ Consciousness teachings!


Zeitgeist Challenge.

You Could Win A Cash Reward!

Some scholars are offering cash rewards to anyone who can provide evidence backing up the claims that Zeitgeist makes! Details of two such links are given below.

For years, I believed the new age claims about Jesus: that He was just a reincarnation of many like Him: just another One who took on the Christ energy, as each of us can. As a spiritualist, I accepted the channelled teachings of spirits, ascended masters and so on, that we can all ascend and transmit this Christ Consciousness. 

At the outset, did you know the creator of Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph is a Luciferian, supports The Lucis Trust and they support him? Do a search like the one below to see him speak in videos about his NWO views and bear this in mind when evaluating The Zeitgeist Movement’s/Christ Mythers/Christ Consciousness teachings!

truth 6 

Age of Aquarius

I first saw some of these videos in 2011, yet years later, they remain some of the best videos about the Age of Aquarius and Neo-New Age theories that I’ve ever watched!

Please check out videos by Keith Thompson, AKA Keith Truther on YouTube.

If you are interested in the New Age, you’re obviously a very open-minded person and a seeker of truth. As such, please consider watching the above video, as it contains truths you may not have heard before. It could change your life!

Zeitgeist Debunked


From Trumpet Blast Warning by Jason Carter.

Please also see Chris White’s YouTube channel. You can also find Chris White on Facebook.

In his video : Zeitgeist – History Rewritten, Chris talks about the history of the theories presented in Zeitgeist (part one) and debunks them.

This really blows a hole in the entire Zeitgeist Movement, Astro Theology and so on.

In this video, Chris gives details of a cash reward, if you can debunk his findings! He also debunks the new material that Luciferian teachers added after the first Zeitgeist film’s release.


See also:

There are many similar videos online, please look them up!


I was very honoured to be interviewed on The Kev Baker Show again:

 Laura Maxwell exposes The Luciferian Zeitgeist Deception: DID JESUS CHRIST COPY PREVIOUS SAVIORS AND MYSTERY RELIGIONS?

The host Kev Baker wrote:

‘Laura Maxwell rejoins the show and blows a hole in the Zeitgeist movies story about the many stories sharing similarities with that of the Jesus story.

Laura gets into various “saviours” and offers the historic evidence that makes her case a very strong one.’


Online Articles Debunking Zeitgeist

There are some excellent articles debunking the Zeitgeist films.


Here’s one worth reading :

And also :

Jesus is Ultimate Truth

Jesus is The Truth

Zeitgeist Challenge. You Could Win $1000!

A writer is offering $1000 to anyone who can provide evidence backing up the claims that Zeitgeist makes. Contact him if you think you have the evidence :

Chris White also offers a cash reward!  See his above video Zeitgeist – History Rewritten for full details.

laura revelation tv

Revelation TV – Europe & USA.

One of Laura’s TV interviews

If interested, please see below – a TV interview  I did with Doug Harris & Michael Cummins on Revelation TV.

In it, we discussed some of the issues also covered in one of the above videos by Keith Thompson. (See link  – Luciferian New Age Agenda).

Many thanks, Laura Maxwell. January 2015.



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