My Journey Out New Age Spiritualism – Laura Maxwell’s Story.

As a spiritual counsellor, I’m honoured my work is shared worldwide via satellite TV, radio, books, magazines and so on. My mother and I were taught Lucifer is god when involved in new age spiritualism. I now expose the Globalist Agenda – the elite NWO cabal, from my inside knowledge of Luciferianism and Theosophy.


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As my story was recently published in Premier Christianity I’m resharing this previous post for those new to my blog. It’s a great honour to be featured in the UK’s leading Christian magazine and I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to share His love and power with others.

My Journey Out New Age Spiritualism – Laura Maxwell’s Story.

 (Taken from the About page).

We sincerely hope to humbly contribute to the journeys of those on a spiritual quest!

Do you enjoy ghost hunting, spirit communication or the paranormal? Maybe you explore esoteric or metaphysical interests, eastern mystical practices, or evolving spiritualities?

Perhaps you follow an ancient path based on Paganism? Do you practice Magick, Wicca, Neo-New Age, or the Occult?

As an open-minded seeker of truth, please consider hearing from myself and others steeped in such lifestyles. Discover secrets we experienced via supernatural realms and where it eventually led us.

When I was a Spiritualist, I was taught the New Age agenda – to recruit masses globally to Luciferianism and the New World Order. In those days, I fully agreed with such plans. Now, I’m aware of the truth behind it all! As supernatural whistleblowers, we expose inside secrets from top spiritual leaders.

Silence is consent. If you care, please share.

Silence is consent. If you care, please share.

Unfortunately, those like us are not often seen in the popular media. The world tends only to hear the one point of view, which is of course biased reporting! A spiritual form of propaganda is occurring. Even within scientific communities, they claim to portray ALL theories of any topic of debate. But with ‘spirit communication’, our ‘theory’ is rarely given air time!

You may suspect this is a conspiracy theory, so please use your critical thinking skills. Research online for hard evidence to back up our claims!




In 1996, I began to disclose my own private experiences. From 2008, I’ve been very privileged to share regularly on satellite TV and radio shows, broadcast over Europe and USA. Some of them are included in the playlist below.

The below interviews on Truth Frequency Radio, including The Kev Baker Show and other shows remain a few of my personal favourites. Namely because they air on Truth Frequency Radio – a very popular alternative network with a large global following of spiritual seekers.

Some of my TV interviews were requested by and aired on various Christian and secular TV channels across Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

I also host a weekly talk show on Eternal Radio. On ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.’ I interview international guests, who share their dramatic true stories, eg, Ex Mediums, Ex Psychics, Ex Witches, Ex Pagans, etc. Some of them are authors and some have also shared their stories on TV.

Laura's article in Direction Magazine Dec' 2012. Sold across the UK.

Laura’s article – Direction Magazine Dec’ 2012. Sold in Wesley Owen & Faith Mission stores & churches across the UK.

My story has been featured in various Christian, secular and Spiritualist magazine articles, newspapers, a site of the leading Occult awareness ministry of 30 years in the UK, one of the leading Occult awareness sites in USA, other well known ministry websites and blogs. (Most of these people listed, have appeared on TV – please see the links).

Other overseas ministries have translated it into, for example, Croatian, Danish, Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese for magazines and TV. See link for translations.

In 2013, it was included in two new school books, now being used in secular schools across Australia and New Zealand.

It was an honour when EX Satanist, Jeff Harshbarger, asked me to write a chapter for his 2nd book ‘Dancing With The Devil,’ published in USA, by Charisma House, 2012. (I wrote a review for his first book). Jeff has been a guest on many Christian TV and radio programs in the USA and beyond.

My book A Spiritual Quest & Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.

My book A Spiritual Quest & Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself, Killer Son of Sam & other Ex Occultists contributed chapters to.

Another well known US preacher and TV evangelist is including my testimony in a new book, due to be published in late 2016. (Details here, once released).

It’s also been an honour to be a guest speaker in churches, venues & conferences across the UK, or radio stations around the world.

During which, I share my testimony, or teach about the New Age, Occult or also the ancient spiritual roots of Halloween.

Plus I expose evil crimes committed by some Satanic and occultic groups on Halloween. (See my interviews with Ex Satanists over the years).

Please read the dramatic events of my story below, or watch my above YouTube playlist, which shares in more detail.

For similar stories of my friends and others, please see the Ex New Agers directory section at the top of this blog & Suggested Links in the column on the right.

Or see my Facebook page A Spiritual Quest or YouTube Channel Laura MaxwellExSpiritist, which features dozens of similar true life videos.


truth 6

Speak the truth with love & respect, not with disdain & arrogance. Anyone can do that!

‘If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is not truthful and helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.’

1 Peter 3:15 … be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

1 Peter 2:17 Show proper respect to everyone …

ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ ೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒೋ

All the ministry Laura undertakes, whether on TV and Radio, or in public, is entirely voluntary. She gives of her time freely. She sometimes writes free BOOK REVIEWS for authors of a similar genre.

This site and particularly the FAQ section (coming soon), were partly created due to the large response from people who contact Laura and the amount of time it takes for her to reply.

Laura can be contacted to prayerfully consider requests to perhaps speak in your venue, conference or church in the UK.

For enquiries, please email her Personal Assistant on

Many thanks indeed for visiting today, your time is appreciated! We hope you find it useful and will return soon. God bless you!

Laura Maxwell’s Story.

‘What New Age Spiritualism Means To Me Now.’

Supernatural phenomena interested me since childhood. I loved reading children’s books containing ‘ghost stories’, or watching TV programs about ‘ghosts’. If Harry Potter had been written then, I’m sure it would have been one of my favourites.

A few psychic episodes as a child added to the intrigue I felt. My mother’s uncle lead a Spiritualist Church and was also high up in Freemasonry. Mum had also experienced psychic events since her childhood, but didn’t pursue it seriously until later. By the time I began Secondary School, she felt ready to explore further. Once, when walking her dogs in the park, a Medium approached. He saw her potential as a Medium and invited her to a local Spiritualist Church in Glasgow, Scotland.

Very quickly, Mum became totally engrossed by the supernatural. As a new member of the Spiritualist Church, she attended Sunday services, mid week psychic development groups, Yoga classes, etc. She shared everything she learned with me. I also became fascinated. Her heart’s desire was to train in Mediumship. The other Mediums encouraged this, asking her to join an Open Circle and to meditate with them to channel ‘spirits of the deceased’. Mum was keen to develop her abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience and to learn from other Mediums.

Every time Mum booked a Private Sitting for a Life Reading with a resident or visiting Medium, she’d buy a recording of the session and we’d listen to it later. It amazed me that a half-hour recording could contain so much explicit communication from alleged ‘spirits’. Specific facts were relayed about our lives, in minute detail. Precise names, places and dates were often given. It was obvious the Mediums weren’t charlatans, falling upon names by sheer chance. They accurately described the physical appearance, personalities and even repeated common phrases of our apparent dead relatives, as they conversed with spirit entities.

I also joined the Spiritualist Church in Glasgow. Mum and I devoured mystical books on Yoga, opening the chakras, Crystal Healing, Reincarnation, Alternative Therapies, etc. Attending New Age Centres and Psychic Fairs, we absorbed as much information as we could to help in our ‘spiritual enlightenment’. With our passion for environmental and conservation concerns, social justice and international peace, we gladly participated in attempting to heal people and animals, through either contact or distant psychic healing.

We also read books on positive thinking. A favourite was, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, by Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd degree Free Mason, who also believed in Clairvoyance, claiming to see his dead father at meetings.

Going Deeper

Laura's season as a goth

Laura’s season as a goth

Eventually, we attended Transfiguration Sessions. Mum developed in the area of Automatic Writing. Mediums predicted I’d become an author on behalf of Spirit Guides and a Psychic Artist, drawing portraits of ‘dead relatives and Spirit Guides’ for clients. I very briefly experimented with Kirlian Photography; using infra red film I captured images of ectoplasm as it formed.

Over the next 10 – 15 years, we’d often hear of Mediums who could no longer control when spirits spoke to, or through them. Many Mediums had nervous breakdowns. Some attacked people claiming their Spirit Guides had forced them to, or were admitted to psychiatric wards.

We heard reports of ‘poltergeist activity’ in Medium’s homes. At first, we accepted explanations that mischievous or obnoxious spirits could sometimes come through and it was a potential hazard of the job. But when it happened to us, it became intolerable and impossible to function properly.

Our beloved friends, the other Psychics and Mediums, kindly tried, but failed to free our home from spirits. The spirits spoke to Mum constantly, giving her no rest, depriving her of sleep, attacking her physically, chapping loudly from within wardrobes, slamming all the doors, etc.

On one of the occasions when they forced her into a trance against her will, she was frying food. When she came out of trance, the kitchen was consumed by fire. I arrived home after the Fire Brigade had extinguished it, just before it spread to other rooms. We all realized Mum, our dogs and cats could have been killed. One afternoon, Mum’s elderly Aunt who had also visited Spiritualist Churches, felt invisible hands grab her and throw her down our stairs. Her wrist was broken. Another day, while approaching shops, I watched in horror as Mum was lifted from the ground and catapulted from the pavement, landing on the bonnet of a passing car. This particular incident happened more than once.

Hellish Encounters

Naturally, we decided to withdraw from Spiritualism and kindly asked our ‘Spirit Guides’ to leave. To our shock, they laughed and insulted us. They began to physically attack us. This was deeply perplexing, as they’d provided guidance and kindness for many years! It became obvious they’d clearly deceived us, pretending to be benevolent, when in reality they were wicked all along.

It dismayed us that all the Spiritualist Mediums and Psychics we knew and dearly loved, had clearly been deceived too. After all, it was they who had introduced us to those spirits. They’d also assumed such ‘Spirit Guides’ and ‘friends’ were genuine.

However, the biggest shock came when even our supposed ‘dead relatives’ turned against us too! They also mocked and hit us. The spirits warned we couldn’t leave the occult, as we had unknowingly granted them control from the first day we invited them into our lives! It became clear to Mum and I there was something dangerous and deceptive in Spiritualism and forms of spirit communication, if even the Mediums who had brought our fake ‘spirit friends’ to us had not discerned their true spiritual identity.

A Christian Encounter

‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’, John 8:32

Susan, a Christian I’d met in a Psychology Tutorial, at university, invited me to her Pentecostal Church. She explained other Psychics who had experienced similar tragedies were set free from spiritual attacks when they accepted the Biblical Jesus Christ as their Saviour, (not the New Age false Christ).

I did feel an atmosphere and presence in her church I’d never known and I hungered for it. When they prayed for healing and spoke in tongues, I senses instantly they had a supernatural power, but I wasn’t sure what it was! To me, Jesus was just a Healer and Medium.

That night when I returned home, the spirits were furious that I’d visited the Pentecostal Church. I was sure they’d try to kill me. (To learn more of those few days, please watch my TV interviews!)

I cried out to God in sheer desperation. I asked if He was real, to please speak to me through a bible I found. I had a divine revelation the bible was totally true, so renouncing Spiritualism, I came to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I received Him as my Saviour and asked Him to cleanse me from all sin. Finally, I had saw the light. I had found truth. I had found Love Himself! Much to my own surprise, I had become a Christian, something I thought I’d never do! Never say never folks!

The very next morning, a Romany Gypsy appeared at my door. I’d been thinking about her for hours and now there she stood! She said she had got born again and that Jesus had sent her to tell me I was now on the right path! I began attending the church I’d just visited.

A Darker Tragedy Strikes

Just a few months later, during my 2nd year at university, Mum’s health deteriorated & her ‘Spirit Guides’ became more violent and even threatened to control her and use her to kill people. Mum’s doctor couldn’t accept poltergeist activity and was sadly diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Mum was detained in a Psychiatric Hospital, much to the utter shock of my Mum and myself.

Although my Mum gave her heart to Jesus a few months later, the Pentecostal Church I’d joined had no experience at that point, of helping people like Mum. At that time, they didn’t have the Deliverance Ministry. As a baby Christian myself, I didn’t yet know there were Christians who could’ve cast those demons out of my Mum in Jesus Name. After months of heavy sedation, the psychiatrists discharged her, but when she returned home, she endured further harassment from spirits. Sadly, the church I belonged to didn’t yet have experience of casting demons out of homes or people.

My pastor was young and inexperienced. He assumed mum and I were just over imaginative or mentally ill. So, we received no help. To my utter shock and dismay, my mother committed suicide.

Although not rare for someone to do … over the past couple of decades I’ve heard of many around the world, affected by the New Age or Occult have been in psychiatric wards or killed themselves. Therefore, I feel it emphasizes the crucial importance for Christians to embrace the Deliverance Ministry, more commonly known as Exorcism, and become God’s instruments to release freedom to such tortured people in Jesus Name.

(Over the years as a Christian, I have been honoured and delighted that the Holy Spirit has used me to see people & homes be set free from demonic harassment/poltergeist type activity, etc). “Greater is He (Jesus), that is in you; than he (satan) that is in the world.”

My chains are gone!

Soon after, I found another Pentecostal Church. It was experienced in Deliverance prayer – casting out demons. The co-Pastor, visited my mum’s home, successfully cleansing it the first time they prayed. At the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all the spirits left and never returned. Praise God! Later, I sold Mum’s home without worrying the new tenants would be harassed.

The Pentecostal Church I attend, doesn’t serve up dead religious traditions or control. Instead it’s lively, loving and joyful. Members are trained by the Holy Spirit to prophesy of the future. Minds and bodies are healed and other miracles, signs and wonders occur. Actually, in a couple of years I saw more people healed in Pentecostal Churches than I ever saw in over ten years at Spiritualist meetings.

Deception Exposed

When I became a Christian, even before I had read the Biblical warnings of the Occult in Deuteronomy chapter 18, I suddenly saw the truth. I instinctively realized what had happened. The missing piece of the jigsaw slipped into place. When our ‘dead relatives and Spirit Guides’ began to attack us, it indicated those lying evil spirits had deceived us, merely impersonating our loved ones. It made complete sense when Christians explained from the bible, it’s impossible for dead souls to return to talk with us, as they remain in heaven or hell for eternity.

Also, the bible describes spirits are evil ‘fallen angels,’ or demons. They’ve existed since before creation. They possess vast psychic knowledge of our families & historical figures down the generations. Like ‘shape shifters’ from movies, they can easily disguise their evil form to pose as our ‘deceased family,’ to mimic ‘Spirit Guides,’ or any famous celebrity that ever lived. With their supernatural powers they can perform many false miracles. Through hypnosis etc, they can even produce false visions of your ‘former lives’.

They are masters of disguise. The Bible says that entities who work through Witches, Mediums, Ghost Hunters, etc, are called ‘familiar spirits’. They are psychic and very familiar with how all your ancestors looked and spoke, as they were on the earth at the same time. Thus, these entities can impersonate them perfectly. The Hebrew word for familiar spirits actually translates as ‘demon,’ evil spirit.

This is emphasised in passages such as 2 Corinthians 11 to 14 : “And no wonder! For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” The evil spirits working through Spiritualism, Ghost Hunting, etc, are evil demons. They serve Satan to deceive precious Mediums and others, appearing as dead relatives, Spirit Guides, ascended masters, goddesses, Reiki healing guides, aliens, fairies and so on. (Please see my article on how to ‘Test The Spirits’, or watch my TV programs on this crucial topic.)

The counterfeit nature of spirits makes sense, because many top Mediums even claim that Lucifer is god and the source of all psychic powers! (Benjamine Creme, David Spangler, Madam Helena Blavatsky, etc). They believe Lucifer is still an angel of light; god; the Saviour, and that he did not fall and become Satan, as the Bible states. Thus, Luciferianism is one of the roots of the New Age and Spiritualism. Madam Helena Blavatsky, a self proclaimed Luciferian Medium, was called the ‘mother of the New Age movement’. (Please see my article or watch my TV programs on this topic.)

Before I left the Occult, I was unaware the Bible lovingly advises in 1 John 4 verse 1 to 3 : “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God … every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh is not of God … And this is the spirit of the Antichrist …”

Please see my note with directions on how to Test The Spirits, in the menu bar at the top. I’ve known countless numbers who have challenged Guides and other spirits, to show their true identity, in Jesus Christ’s name. Often they scream as they reveal their true evil form.

A Crucial Observation

Since I left Spiritualism and became a Christian, I have never been contacted by any spirit claiming to be a ‘dead relative’ or ‘Spirit Guide’! All such supernatural activity stopped, when I found the truth, that they were demons impersonating family or spiritual beings! You’d think, if they were truly real, they’d still try to ‘contact’ me!

Sharing With Others

About Jesus

When a Spiritualist, I’d regarded Jesus as just a cosmic force; part of the universal consciousness, a reincarnation of another god or great Healing Medium. Since my conversion in 1994, I’ve met, spoken to & read of many Ex Psychics, Ex Gypsies, Ex Mediums, Ex Witches, Ex Luciferians, and even Ex Satanists. They all discovered the entities of their ‘Spirit Guides’, ‘dead relatives’ or ‘goddesses’, were not who they claimed to be. These people were also set free from demonic attack after receiving Christ into their lives & receiving His overwhelming love and deliverance into spiritual freedom, (Exorcism).

Two successful Glasgow Mediums, Sadie Bryce and Geordie Aitken also became Christians. Sadie went to the same Spiritualist Church I did. She spoke of her occult past in BBC programs and an audio recording. Paul Watson wrote a book detailing Geordie’s experience. As Christians, Sadie and I wrote to each other and I met Geordie several times, discovering we all had been misled by deceiving spirits in the same ways. Geordie himself lost friends to demonically induced suicide. He spoke on my behalf at my mum’s funeral.

Jesus Christ healed me of a phobia of heights and physical conditions including Fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. He has given me joy and peace I simply never knew existed. His very tangible Presence of pure love is more real than any powerful encounter I experienced within Spiritualism, New Age or Mystical practises. I am forever grateful to Him for transforming my life and I give Him all the glory.


The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell, on Eternal Radio.

The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell, on Eternal Radio available on

I now host a weekly show on Eternal Radio, called ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell,’

On it, I interview international guests, who share their dramatic true conversion stories. My guests include former Mediums, Psychics, Witches, Pagans, Satanists and so on.

Some of them are authors or have shared their stories on TV and radio.

Since 2008, I’ve shared my life story, on satellite TV, radio, in conferences and churches. I also write for magazines. I don’t receive payment for this. I’m delighted and blessed to hear from people worldwide. They share they’ve also been saved out of the New Age and Occult – by the transforming, mighty power of our loving Saviour and Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ. Some say it was my testimony that helped lead them to Jesus. Hallelujah!

A Final Word

I continuously hear from more people who are turning away from Spiritualist Meetings, Tarot Card Parties, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and all other spirit empowered practises.

Laura in a studio during a radio show in Scotland.

A live show, Revival Radio studio, Scotland.

A few years ago, I completed a testimony-based novel, containing some detail of events Mum, our friends and I experienced within the occult.

It also contains some wonderful encounters with Jesus and angels, very different from what we experienced in Spiritualism.

As it’s self published, it’s only available directly from me, but should be on Amazon, by mid 2017!

If you’d like to order a copy of my book A Spiritual Quest,  please email my Personal Assistant on

If you feel led to pray for Laura’s ministry, or for the audiences who hear her speak, it would be so very appreciated.

Thank you very much! God bless you. Laura.


To find out more, please see Laura’s blog

'You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free'

‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’, John 8:32

Psalm 96:3 ‘… That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Thy wondrous works.’

Disclaimer : Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, or guest articles on her blog!

Are your friends tormented by spirits? If you care, please share. Your silence is consent. Expose demonic lies. Spread the truth to liberate those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

ADMIN NOTE TO MYSELF! – (This post was copied from the Top Menu –  ‘About’ bio page).

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Sex with ‘Ghosts & Aliens’ – The Truth: Insights from Psychology Graduate and Former Spiritualist Laura Maxwell on A Minute to Midnite Show

Ghost Sex ~ Spectrophilia:  “… a growing spiritual trend in recent years with some added mainstream celebrity support,” Jared Chrestman, Deliverance Minister.

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost

Insights from Psychology Graduate and Former Spiritualist Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree, having studied Psychology there for 4 years.

Sex with alleged ‘ghosts, aliens, sex angels, spirit husbands, spirit wives’ and so on… AKA masquerading evil demons in disguise.


Anna Nicole Smith

In December 2017, I saw more people (including Mediums), share on chat shows on national TV and UK tabloids of their ‘amazing’ sexual experiences with entities.

If you doubt it has become widespread, just check it out online.

The internet lists many sites about this practice; how to attract ‘ghosts’ to have sex with, as well as many experts and celebs sharing their experiences! Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, Hollywood stars and others have even released songs or spoken about it in talk shows in recent years, sadly only bringing it to the attention of curious and experimental people, especially our teenagers… the next generation.

Will this become the new norm?


Sicilian Sex Ghost Lecture at the Bone Room


Ghost Sex Book 3

I was very honored to be back on Tony’s show again. Please share and help us raise more awareness of this oftentimes traumatic phenomena to emphasize people need Jesus as their Saviour and how to get totally freed by purposefully receiving full deliverance from Him.

I really hope people will take the time to listen to it! Maybe one day you’ll experience it or meet someone suffering from this and you can then advise them how to get TOTALLY free!

Episode 162 of the A Minute to Midnite Show:

Former Spiritualist Laura Maxwell joins Tony to discuss the topic of sex with ghosts and aliens. This practice is on the increase, and is being actively promoted today through many media avenues. Find out the truth about the extreme dangers of getting involved in this activity. Laura’s insightful expose of the nefarious agenda at work in this arena, gives very compelling evidence as to why this can even turn deadly.

DISCLAIMER: Some may find the below interview with Tony and Laura distressing.




My heart’s desire is that more people will hear it and Christian ministers will hear it then start to help sufferers get freed! So, please read this message I received from a college lecturer that fills me with joy and utter gratitude to Christ!!!

“I just started teaching a course at our seminary titled “New Age and Paranormal Issues in Ministry”. This will be my 3rd year teaching it. But you just added a new class based on your recent interview. I’d love to be able to ask you more questions, especially concerning things that would help future ministers be more effective in dealing with demonic issues and the occult. Hope to hear from you.”

Please join me in praising God. Please pray more precious people see my interviews on TV or YouTube and come to Jesus, then receive His deliverance from demons, His healing and restoration in all areas of their lives. Glory to God!

This topic was one I’d never covered in depth before thus was hesitant as I knew it’d upset some and bring me some criticism. However I felt God wanted me to do it.

Since posting the adverts before the show and now that many have heard it, yes, there’s been a few people who felt pained.

However the majority have been pleased as it’s already helped many. Sufferers have asked for help and I’ve already advised them what websites to visit or what deliverance ministers I recommend they contact. Praise God.

Those who have already been free for years contacted me too, glad that I obeyed God to cover this topic.


ghost_sex_craze_1 sleep paralysis

Demonic Rape or Sleep Paralysis



To receive total freedom please see these links:


These sites on ‘Sleep Paralysis’ contain principles you can apply to most spiritual problems:


Facebook Pages:

The International Christian Demonology and Deliverance Ministry 

Demons..Disease..and Deception

Spirit Entity Harassment Support Group  

Christian Demonology (Spiritual warfare through the power of Jesus alone)

Exorcism & Deliverance Support 

Demon Deliverance Ministry 

Deliverance & Healing In Jesus Name




Chris White‘s book on ‘Sleep Paralysis’ contains principles you can apply to most spiritual problems:

Or Please See My Blog List Of Suggested Deliverance Ministries:

Christ sets prisoners free

Laura Maxwell 

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Laura Maxwell graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours  degree in Psychology, having studied it there for 4 years.

Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit Laura’s blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.


Click on this LINK to see some of her TV interviews.

LIVE on Revelation TV – Airs by satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.

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AI and The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch & Kev Baker


Introduction by Laura Maxwell …


Can AI be used in supernatural ways? Ofcourse. It’s highly possible!

After all, TV and radio can transmit the power of God when they air anointed programs. People are often healed just by hearing such shows! They can transmit the power of demons when they air demonic empowered programs, defiled by curses. Think of occult programs or films. People are often demonised, or their homes become demonised just by being exposed to such shows!

Here we have ‘transferring demons’ at a whole new level. AI, the new global ‘Ouija Board’, channeling demons in these last days. Surely, time to draw closer to Jesus and be protected from all that the bible predicts is coming.

Kev Baker sent me this message:

‘Here are some images Anthony Patch & I put together to show something pretty amazing. Anthony has noticed the architecture of Herod’s Temple, and other ancient temples, match with the architecture of QUANTUM CHIPS! I will send you the progression of images and you will see what I mean. So, the dwave is literally a technological temple for communications. It’s profound when u see them progressively laid on top of one another.’ 

All of this is in the January edition of Entangled Magazine by Anthony Patch.


AI and The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch & Kev Baker

‘Tony Patch & Kev Baker discuss the temples of Herod and Solomon being counterfeited within D-Wave qubit chipsets. Watch in awe as you will see a progression of images & overlays that will demonstrate that today’s quantum computers are recreations of the temples of old, so as to communicate with entities not from this physical realm.

The overlaying of the temples & chip sets is going to blow your mind & leave you in no doubt as to what today’s magicians are trying to achieve with their quantum computers.’

Listen to an extract from the show:

To listen to the full show please check out the archive here…

Anthony Patch website…

Archives for The Anthony Patch Show….




Here’s another video you may find interesting!

MORE PROOF that A.I. was Predicted in the Bible! By FaceLikeTheSun

‘It’s fascinating to watch the fast approaching technological singularity and its evangelists discuss the ways in which they will literally, worship the AI. Perhaps most startling is the possibility that the Bible predicted these societal changes towards the end of the age.’
‘When reading passages like Revelation 13:15 and Daniel 2:43, an eerily accurate description of the world we are currently living in emerges. This is either the most unlikely coincidence, or an affirmation that the Word of God is true and applies to every generation in different but equally compelling ways.’
FaceLikeTheSun Blog
AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2011)
AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image (2014)


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The Argument For The Literal Birth of Jesus Christ – 3.

A few videos arguing for the literal birth of Jesus Christ from my YouTube list:  Apologetics Prove Validity of Jesus and The Bible

  1. Gary Habermas answers various questions about the historical Jesus of Nazareth. Q&A. Theology, Philosophy and Science


2. Dr. Andy Bannister ( of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question “Did Jesus even exist?” RZIM Canada


3. Who Created God? drcraigvideos

Dr. William Lane Craig answers. Who created God? Did He have a cause? If the universe needed a cause, why not God? We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:


Steven Bancarz

Steven Bancarz ‘The pre-incarnate Son of God existed as Yahweh sharing the fullness of the divine nature, and He chose to empty himself, to become less than the angels He created, by being born into the world as a suffering servant. He took on a human nature retaining the full Being of God, veiling His own glory in flesh to be obedient to the redemptive will of the Father as our human representative and substitute.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:1-3,14

“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich.” – 2 Corinthians 8:9

“Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” – Philippians 2:5-8

“But we see him who for a little while was made lower than the angels, namely Jesus, crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone”. – Hebrews 2:9

Praise, exaltation, and worship be to Jesus Christ on this day, God in the flesh, who was born in an animal trough and killed in humiliation for our sins so that we could be reconciled with the Father and share in His glory.’

Steven Bancarz  December 26



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The Argument For The Literal Birth of Jesus Christ – 2.

The virgin birth is not like the stories of pagan gods throughout antiquity, had the risk of compromising people’s belief in the Messiah, and was not emphasized heavily throughout the New Testament, meaning this is something the church did not made up and added to the Gospels.


The Virgin Birth Of Jesus – Did The Church Make This Up?


By Mikel Del Rosario. What would you say if someone asked you if the story of Jesus’ virgin birth was real, or if it was copied from other religions? In this post, you see how to think through a few challenges to the historicity of the Virgin Birth.

First, we’ll answer the question “Was the Virgin Birth copied from myths?” Then, we’ll think through the idea that the first Christians just made the whole thing up.

Where should we start when we hear about a supposedly parallel account in some old myth? The first thing to do is check out the myth for yourself and see if there’s really a parallel virginal conception there.

The Virgin Birth wasn’t Copied from Myths

For example, here are the top three stories that tend to come up in my conversations about the virgin birth..and check out my hand-drawn illustrations, too–that’s not stock art!

Horus – No Virgin Birth Story

Horus - A Virgin Birth?

When Peter Joseph’s conspiracy film, Zeitgeist, came out in 2007, I had a student come up to me after I taught one of my World Religion classes at a local college.

As we were walking out to the parking lot together, he told me about this film and wanted to know if the story of Jesus was really based on pagan myths. For example, the video asserted that Jesus’ virgin birth was parallel with the birth of an Egyptian god named Horus. But does the myth itself really say that Horus was born of a virgin?

In Egyptian mythology, Horus’ mother, Isis, was already married to the god Osiris for some time before his conception. But more than this, the best Egyptian account of the myth tells us that that Horus was not born of a virgin.

It actually says that Isis “took in his seed and created the heir…Osiris’ son, Horus, stout of heart, justified, son of Isis.”[1] So the idea that the first Christians copied the story of Jesus’ virgin birth from Horus doesn’t work right off the bat. Why? Because there’s no virgin birth story there to copy.

In fact, there is no ancient evidence of a story about Horus being born of a virgin.

Mithra – No Virgin Birth Story

Mithra - A Virgin Birth?

But other people have heard something about Jesus’ virgin birth being copied from the story of a god named Mithra. I remember hearing about this one Christmas in 1997, when I was just an undergrad at Biola.

Honestly, I had no clue what to think. I wish someone would have encouraged me to see if there were any ancient stories saying that Mithra was literally born of a virgin. Because there aren’t any. Not one.

There are actually a few versions of how Mithra was created, but none of them have anything like Jesus’ virginal conception. For example, in the Roman version, Mithra was born as a full-grown adult coming out of the side of a rock. There’s actually an ancient inscription that says Mithra was “born from the rock.”[2] So, in Mithra’s story, not only is there no virgin, but there’s not even a woman! So, unless you want to call a huge rock a “virgin,” that’s not gonna work. No parallel there.

Caesar Augustus – No Virgin Birth Story

I remember one Christmas, seeing an ABC News special on Jesus where a scholar by the name of John Dominic Crossan compared the story of Jesus’ virginal conception to the idea that the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus was believed to be the son of Apollo. He was kind of suggesting these stories were “all over Greek and Roman mythology.” But does Augustus’ story actually talk about a virginal conception?

Augustus - A Virgin Birth?

According to the Roman historian Suetonius, Augustus’ mother had already been married for years before a snake suddenly showed up while she was sleeping. S

he discovered this strange mark on herself and 10 months later, Augustus was born.[3] But again, in this story, there is no virginal conception at all. Augustus’ mom already had a kid with her husband before Augustus was born. He even had an older sister![4]

Checking out the ancient sources for alleged parallels is a good place to start when thinking through the idea that the Virgin Birth was borrowed from pagan mythology. In this case, we can be confident that the story of Jesus’ virgin birth wasn’t copied from Horus, Mithra or Augustus because none of them was said to be born of a literal human virgin in any ancient myth.

But if the virgin birth wasn’t copied, does that mean the church just made the whole thing up? How should we think through the claim that church made up the story of Jesus’ virgin birth?

The Virgin Birth wasn’t Made up by the Church

Here are three reasons why it doesn’t look like the early church made up the story of Jesus’ virgin birth.

1. The Virgin Birth Raised Suspicions

Making up a fake story about Jesus’ virgin birth wouldn’t make Christianity more attractive to the Jews. It would actually make people suspicious about Jesus. Who was the real dad? Did Mary hook up with a Roman soldier? That kind of thing. Why make it more difficult to accept the Christian message? The ancient church wouldn’t have taught that Jesus was born of a virgin unless they had good reasons for believing he actually was.

2. The Virgin Birth Wasn’t Emphasied

Jesus - A Virgin Birth

But other people say the Virgin Birth story would make Christianity seem more attractive–maybe not to the Jews, but to the to Greeks and Romans. They were into emperor worship. They were cool with thinking of their leaders as gods. But that’s just one part of the story.


When we see the gospel preached in the New Testament, the church doesn’t emphasize the Virgin Birth story at all. Why wouldn’t the earliest Christians make more of Jesus’ virgin birth if they invented it to make the faith seem more attractive to the people who weren’t Jewish? Why wouldn’t they talk it up if the made it up?

3. The Virgin Birth is Different from Myths

People who thought of certain human rulers as gods only thought they were lower gods in the context of polytheism–a belief in many gods. For example, no one thought Caesar Augustus was the one, true God who made the heavens and the earth. More than this, there’s no snake sneaking up on Mary in the gospels accounts. Jesus is just conceived in her womb as miracle of God and the Bible doesn’t say much about how that actually happened.

In the end, it’s pretty unlikely that the first Christians would make up the story of the Virgin Birth because it wouldn’t help advance the Christian cause. If they thought it would help their case, why didn’t they emphasize this story in their preaching? And if the virgin birth was patterned after myths, why doesn’t it look like these myths?

It’s Reasonable to Believe the Virgin Birth Happened

So the church didn’t get the Virgin Birth story from somewhere else and they didn’t create it out of theological reflection; That means—as unusual as it sounds—the Virgin Birth story must have come from a real event. In other words, if the Virgin Birth wasn’t copied from myths and it wasn’t made up, the remaining option is that the Virgin Birth is real.

If there really is a creator God who made the heavens and the earth, and if Jesus left heaven to come to earth, it’s reasonable to believe that the virgin birth happened.

[1] The Great Hymn to Osiris from Dynasty 18 (stela Louvre C 286) mentions Isis’ impregnation by her brother-husband, Osiris, in this myth: “Isis the powerful…took in his seed and created the heir, who suckled the child in solitude…Osiris’ son, Horus, stout of heart, justified, son of Isis, heir of Osiris.” Jan Assmann, Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt, 24-25.
Françoise Dunand and Christiane Zivie-Coche explain Horus’ birth succinctly in their publication with Cornell University Press: “After having sexual intercourse, in the form of a bird, with the dead god she restored to life, [Isis] gave birth to a posthumous son, Horus.” Gods and Men in Egypt, 39. See also All About Horus – An Egyptian Copy of Christ? for more scholarly sources refuting the Zeitgeist movie’s claims about Horus.
[2] “Mithra was known as the rock-born god. The inscriptions confirm this nomenclature: one even reads D(eo) O(omipotenti) S(oli) Invi(cto), Deo Genitori, r(upe) n(ato), ‘To the almighty God Sun invincible, generative god, born from the rock’. Manfred Clauss, The Roman Cult of Mithra: The God and His Mysteries, 62-63.
[3] “When [Augustus’ mother] Atia had come in the middle of the night to the solemn service of Apollo, she had her litter set down in the temple and fell asleep, while the rest of the matrons also slept. On a sudden a serpent glided up to her and shortly went away. When she awoke, she purified herself, as if after the embraces of her husband, and at once there appeared on her body a mark in colors like a serpent, and she could never get rid of it; so that presently she ceased ever to go to the public baths. In the tenth month after that Augustus was born and was therefore regarded as the son of Apollo.” Suetonius “Twelve Caesars” Augustus 94:4, accessed online at*.html
[4] Octavia was Augustus’ full sister.

This article was originally published on the website of Apologetics Guy.

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The Argument For The Literal Birth of Jesus Christ – 1.

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)

We reflect on the meaning of the incarnation for all of us today.

Jesus was fully human – a baby, born of a young mother, raised in an ordinary family. Yet at the same time he was fully God. As many have just celebrated this profound mystery, let’s look at the facts!


Christmas: The Miracle of The Incarnation

Many of our colleagues are sceptical of the miraculous elements in the life of Jesus Christ: the virgin birth, the healing miracles and the resurrection. They ‘know’ as health professionals that such things are medically impossible.

But the real miracle, on which all rests, and which we celebrate at Christmas, is actually the incarnation, the Word becoming flesh. CS Lewis, in his classic book Miracles, calls it ‘the grand miracle’.

If we can accept the incarnation – the idea that God could become a human being – then all other aspects of Jesus’ life naturally follow on. They are exactly what we would expect if God were walking on the earth. Apologist Josh McDowell has suggested that if God became a man we would expect to see the following things:

  • He would have an unusual entry into life – which is exactly what we find in the virgin birth.
  • He would be morally perfect. When Jesus challenged others to find him guilty of sin no one could answer.

If God became a man, we’d expect him to perform astounding miracles. The gospel accounts are full of them: he heals those who are deaf, blind and paralysed; he calms storms, walks on water and turns water into wine. According to eyewitnesses, Jesus healed diseases for which even today there is no treatment; instantaneously, irreversibly and unambiguously.

We’d expect him to speak the greatest words ever spoken. People responded to Jesus in amazement. ‘How did this man get such learning without having been taught?’ ‘No one ever spoke the way this man does‘.

Psychiatrist James Fisher has written: ‘If you were to take the sum total of all the authoritative articles ever written by the most qualified of psychologists and psychiatrists on the subject of mental hygiene – if you were to combine them and refine them and cleave out all the excess verbiage – if you were to have these unadulterated bits of pure scientific knowledge concisely expressed by the most capable of living poets, you would have an awkward and incomplete summation of the Sermon on the Mount’.

If God became a man, we would expect him to have a lasting and universal influence. Why is it that all religions try to accommodate Jesus somehow, to find a place for him? In the words of historian Kenneth Latourette, it is simply because ‘measured by his effect on history, Jesus is the most influential life ever lived’, profoundly shaping our worldview, our laws, our history, our culture.

We would expect him to satisfy the spiritual hunger in man. Millions testify that Jesus Christ has filled the spiritual vacuum in their lives; that his promise that those who come to him will not thirst or hunger is amazingly true.

Finally, if God became a man, we would expect him to exercise power over death.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the best attested historical fact in all of antiquity; over 500 witnesses to his rising from the dead.

It is the only logical explanation for the empty tomb, the dramatic change in the disciples and the spread of the early church. But what does the incarnation mean for us personally?

First, it reminds us that Jesus understands us. He knows what it is like to be a human being. He knows hunger and thirst, pain and sorrow, bereavement and loss, rejection and betrayal. As the writer of Hebrews tells us, he can sympathise with our weaknesses because he has been tempted in every way as we are, and much more.

Second, it reminds us that Jesus can help us: ‘because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted’.  What are our areas of weakness? What do we despair over? What is it that is stopping us growing as Christians? What is it we are fighting that perhaps no one else sees or knows about? He is able to help us.

Third, the incarnation is a model for us in our own Christian lives. We are called to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. The cross is a pattern for us to follow. We are to carry the cross, to take our share of suffering, to bear the burdens of others.

Fourth, the incarnation helps us in our evangelism. It challenges us to cross social barriers as Jesus did, to make ourselves accessible and vulnerable, in the way that Jesus was, to be, in the words of Paul, ‘all things to all people‘. (16)

But finally, and most importantly, the incarnation reminds us of why Jesus came, because Christmas is the prelude to Easter. The same Jesus who grew in the womb and lay in the manger was sent to die on a cross and rise from the dead in order to reconcile us to God.

Christmas starts and ends with Jesus Christ. Let’s keep him at the centre.


Isaiah 9:6-7

For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Of the greatness of his government and peace
there will be no end.
He will reign on David’s throne
and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
with justice and righteousness
from that time on and forever.
The zeal of the Lord Almighty
will accomplish this.


Dr Peter Saunders is CMF Chief Executive and was formerly a general surgeon. He also serves on the boards of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association and Coalition for Marriage and is campaign director for the Care Not Killing Alliance.

From Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) December 23

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)


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Scholars Agree Jesus “Certainly” Existed!By Reasons For Jesus.

Steven Bancarz, ‘In this article, we look at quotes from atheist scholars who unanimously agree that Jesus Christ existed as a historical figure. The idea that Jesus never existed is simply not taken seriously by experts. We have too many sources for Jesus.’

“This is not an issue for scholars. There is no scholar in any college or university who teaches classics, ancient history, new testament, early christianity, who doubts that Jesus existed. He is abundantly attested in early sources.” – Dr. Bart Ehrman, Professor of Religious Studies, UNC.

Steven Bancarz

Steven Bancarz

Did Jesus Exist? All Scholars Agree He “Certainly” Existed

By Steven Bancarz ‘There are many sensationalist claims that get passed around the internet about Jesus of Nazareth.  Did Jesus even exist? Some claim Jesus was a mystic, or that the person of Jesus was invented by the Romans as a way to enforce control over people.  Some argue Jesus was a metaphor for the sun or was just a knock-off of other ancient gods.’

An article in particular blew up online called “Five Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed“, and in the article it claims that “a growing body of scholars “now believe Jesus never even existed as a human being in the first century.

It has become an internet fad and online trend to assert that Jesus is a product of some kind of political, social, or economic agenda of the Roman Empire, and that it is all a part of a big conspiracy.  Jesus was a knock-off of other dying and rising pagan gods, there is nothing new about the story of Jesus, and the whole story of his life was invented by religious authorities. This idea is so popular that it has become a commonplace suggestion.  “There is no evidence that Jesus existed” is a catchphrase used by angry atheists and New Agers alike.

But is this idea taken seriously by any professors of ancient history, Biblical studies, or New Testament studies?  To say the least, no. In fact, not a single academic scholar today with a Ph.D. in a relevant field of study claims that Jesus did not exist.

Why is this?  Don’t they know of the articles online debunking Jesus, or documentaries like “Religulous” or “Zeitgeist” that debunk Jesus of Nazareth? Are they all unenlightened about how Jesus was a knock-off of horus or other ancient gods?

There is a group of about 3 main semi-scholarly people who argue for this “Christ-myth theory” that Jesus never existed. Richard Carrier is the most popular one, and quite frankly, is the only one who is even somewhat listened to by academics. He was mentioned multiple times in the article mentioned above,

Carrier has a Ph.D. in Ancient Studies from Columbia University with a specialty in Roman history, though he is currently unemployed having never held an academic position at any university.  His claim is that the existence of Jesus is sufficiently improbable and his historicity cannot be considered certain, and therefore we are not justified in claiming he existed.

Being the most outspoken and well-known advocate of the Christ-myth theory, it’s important to take a look at what fellow scholars in his field have to say about his position.  Here is what some atheist experts have to say about Richard Carrier and the Christ-myth theory in general.

No Atheistic Bible or New Testament scholar take Richard Carrier or the Christ-myth theory seriously


R. Joseph Hoffman is an atheist historian. Hoffmann holds graduate degrees in theology from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Christian Origins from the University of Oxford. He is a former Chair of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion.

In response to the claim that Jesus never existed, Hoffman said on his blog:


“The free thought rabble have chosen (Richard) Carrier as their standard bearer, without any reason to put their trust in his inane conclusions and methods — a man who has never published a significant piece of biblical scholarship, never been peer reviewed (peers?), never been vetted, and never held an academic position.  His “reputation” depends on deflecting his mirror image of himself as a misunderstood, self-construed genius onto a few dozen equally maladroit followers.”

“The endorsement of amateurs by amateurs is becoming a rampant, annoying and distressing problem for biblical scholarship. The disease these buggers spread is ignorance disguised as common sense. They are the single greatest threat, next to fundamentalism, to the calm and considered academic study of religion, touting the scientific method as their Mod Op while ignoring its application to historical study. While there is some very slight chance that Jesus did not exist, the evidence that he existed is sufficiently and cumulatively strong enough to defeat those doubts.”

Bart Ehrman, an agnostic-atheist, is one of the most respected New Testament scholars of our day.  He is currently the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, and received his Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Ehrman says that the proponents of the Christ-myth theory do not define what they mean by “myth” and maintains they are really motivated by a desire to denounce religion rather than examine historical evidence.  He discusses leading contemporary mythicists by name in his book Did Jesus Exist?, and dismisses their arguments as “amateurish”, “wrong-headed”, and “outlandish”.  The whole book outlines all of the historical evidence for Jesus, which tearing down the unscholarly view that Jesus is a myth.

He goes on to say at a conference:

“This is not an issue for scholars. There is no scholar in any college or university who teaches classics, ancient history, new testament, early christianity, who doubts that Jesus existed.  He is abundantly attested in early sources.  Early and independent sources indicate that Jesus certainly existed.  Paul is an eyewitness to both Jesus’ disciple Peter and the brother of Jesus. Like, I’m sorry. Atheists have done themselves a disservice by jumping on the bandwagon of mythicism because it makes you look foolish to the outside world.”

In an article he wrote for Huffington Post, Ehrman said:

“There are a couple of exceptions: of the hundreds — thousands? — of mythicists, two (to my knowledge) actually have Ph.D. credentials in relevant fields of study. But even taking these into account, there is not a single mythicist who teaches New Testament or Early Christianity or even Classics at any accredited institution of higher learning in the Western world.

And it is no wonder why. These views are so extreme and so unconvincing to 99.99 percent of the real experts that anyone holding them is as likely to get a teaching job in an established department of religion as a six-day creationist is likely to land on in a bona fide department of biology. Whether we like it or not, Jesus certainly existed.”

In The Historical Jesus: Lecture Transcript and Course Guidebook, 2000, he says:


What do other Atheist historians and Atheist New Testament scholars have to say about this?

But Ehrman and Hoffman are not the only atheists history scholars who think the idea of Jesus never existing is silly.  The following is a list of accredited New Testament scholars who are either atheists, lack belief in God, or non-Christians who affirm the existence of Jesus beyond any doubt.

They have no invested interested in Christianity, they deny that Jesus is the Son of God, they don’t think Jesus was divine in any way, and they deny that Jesus rose from the dead.  They are just atheistic or agnostic scholars of the ancient world who hold academic positions in fields of study relevant to the history of Jesus of Nazareth.

Gerd Lüdemann – A German New Testament Historian. Professor at the University of Gottinggen as a member of the Chair of History and Literature of Early Christianity.  He believes Jesus existed by denies the resurrection hypothesis:


John Dominic Crossan – An Irish New Testament professor and historian. He teaches Jesus existed but wasn’t the Son of God:


Michael Grant – A Classicist, 3 history degrees, former vice-chancellor at Queen’s University of Belfast and former president of the University of Kartoum:

“In recent years, ‘no serious scholar has ventured to postulate the non historicity of Jesus’ or at any rate very few, and they have not succeeded in disposing of the much stronger, indeed very abundant, evidence to the contrary.” in Jesus: An Historian’s Review of the Gospels by Michael Grant 2004 page 200.

“If we apply to the New Testament, as we should, the same sort of criteria as we should apply to other ancient writings containing historical material, we can no more reject Jesus’ existence than we can reject the existence of a mass of pagan personages whose reality as historical figures is never questioned.” Jesus: An Historian’s Review of the Gospels (New York: Macmillan, 1977), 199-200.

Ed Parish Sanders – A New Testament scholar. Former Arts and Sciences Professor of Religion at Duke University, North Carolina. Two doctorates in theology. One of the most respected New Testament historians.

The Historical Figure of Jesus, p10-11:

“I shall first offer a list of statements about Jesus that meet two standards: they are almost beyond dispute; and they belong to the framework of his life, and especially of his public career. (A list of everything that we know about Jesus would be appreciably longer.) Jesus was born c 4 BCE near the time of the death of Herod the Great; he spent his childhood and early adult years in Nazareth, a Galilean village; he was baptised by John the Baptist; he called disciples; he taught in the towns, villages and countryside of Galilee (apparently not the cities); he preached ‘the kingdom of God’; about the year 30 he went to Jerusalem for Passover; he created a disturbance in the Temple area; he had a final meal with the disciples; he was arrested and interrogated by Jewish authorities, specifically the high priest; he was executed on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate.”

He goes on to say:

“Historical reconstruction is never absolutely certain, and in the case of Jesus it is sometimes highly uncertain. Despite this, we have a good idea of the main lines of his ministry and his message. We know who he was, what he did, what he taught, and why he died. ….. the dominant view [among scholars] today seems to be that we can know pretty well what Jesus was out to accomplish, that we can know a lot about what he said, and that those two things make sense within the world of first-century Judaism.” The Historical Figure of Jesus, p10-11

Geza Vermes – Ph.D. in theology. Professor of New Testament Studies at Western Theological Seminary, in Holland, Michigan.  Former professor of Jewish studies at the University of Oxford:

“Who was Jesus? Did he exist? Was he God? Is he still relevant? To start with, the existence of Jesus is no longer debatable. He was crucified under Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea between AD26 and 36, and was most probably born shortly before the death of Herod the Great in 4BC. Quasi-certainty stops here.” Article by Geza Vermes

George Albert Wells – Atheist Emeritus professor of German at the University of London. Once believed Jesus was a myth, and one of the best known advocates of the “christ myth” theory. Well has changed his position to accept the existence of a historical Jesus. In 2003 Wells stated that he now disagrees with Robert M. Price on the information about Jesus being “all mythical”:

“Nearly all commentators who mention the matter at all, [set] aside doubts about Jesus’ historicity as ridiculous.” He adds, “the view that there was no historical Jesus, that his earthly existence is a fiction of earliest Christianity … is today almost universally rejected.”  “Serious students of the New Testament today regard the existence of Jesus as an unassailable fact” – Did Jesus Exist?, Revised edition (London: Pemberton, 1978, 1986), p 213. and The Historical Evidence for Jesus (Buffalo: Prometheus, 1988), p 218.

Marcus Borg – Ph.D. Former Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University. He is a Bible scholar and an agnostic who believes Jesus was a Jewish prophet and teacher.

In an interview, Borg is asked “So we have the proposition: “Jesus once walked this earth.” True or false?”. Borg responds: “True.  The reasons for thinking that Jesus was invented by the early Christians are so weak. We have no reason to think that they did.”

In another interview he stated: “Though a few books have recently argued that Jesus never existed, the evidence that he did is persuasive to the vast majority of scholars, whether Christian or non-Christian”.

“Some judgments are so probable as to be certain; for example, Jesus really existed, and he really was crucified, just as Julius Caesar really existed and was assassinated… We can in fact know as much about Jesus as we can about any figure in the ancient world.” in The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions

According to Marcus Borg, the following facts are agreed upon by most New Testament scholars:

  • Jesus was born sometime just before 4 B.C. He grew up in Nazareth, a small village in Galilee, as part of the peasant class. Jesus’ father was a carpenter and he became one, too, meaning that they had likely lost their agricultural land at some point.
  • Jesus was raised Jewish and he remained deeply Jewish all of his life. His intention was not to create a new religion. Rather, he saw himself as doing something within Judaism.
  • He left Nazareth as an adult, met the prophet John and was baptized by John. During his baptism, Jesus likely experienced some sort of divine vision.
  • Shortly afterwards, Jesus began his public preaching with the message that the world could be transformed into a “Kingdom of God.”
  • He became a noted healer, teacher and prophet. More healing stories are told about Jesus than about any other figure in the Jewish tradition.
  • He was executed by Roman imperial authority.
  • His followers experienced him after his death. It is clear that they had visions of Jesus as they had known him during his historical life.

Edwin Judge – He founded the Ancient History department at Macquarie University in Australia for which he is now Emeritus Professor.

“An ancient historian has no problem seeing the phenomenon of Jesus as an historical one. His many surprising aspects only help anchor him in history. Myth and legend would have created a more predictable figure. The writings that sprang up about Jesus also reveal to us a movement of thought and an experience of life so unusual that something much more substantial than the imagination is needed to explain it.” – in the Foreword to The truth about Jesus by P Barnett

Graeme Clarke – He is the Emeritus Professor of Classical (Ancient) History and Archaeology at Australian National University.


We could sit here all day and quote from hundreds upon hundreds of historians who all tell us the same thing: Jesus really existed.

What ancient sources are there for Jesus?

To put things into perspective, the claim that Jesus never existed of the same caliber of scholarship as contending that the Holocaust never happened, or that the moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio.  It is so fringe and so refuted by historical evidence that it doesn’t even get considered as a serious claim by ANYBODY in the academic world.

Gary Habermas has a Ph.D. in history and philosophy of religion. He is a New Testament scholar and Distinguished Research Professor and Chair of the Philosophy and Theology Department at Liberty University.

He says “there are over 42 sources within 150 years after Jesus’ death which mention His existence and record many events of his life.” on page 233 of his book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.  They are listed as follows:

9 Traditional New Testament Authors:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Author of Hebrews, James, Peter, and Jude.

Early Christian Writers Outside the New Testament:

Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Didache, Barnabas, Shepherd of Hermas, Fragments of Papias, Justin Martyr, Aristides, Athenagoras, Theophilus of Antioch, Quadratus, Aristo of Pella, Melito of Sardis, Diognetus, Gospel of Peter, Apocalypse of Peter, and Epistula Apostolorum.

Heretical Writings:

Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Truth, Apocryphon of John, and Treatise on Resurrection.

9 Secular Sources:

Josephus (Jewish historian), Tacitus (Roman historian), Pliny the Younger (Roman politician), Phlegon (freed slave who wrote histories), Lucian (Greek satirist), Celsus (Roman philosopher), Mara Bar Serapion (prisoner awaiting execution), Suetonius, and Thallus.

And this doesn’t even include the hundreds of ancient textual references in the Old Testament that predicted Jesus manner of death, time of birth, place of birth, and burial.  Looking at just a few of these secular sources in more details, The mainstream Jewish historian Josephus refers to Jesus in two separate passages in  ‘Antiquities’ (early 2nd century A.D.).  The following passage mentions Jesus by name, his brother, and the fact that he was called Christ (meaning the Messiah) taken from Book 20, Chapter 9, 1 of the Antiquities:


The reliable Roman historian and senator Tacitus(c. A.D. 55 – c. A.D. 117) mentioned Jesus and the Christians by name in ‘Annals, book XV’:

“Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus.”

The Roman historian Suetonius (c. AD 69 – c. AD 122) makes reference to early Christians and possible reference to Jesus in his work Lives of the Twelve Caesars:


The Roman magistrate, author, and imperial governor of Bithynia Pliny The Younger (c. AD 62 – c. AD 113) mentions Christ in his Epistles:

“They affirmed, however, that the whole of their guilt, or their error, was, that they were in the habit of meeting on a certain fixed day before it was light, when they sang in alternate verse a hymn to Christ as to a god, and bound themselves to a solemn oath, not to any wicked deeds, but never to commit any fraud, theft, adultery, never to falsify their word, not to deny a trust when they should be called upon to deliver it up.”

Greek historian Thallus (c. AD 52) mentions the darkness that fell when Jesus was crucified, as quoted by Sextus Julius Africanus:

“Thallus, in the third book of histories, explains away this darkness as an eclipse of the sun- unreasonably, as it seems to me (unreasonably, of course, because a solar eclipse could not take place at the time of the full moon, and it was at the season of the Paschal full moon that Christ died).”

Assyrian Stoic philosopher Mara Bar-Serapion (c. AD 72) in a letter to his son:


The list goes on and on and on.  At a time where the literacy rate was about 3%, that is an incredible amount of sources for a single historical figure within such a short time period.  How do we best explain the movement of Christianity, the radical transformation of religious belief at that time, and the 42 independent ancient sources mentioning Jesus within 150 years of his death?

If even one or two of these is legitimate, that’s enough.

James F. Mcgrath  is an Associate Professor of Religion and Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University.  As he says on his blog in response to the abundance of sources:

“To suggest that these various authors and sources independently invented a historical Jesus, or that despite their divergent views they conspired together to do so, is (to put it charitably) less plausible than the explanation of this state of affairs accepted by all scholars and historians teaching at accredited institutions.” – Blog of James F. McGrath

As The Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History of Western Michigan University Dr. Paul Maier wrote in an article on whether or not Jesus existed:

“No, he didn’t!” some skeptics claim, thinking that this is a quick, powerful lever with which to pry people away from “the fable of Christianity.” But the lever crumbles at its very first use.  In fact, there is more evidence that Jesus of Nazareth certainly lived than for most famous figures of the ancient past. And yet this pathetic denial is still parroted by “the village atheist,” [and] bloggers on the internet. Skeptics should focus instead on whether or not Jesus was more than a man. That, at least, could evoke a reasonable debate among reasonable inquirers, rather than a pointless discussion with sensationalists who struggle to reject the obvious.”

Real history vs Pseudo-history

Here are a few more quotes by some of the world’s leading experts in New Testament studies:

Gerard Stephen Sloyan – A Professor Emeritus of Religion at Temple University and is a Chairman of the Department of Religion. He is also a lecturer in Theology at Georgetown University.

“The pseudoscholarship of the early twentieth century calling in question the historical reality of Jesus was an ingenuous attempt to argue a preconceived position.” (Gerard Stephen Sloyan, The Crucifixion of Jesus: History, Myth, Faith. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995, p. 9)

Emil Brunner – Ph.D. Was a professor of Theology at the University of Zurich and the University of Edinburgh.  Was also a visiting professor at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

“An extreme instance of pseudo-history of this kind is the “explanation” of the whole story of Jesus as a myth.” (Emil Brunner, The Mediator: A Study of the Central Doctrine of the Christian Faith, Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 2002, p. 164)

Michael McClymond – He holds a Masters in religion, and Ph.D. in theology. He is the Professor of Modern Christianity at Saint Louis University. He has held teaching or research appointments at Wheaton College (IL), Westmont College, University of California – San Diego, Emory University and Yale University.

“While we do not have the fullness of biographical detail and the wealth of firsthand accounts that are available for recent public figures, such as Winston Churchill or Mother Teresa, we nonetheless have much more data on Jesus than we do for such ancient figures as Alexander the Great… Along with the scholarly and popular works, there is a good deal of pseudoscholarship on Jesus that finds its way into print. During the last two centuries more than a hundred books and articles have denied the historical existence of Jesus.

Today innumerable websites carry the same message… Most scholars regard the arguments for Jesus’ non-existence as unworthy of any response—on a par with claims that the Jewish Holocaust never occurred or that the Apollo moon landing took place in a Hollywood studio.” (Michael James McClymond, Familiar Stranger: An Introduction to Jesus of Nazareth, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2004, pp. 8 & 23–24)

Nicholas Perrin – A Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College, Illinois. His work focuses on the New Testament and early Christianity.


Aside from a very small handul of mythicists who don’t hold professorship in any relevant fields, the consensus is just as universal among historians as the theory of evolution is among biologists. The only difference is, the existence of Jesus is not a theory. It’s a historical fact that we can establish.

Why is it a fad to claim Jesus never existed?

With SO many ancient independent early sources, we can only assume skeptics claim he didn’t exist because they are giving Jesus special treatment for non-scholarly reasons.

We actually have more evidence that Jesus existed than we do for Socrates, Tiberius Ceasar, or anybody else in the ancient world at during that time period, and nobody makes a peep about the fact that we accept the existence of some ancient people on only a couple independent ancient sources.

So why are people so passionate about asserting he is a myth and never even existed?  Where did this come from?  Is it based on an absence of historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth? Surely it’s not. For we have seen the universal consensus of historians along with dozens of independent ancient sources.

I think that most people who believe Jesus is a myth perhaps have an emotional bias based on their hatred towards the idea of God, religion, the church, greedy pastors, or the behaviour of Christians throughout the course of history.  Not to forget, they do not like the idea of being accountable to a holy God.  They disagree with the doctrine of Christianity, the beliefs of Christianity, they are angry at religion, and are annoyed with fundamentalist Christians.

But to believe Jesus never existed because you disagree with Christianity is equal to saying that Gautama Buddha never existed because you disagree with Buddhism, or Ceasar Augustus never existed because you disagree with his politics.

Even Richard Dawkins admits that Jesus existed:

When you mix in this emotional/intellectual bias with some sensationalist disinformation on the internet, tickle their ears with generalized remarks about how awful “religion” is, sprinkle in some quotes by popular atheists who deny Jesus existed (despite having literally no expertise in ancient history), you have a recipe for enticing people to deny one of the most certain facts of the ancient world.

While there is a very good historical case for the resurrection (which will be explained in a future article), the main point to take away from this is not that Christianity is true, but that Jesus of Nazareth lived in the Middle-East during the 1st century.

While I do believe Jesus is everything He claimed to be, the point of this article is not to prove he is anything beyond a literal figure in the ancient world.  He is not a knock-off of pagan gods or a myth created by the church.  He was a literal historical being that walked this earth, and this is universally recognized as being true by every scholar in any relevant field of study.

Are there some uncertainties regarding the life of Jesus? Sure. But as far as being a historical figure in the ancient world, the case has been closed for a long time.

Sources: Listed within the article

Recommended books: Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. Bart Ehrman. 2012.

Did Jesus Exist? All Scholars Agree He “Certainly” Existed.
Taken from:
By Steven Bancarz October 15, 2016
Steven Bancarz

Steven Bancarz

Steven Bancarz Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and and 
See other articles including:


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The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell  on Eternal Radio celebrates its 3rd Year Anniversary this December. All glory to God!


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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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Winter Colds and Flus – Or GeoEngineering? With Felicity Corbin-Wheeler. 

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler has a show on Revelation TV and Eternal Radio…

‘I’m on Eternal Radio right now reaching the globe with the Good News about Health with Stephen Merrick. This is an interesting one! And watch my Facebook, lots of mind blowing new scientific and well referenced stuff on the stratospheric spraying that is making so many of us so ill. Wake UP!’

Get Well Stay Well with Felicity Corbin-Wheeler Tuesdays 10am UK time. To listen visit

Chemtrail Flu

‘Pilots, scientists and doctors tell the truth! Trying to tell friends about this?’  Felicity Corbin-Wheeler writes, ‘Just point them to http://www.GeoEngineeringWatch,org. If they have a grain of intelligence they will cotton on. Post these wake up clips. Get in an active group. There is strength in numbers. And don’t talk about chemtrails… talk about solar radiation management, stratospheric spraying. Even the governments admit they are doing it!’

‘Are you suffering from the chemtrail flu? The aching body, coughing, congestion and lack of energy that affects many people every year. Doctors have been saying for a long time that what we think is the flu isn’t necessarily it, mostly blaming other viral infections, but Dr. Len Horowitz has another explanation. He thinks people are getting sick from what he calls chemtrail flu.

For the last 20 years, he says, he has seen more people get sick with unusual upper respiratory infections. He thinks a lot of these cases stem from disease agents called mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma is not quite bacteria, though they are similar. These microorganisms lack a cell wall, which means most antibiotics don’t work on them the way they do on typical disease-causing bacteria. Mycoplasma infections are known for causing pneumonia, but they can also present with vague symptoms like tiredness and malaise, making them difficult to diagnose.

This CONTROVERSIAL DOCTOR EXPLAINS CHEMTRAIL FLU EPIDEMIC. The question then becomes, where does mycoplasma come from, and why does it seem to have become much more common since the late nineties? It is possible that it’s because of increased awareness, as medical professionals like Dr. Horowitz are talking about it, but the doctor himself disagrees.

He blames a conspiracy between the government and large pharmaceutical companies, and even calls the disease a “biological weapon”. His suggestion is that it might have been deployed on purpose, either to control the population or to create demand for pharmaceutical solutions like antibiotics, which of course don’t usually work on these infections. Antibiotics are also hard on the body, potentially causing more disease when they’re used unnecessarily.

A weakened immune system, whether from overuse of medication or from other toxic substances in the environment, leads to even more infections. Dr. Horowitz names ethylene dibromide as an example of these environmental toxins. It was widely used in the past as an additive in leaded gasoline and as a fumigant to spray crops and golf courses.
The substance is extremely toxic to humans and can cause cancer, liver disease and respiratory illness. The chemical has been banned for some of its most common applications but is still in use in some industries. ‘


‘Painful irritation in sinuses, throat, lungs caused by the aluminium that is being stratospherically sprayed to dim the sun. They use nano particulates which damage our delicate respiratory tracts like shards of glass, tainted with aluminium, barium, ethylene di bromide and any other chenical and bacteria or virus they wish. And NO POLITICIAL PARTY HAS THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO THEM. Listen to the Rev Michelle Mann and see a medical specimen of these nano particulates.’

‘UK under Chemical Attack right now. See this clip shot in Wigan today 3rd December 2017. Have YOU had chem flu or cold recently? So many suffering from the chemicals being sprayed stratospherically on a niaive, trusting population. WAKE UP and join the millions of us who are. All the evidence on Stop this madness.’


‘See the documentation and commercial patents for the sprays dating from 1950’s:’


‘Commercial air travel passengers are being subjected to very real and immediate dangers from the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations. The attached one and a half minute video is a case in point. No wonder so many develop colds and “flu” after flying.’

Dane Wigington

So interesting. Make your voice heard, while you still have one!

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler ‘That is why we must support Dane and get active. We are going to get hit anyway, so would you rather face the traffic and do something about it, or just wait to get hit from behind?? Some of us have grandchildren to fight for. What a legacy we are leaving them. There has never been a generation that has allowed so much environmental devastation. Get active! Share this information!’

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler ‘If only everyone on FB today would cotton on to this and act. We need a miracle and I pray and BELIEVE for one. It will be the power of the people globally that overcomes. If we delay much longer we will be too late. The chemical disaster is too great already and the seas and land are dying fast, every day… Only a miracle can restore the delicate balance of our universe.’

Viewer: ‘The more I learn the more overwhelmed I feel. I have just changed to organic and raw and all the other things that I’ve learned but to be honest this just makes every effort to eat clean pointless. I presume this happens over uk too.  If it can be stopped by mass outcry we need to be led into it and do it fast!!!’ 

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler: Dont despair… Join GeoEngineeringWatch.organd get active with the rest of us! Dane Wigington is taking the government to court with a legal team.



An in-depth look at Aquaponics by John, from John knows a great deal about agriculture. For those who are seriously interested in this sustainable way of continuing to feed our families in our broken, polluted, poisoned world. Very interesting. Note the suggestions he has for improving the method.

Aquaponic Farming adds fish into the equation.! Great news for the future of safe, clean, inexpensive and sustainable food production in a broken, polluted, poisoned planet. Watch this one and spread the GOOD NEWS.

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler :

Email Felicity Corbin-Wheeler on


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Spirit Communication by Ex Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel.

Ex Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel, now Deliverance Minister wrote this excellent article. I’m grateful she kindly gave me permission to reproduce it here! Laura Maxwell 

Spirit Communication – A Demonic Invitation by Dana Emanuel of



Sitting in front of the television set,  flipping through the channels, chances are, you will find at least one show on, that involves some sort of spirit communications. With so many shows dedicated to “paranormal investigations”, or Psychic phenomena, one could easily understand why Spirit Communications is accepted by society, and why most people see no harm in it.

And while it is heavily pushed by the media, the church remains quiet. No one is speaking about it in the church. The statistics of how many Christians that sit in churches every week, but yet believe in earthbound spirits, would most likely be somewhat of a shocking number… considering what the Bible actually says about it.

All spirit communication techniques are against Gods Word. All spirit communication involves contact with demonic spirits.


I often shake my head when I hear ghost hunters warn against the use of ouija boards. What they do not understand is, that ALL forms of spirit communications are an abomination to God according to the Bible. Using an ouija board is no different than using dowsing rods, a pendulum, tarot cards, ghost meters, trigger objects, or even a simple voice recorder. Realistically, they all do the same thing. They are all used with the intentions to communicate with the “dead”.


There are different reasons why people attempt to communicate with the dead.  Probably the most common reason would be because of the grief one feels after losing thier loved ones, and thier desire to have contact with them. Wanting so badly to feel that they are still here with them.


Another reason would be, our natural fear of death; and curiosity of what is in store for us in the hereafter.

Unresolved issues is also a reason people attempt to communicate with the dead. These issues could range from unanswered questions from our deceased loved ones,  or it could be things such as unresolved crime related issues. An example could be police officers that contact psychics in an attempt to gain information related to crimes committed, surrounding the death of an individual.


Another reason would be an unhealthy attraction to darkness.  for There can be a thrill in becoming fearful in certain situations.

An example of this could be when someone wants to watch a scary movie, and they find themselves, under covers with one eye peeking around the sheet that is in thier clinched fist, daring to watch the whole movie, but when the scene gets too scary, they pull the sheet over both their eyes, but only to pull the sheet back away again, only seconds later, attempting to watch it again.

There is a thrilling factor to it. But that “scary feeling” we get when we do these things is our natural feelings and conscience, that tells us, it’s not good, and that it is rather evil.


Ghost hunting can have an euphoria effect. There is something about sitting in a dark room, with all the “up to date” ghost hunting gadgets, daring to do what others are too afraid of doing. Feeling somewhat like a “Spiritual daredevil”. Challenging one’s fearful side.

Sometimes we come across “ghost hunters” that become provocative when communicating with these spirits. They will try to “challenge” these spirits. This is exceptionally dangerous. Why is this dangerous one might ask? Because spirits have not flesh and blood as we have. We cannot fight a spiritual battle using physical weapons.  These spirits are only subject to Jesus. They can only do what God allows them to do. (Job 1:9-12)


The only time a human has authority over demonic spirits, is when they are born again, believers in Jesus Christ, that are in obedience to Gods Word.

*Mark 16:17, Jesus gives specific instructions to all believers, telling them that all those who believe in The name of Jesus, will have the authority to cast out devils…
Jesus only gives this “authority” to cast out demons, to believers. Unbelievers do not have that right.

For example;

*Acts 19:13-16 the vagabond Jews, exorcists took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus saying we Adjure you by Jesus, who Paul preacheth. And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

As I stated above, “The only time a human has authority over demonic spirits, is when they are born again, believers in Jesus Christ, that are in obedience to Gods Word.”

The reason I mentioned “ in obedience to Gods Word”, is because, even if we claim to believe in Jesus, if we dabble in the occult, by doing things that God forbids us to do, we are in danger. In doing these things, in a sense, we are leaving God’s umbrella of protection.

*Proverbs 1:33 KJV
[33] But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

If the enemy merely showed himself as the evil being that he really is, people would do whatever it took to avoid him. But the fact is, he is very deceptive and he will use whatever tactic that best suits you, to destroy you. He “sifts us as wheat”. The enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.


God forbids necromancy, and divination in His holy Word. Some often wonder, “ why is it wrong to talk to my deceased loved one, I’m not hurting anything by doing this”? But the truth is, all of Gods “laws/commandments” are in place for our own protection. It’s not because he wants to withhold anything “good” from us, but instead, to protect us from something bad.

God tells us in His Word, that when we die, we immediately go to either heaven, or hell. And the Bible says that once someone in in heaven or hell, that there is a “great gulf”, fixed in place, that makes it impossible for those that are in either place, to return to earth, even if it is to go warn (or talk to) the living. (Luke 16:19-31)

So, if these spirits are not the departed spirits of our deceased loved ones, who, or what are they? The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 11:14, that we should take no marvel, for “Satan himself is transformed as an angel of light”

Demonic spirits will mimic the dead. These are called “Familiar Spirits”. Familiar spirits are familiar with the person they mimic, as they have followed that family down through the generations, which is the reason why they know so much about the deceased person and their family.

And the Bible tells us, that they will deceive and defile us. (Lev.19-31, Deut.18:10, 2Chronicles 33:6, Lev.20:6, Isa.19:3, Isa.8:19)
In Isaiah, it says:
Isaiah 8:19, And when they Say unto you seek not  them that have familiar spirits and onto wizards a peep and that mutter: should not a people seek onto their God? For the living to the dead?

God wants us to seek him regarding the dead. He gives us all truth in His word. On the other hand, the familiar spirits lie, and will tell us things that are not true. Things that directly conflict with Gods Word. The belief in earthbound spirits alone, is an attack on God’s Word and His truth. This belief is contrary to what the Bible tells us, one example would be, that when unsaved people die, they do not go to hell.
(It takes away the fear of hell)

It gives a false sense of hope to unbelievers, while it takes away the true hope given to the believers.


This is the reason God forbids necromancy, and divination. Satan is here to try to deceive us, and he will masquerade as our deceased loved ones. You see, he always mimics something “good”. Something that will appeal to us. He wants to gain our trust.

When you have a person that is suffering from the grief of losing someone dear to them, the enemy will take advantage of the opportunity, and try to deceive them. This is why in most cases, people will “experience” paranormal activity right after someone they know dies. People want so badly to be able to hold onto their loved ones while it is very difficult for them to accept the fact that they are no longer here. This is a very cruel tactic of the enemy.

Weighing the Evidence:

It’s very interesting to know how many “ghost hunters”, “psychics”, etc., truly rely on their own senses, and trust what these spirits “tell them”. When coming to a conclusion in “paranormal cases”, the evidence that is always presented as “proof” of ghosts (earthbound spirits of our departed loved ones) include things such as:

*EVP recordings (having to trust in what the spirits tell them)
*Photographs of paranormal anomalies (familiar spirits can “appear” as ghost)
*Temperature readings of the area during the investigation.
*EMF readings (again, this can be manipulated by demonic spirits)
*Video footage of paranormal activity.
*Information given through a medium or psychic. (Demonic spirits are known to do this, as even many in the paranormal/psychic community agree that these occurrences do happen at times, but they deny the possibility that this is perhaps always the case.)

All of the types of evidence above, are determined by using our natural senses.

But where the deception comes in is this… when we determine the presence of a “spirit”, we do not have the “natural” ability to distinguish whether the spirit is that of a deceased loved one, or if the spirit is truly demonic. And we cannot go by our own “feelings” either, as the Bible tells us:

Proverbs 14:12 KJV
[12] There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Jeremiah 17:9 KJV
[9] The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Proverbs 3:5 KJV
[5] Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Therefore, we must seek God’s word, and what he says. His word tells us,

2 Corinthians 5:8 KJV
[8] We are confident, I say , and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

It also says, Hebrews 9:27 KJV
[27] And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Luke 16:22-31 KJV
[22] And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; [23] And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. [24] And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. [25] But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. [26] And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. [27] Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: [28] For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. [29] Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. [30] And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. [31] And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

The scripture above, from Luke 16, is very clear. It tells us that immediately, when we die, we are either carried by angels to heaven, or we will lift up our eyes being in everlasting torment. It also tells us that there is a great gulf “fixed” in place, so that anyone in heaven or hell cannot leave.

And most importantly, this scripture tells us that God will not allow one to come back from the dead, even if it is to warn others. And if God were to have any exceptions to this rule, it would definitely be for the gospels sake, as there is not a more important message than the gospel.


Testing The Spirits:

Humans are limited, having to depend on our natural senses. We have a “flawed” nature. Naturally, we determine truth by our “experiences”, through our 5 senses. Some people believe in a 6th sense, but this “sense”, is something that cannot be explained naturally. This phenomenon is supernatural, and actually comes from the spiritual realm.

But we must take caution, as there is no true way to determine scientifically/naturally, if it comes from God, or if it comes from the demonic realm. God gives “believers” different gifts. But these gifts are from the Holy Spirit. One of those gifts are “discerning of spirits”. But the “test” that the individual would do, would be to test the situation or the information given, by the Word of God. Does the information given line up with scripture.

Many people believe that “discerning of spirits”is the distiquishment of whether a spirit is a trapped “human” spirit, or a demonic spirit. But this idea is not biblical as it is not found in  scripture! Rather, it is used to distinguish between teachers who are empowered by Holy Spirit or teachers empowered by unholy spirits/demons… spirit of antichrist.

For example, if a spirit appeared to someone, and claimed to be the spirit of a small child, immediately, the person would know this isn’t possible, because the Bible clearly tells us that spirits cannot leave heaven or hell for unresolved issues. So the person would know that this is a familiar spirit.

1 John 4:1-6 KJV
[1] Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. [2] Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: [3] And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. [4] Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. [5] They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. [6] We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

If for any reason, you believe the spirits of our departed loved ones are indeed still here with us, please do this one thing. “Test the spirits”, to see if they are of God or not. We need to compare the situation and what is being said, with scripture! And if for some reason, you have an “encounter” with a spirit, you can ask the spirit, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and that He died on the cross and rose again from the dead? And see what the spirit tells you. And then, command any, and all evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus!

If you do these things, be rest assured, you will find out the true identity of these demonic spirits, that are masquerading as our deceased loved ones.

When people test these spirits this way, the reactions of these spirits  and thier submission to the name of Jesus is usually all it takes, as this is proof of the authority and power of Jesus Christ,  and the true identity of these demonic spirits!


Seeking first the kingdom of God,

Dana Emanuel, Deliverance Minister

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Historical Evidence That Jesus was Crucified and Rose From The Dead by James Bishop.|

From the empty tomb, to the post-mortem appearances, to the conversions and convictions of skeptics who claimed to have seen the risen Christ, here is a look at the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. (Shared by Steven Bancarz).

He Is Risen: Historical Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead

Jesus leaves tomb

He Is Risen: Historical Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead by James Bishop|


Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Is there any evidence that this actually happened, or is this just a product of myth, legend, or religious wishful thinking?  As it turns out, the resurrection of Jesus is well supported by historical evidence and serves as the best explanation for the facts surrounding his life, death, and the emergence of early Christianity.


In this article we shall focus on New Testament Scholar Gary Habermas’ minimal facts approach (MFA). The MFA, explains Habermas, “considers only those data that are so strongly attested historically that they are granted by nearly every scholar who studies the subject, even the rather skeptical ones” (1).

This comes after Habermas has sifted through some 3000 peer reviewed academic articles penned in several languages. Having done so Habermas identifies 12 such facts (2) (3) but we shall focus only on four that are needed to make the case for Christ:

  • Jesus’ crucifixion.
  • Jesus’ burial.
  • Jesus’ empty tomb.
  • Jesus’ post mortem appearances that convinced Paul, James and the disciples that he had been raised from the dead.

General Reliability

Since we will review the New Testament I want to make the case that we can trust them as historical documents. We won’t assume that the biblical texts are inspired or that they are inerrant. We shall simply approach the New Testament as basic historical documents. As I have argued before there are six main areas we will focus on (4).

The gospels are our primary sources for learning about Jesus. Contemporary critical New Testament historian and professor of Religious Studies Bart Ehrman affirms we can make use of the “New Testament Gospels.” He explains that doing so “is not for religious or theological reasons… these alone can be trusted. It is for historical reasons, pure and simple” (5).


It is thus not disputed that the gospels do, to a greater or lesser extent, give us good historical information on Jesus.

Such a position is strengthened since consensus today (10) holds the gospels to be the “genre of biographies” (7), “ancient biographies” (8), and “as modified ancient biographies” (9). This important fact conveys to us the author’s motive, namely to provide an account of what really happened.

Historians note that archaeology supports the gospel accounts which goes a long way in demonstrating that they are grounded within history. There are many such confirmations concerning the gospels, as Distinguished Professor Craig Evans explains,


Scholar Paul Johnson agrees writing that “Historians note that mounting evidence from archaeology confirms rather than contradicts the accounts of Jesus” (12). Then historians have extra-biblical affirmation of gospel events, as historian Habermas explains, “When the combined evidence from ancient sources is summarized, quite an impressive amount of information is gathered concerning Jesus and ancient Christianity” (13).


Moreover, general reliability is further enhanced by manuscript attestation. We have over 5000 copies in the original language of Greek (14) which surpasses anything else we have from other ancient Greco-Roman works. Habermas captures this well:

“What is usually meant is that the New Testament has far more manuscript evidence from a far earlier period than other classical works. There are just under 6000 NT manuscripts, with copies of most of the NT dating from just 100 years or so after its writing…In this regard, the classics are not as well attested. While this doesn’t guarantee truthfulness, it means that it is much easier to reconstruct the New Testament text” (15).

Then equally as important is the earliness of our textual evidence. Our entire New Testament dates prior to the end of the 1st century. Jesus died around 30 AD, and most scholars date our gospels from 60 to 95 AD whereas Paul’s letters date even earlier from the 50s onwards. This means that what we have is 1st century testimony to the life of Jesus.

Scholar Mike Bird argues that this is early especially in “comparison to other historical figures” (16). Professor Craig Keener explains that “Gospel materials written within four decades of Jesus’ execution therefore provide a remarkably special opportunity for early insight into Jesus’ ministry” (17).

Scholar Dan Wallace claims that “it cannot be denied as a fact of history that these gospels are our earliest witnesses to what Christians in the first century believed” (18). Scholars also demonstrate that we can actually get back earlier than that 70 AD mark when we analyze the traditions behind our gospels.

The Minimal Facts

We shall work from the basis that historians usually accept two independent sources confirming an event of history to be likely historical (19). I shall also make reference to the Criterion of Authenticity (CoA). CoA is a tool historians use that assigns probability to the deeds and sayings of Jesus, and, of course, the greater the probability the more confident we can be in an alleged saying or event (27). Of the CoA we shall focus on (28):

  1. Independent & early attestation: Event appears in multiple sources which are near to the time at which it is alleged to have occurred.
  2. Embarrassment: Event is awkward or counter-productive for the persons who serve as the source of information. It is highly unlikely to have simply been made up.
  3. Enemy attestation: Event is attested to by enemies which gives it a high probability.

That being said, let’s look at the four minimalist facts agreed upon by the vast majority of New Testament scholars today.

1. Jesus’ death by crucifixion

jesus-diedNo serious historian doubts that Jesus was crucified. According to Professor James Dunn the crucifixion of “Jesus command[s] almost universal assent” and “is impossible to doubt or deny” (20). Agnostic Professor Bart Ehrman agrees that it “is one of the most secure facts we have about his life” (21).

In The Historical Jesus: Lecture Transcript and Course Guidebook, 2000, Ehrman says:


Professor Luke Johnson says the evidence “is overwhelming” (22).  Atheist Professor of Early Christianity and the University of Gottinggen Gerd Ludemann says:


Skeptical historian John Dominic Crossan says he takes it “absolutely for granted” (23), Borg calls it “so probable as to be certain” (24), and Paula Frederickson says it “is the single strongest fact we have about Jesus” (25).

Sources for the crucifixion

The crucifixion is independently attested in no less than 11 independent sources from both within and outside of the New Testament: Pre-Mark Passion Narrative, Q, John, Paul, Hebrews, 1 Peter 2:24, Clement of Rome, Ignatius, Martyr, Josephus Flavius, & Cornelius Tacitus. Pre-Mark and Q are very early dating to within years of the actual crucifixion.

Other later, less valuable, sources such as Lucian, Mesa Bar Serapion (depends on dating), Thallus and the Talmud all affirm a constant tradition of Jesus’ crucifixion (26). The crucifixion also passes the CoA. It is early and multiply attested (29), passes the criterion of embarrassment (30) (31), coherence (32), as well as being archaeologically consistent (33). Gospel crucifixion details also match what we know from contemporary medical science which gives them credibility (33) (34).

2. Jesus Burial

Consensus affirms Jesus’ burial. In accordance to CoA it is early and multiply attested. It is affirmed within an early pre-Pauline creed that Paul received less than five years after Jesus’ crucifixion (35). Habermas explains that these creeds “preserve some of the earliest reports concerning Jesus from about AD 30-50” (36).

The burial is further attested in Mark’s Pre-Passion Narrative material which, according to theologian and philosopher William Craig, “is a very early source which is probably based on eyewitness testimony and dates to within several years of Jesus’ crucifixion” (37). Professor Richard Bauckham also dates it prior to 40 AD and probably “goes back to the Jerusalem church” (38).

This is powerful early and independent evidence. The burial is further independently attested to by unique material M & L, Acts and John. In total we have six independent sources with several that are very early attesting to Jesus’ burial.

According to John Robinson the burial is one of “the earliest and best-attested facts about Jesus” (39). Moreover, the burial is enemy attested. The religious Jewish enemies of Jesus accused the disciples of stealing Jesus’ body from the tomb according to Matthew 28:13, Martyr (Dialogue with Tryphyo, 108), and Tertullian (De Spectaculis, 30). Such an accusation assumes that Jesus was buried within the tomb and that it was found empty.

3. Jesus’ tomb was found empty

Fact three is the exception since it is affirmed by roughly 75% of scholars as opposed to 99% upwards. However, that is still a majority as Habermas explains,


Firstly, it is implied in the early pre-Pauline creed of 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 as William Craig notes, “For in saying that Jesus died – was buried – was raised – appeared, one automatically implies that the empty grave has been left behind” (41).

Secondly, Christianity would have hit a wall if the tomb wasn’t actually empty. The easiest way to disprove the early Christian message of a resurrected saviour would be to go to the tomb where Jesus was laid, and expose it. Paul Althaus explains the resurrection proclamation “could not have been maintained in Jerusalem for a single day, for a single hour, if the emptiness of the tomb had not been established as a fact for all concerned” (42).

Thirdly, it is remarkable that even the Jewish authories (the enemies of the disciples) themselves acknolwedged the tomb as found empty in.

Evidence found in Matthew 28:11-15 and reports by Justin Martyr and Tertullian tells us that the Jewish leaders tried to explain that the tomb was empty because Jesus’ disciples stole his body. This suggests that the Jewish authorities acknowledged the fact that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb.

They didn’t object to the tomb being empty, they tried to explain this fact away, which suggests to us it really was empty.  This is positive evidence from a hostile sources, suggesting to us that the tomb was genuinely empty.

Fourthly, that Jesus’ women followers were the first to discover the empty tomb passes the criterion of embarrassment, as Chris Price illumines that “In light of this cultural context, if you are going to create a story about an empty tomb you don’t make women the first eyewitnesses. This is a counterproductive detail included by the writer simply because he was committed to telling the truth” (43).

According to scholar D. H. Van Daalen (1972):


It also boasts independent attestation. It is early and independently attested in 1 Cor. 15:1-11 and the Pre-Markan Passion Narrative (44). It is also attested in the synoptics (Mark, Matthew, Luke) and John. That is four independent sources as Habermas notes:


It was also part of the early Christian preaching in Acts (3:29-31 & 36-37 ) and is likewise enemy attested (46).  Click here for an article on the historical evidence for the empty tomb.

4. Jesus’ post mortem appearances to believers and unbelievers

Consensus holds that James, Paul and the disciples had resurrection experiences of Jesus.  According to atheist historian Gerd Ludemann:


Agnostic historian James Crossley says it is “the hardest, best evidence we have” (48), and professor Ehrman calls it “a historical fact” (49).  Agnostic New Testament scholar Ed Parish Sanders says:


For more academic recognition of the resurrection appearances, here is an article containing 38 scholar quotes on these appearances.  All four gospels independently attest to the resurrection. The appearance to Peter is independently attested by Luke, and the appearance to the Twelve by Luke and John.

We also have independent witness to Galilean appearances in Mark, Matthew, and John, as well as to the women in Matthew and John (50). It’s further attested in Paul’s early creed (1 Cor. 15:1-11), in Paul’s authentic & disputed epistles, as well as hypothetical source Q and the book of Acts.

The early creed is most significant since it records that Peter, the twelve disciples, 500 witnesses, James, and lastly Paul had experiences of the risen Jesus. Moreover, Clement of Rome provides 1st century and Polycarp early 2nd century supporting evidence of the resurrection appearances. Both Clement and Polycarp knew the disciples which gives their testimonies credibility.

Moreover, the disciples, James and Paul were sincere in the proclamation of the risen Jesus as affirmed by nine early and independent sources. Before his conversion, Paul persecuted the early church until Jesus appeared to him personally (51). James was Jesus’ unbelieving brother who was likewise convinced on the basis of a resurrection appearance (52).

We also know of 11 sources that inform us of the disciples’ early proclamation of the resurrection and their willingness to suffer and die for it (53). Finally, we know that the early Christians Paul, James (Jesus’ brother), James (brother of John), Stephen, and Peter were all martyred for their belief in the risen Jesus.

Moreover, these appearances cannot be explained away as hallucinations since Paul believed in Jesus’ physical resurrection (54), the risen Jesus ate fish (Luke 24:42), offered his disciples an opportunity to touch his resurrection body (Luke 24:39John 20:27), had some grab hold of his feet in worship (Matt. 28:9), and the disciple Thomas allegedly put his finger and hand into the place where the nails had been in Jesus’ body (John 20:27). According to exegete Craig William Craig explains, “we have a completely unanimous testimony in the Gospels that all of them were physical” (55).


“Although at least a few if not all of Jesus’ disciples may have been in an emotional state that rendered them candidates for a hallucination, the nature of some of the experiences of the risen Jesus, specifically those that occurred in group settings and to Jesus’ enemy Paul, and the empty tomb strongly suggest that these experiences were not hallucinations.” – New Testament historian Mike Licona (57)

What is the best explanation of these facts?


Jesus appeared to believers and unbelievers, indoors and outdoors, to crowds and individuals, not once but many times.  It is recognized by even the most critical scholars that such appearances really did happen.  The real question is, why did skeptics in the first century all of a sudden come to believe that they saw Jesus standing right in front of them in the flesh after he had already been crucified?

Here is a man seen working miracles, controlling the forces of nature, healing the sick, proclaiming to be divine with authority from Heaven, and predicting his own death and resurrection.  His tomb was found empty on the morning of the third day after his crucifixion, and then he was seen risen appearing to people (including 500 at once) causing them to believe (to the point of death) that Jesus had really appeared to them.

“Typical encounters with the recently deceased do not issue in claims about an empty tomb, nor do they lead to the founding of a new religion. And they certainly do not typically eat and drink, and they are not seen by crowds of up to five hundred people.” – New Testament scholar Dale Allison (59)

5. The conversions of the early Jews to Christians

Not to mention, the disciples believed Jesus had appeared to the them so fervently that they were willing to forsake their lives and be imprisoned, tortured, and executed for this belief.  Let’s take James, the brother of Jesus for example.

James denied that his brother was divine. This is independently attested in Mark (3:21; 6:2-4, 6) and John (7:5; 19:25-27). James only came to believe in his divinity after he had Jesus appear to him after his crucifixion (1 Cor. 15:3-7).  As atheist historian Gerd Luddeman says:


James then became an early leader in the church (Galatians 1, Acts 15), and was then stoned to death for his new found faith in Jesus Christ.  As Jewish historian Josephus writes, “the brother of Jesus, who was called the Christ…was delivered to be stoned”. (61) James’ stoning is confirmed in at least three other ancient sources.

So here was a skeptic, an unbeliever who was radically transformed, who became an elder in the church, and was stoned to death for his conviction that Jesus had appeared to him. This kind of conversion is best explained by a simple fact: James had an experience of Jesus after his crucifixion that so convinced him that he was willing to risk his life for such a belief.


What is the best explanation for these facts surrounding the life and death of Jesus? How can we account for the impact of Jesus ministry, his miracle working, his empty tomb, his post-mortem appearances, and the radical conversion of the early disciples?

The explanation with the most explanatory scope (which simply means to say explains the most facts) is that God really had raised Jesus Christ from the dead.


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