Carrie Secretly Worked For A Satanist Coven While High Priestess In Her Witchcraft Coven: She Reveals All.

Carrie secretly blended Voodoo, Luciferianism and Satanism for 20 years. She kindly gave me permission to share her dramatic story.

Ex-Witch: How I Was Lured Into the Occult at 7 Years Old

(Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash)

Carrie Christian practiced witchcraft for 23 years before the Holy Spirit broke through. Not only was she the high priestess in her witchcraft coven, but she was also secretly working for a satanist coven.

But Christian didn’t become a witch overnight. The enemy lured her in little by little, starting from when she was just 7 years old.

Her grandfather, aka “PawPaw,” had just died, and she was staying the night at her grandmother’s house the day of the funeral. At 11 p.m., when everyone else was asleep, she got up to get a blanket. A loud noise coming from the dining room startled her.

“Granny, I was just getting a blanket!” 7-year-old Christian called out.

No response.

Christian brought her blanket back to her room and prepared to go back to sleep. But she heard the noise again.

“Granny, I promise I’m going to bed.”

Again, no response.

Christian peeked out the bedroom doorway and saw her PawPaw, healthy as could be, walking down the hallway, carrying his favorite brown mug full of steaming coffee.

Christian watched her PawPaw walk into the bathroom across from her room, place both hands on the sink and stare into the mirror.

“My heart was beating just out of initial shock,” Christian says as she recounts that night on the “Witchcraft in Halloween” podcast series. “I slowly turned my head to look and see where he was. I go to turn back around, and he was gone. So I walked out of the room and into the hallway and I’m calling, ‘PawPaw! PawPaw!’ And I went into that bathroom and I looked, and he was nowhere to be found. But sitting on that sink was that coffee mug with hot coffee in it.”

That frightening moment seared Christian’s brain with fearful questions, but the only answer her Sunday school teacher gave was: “It was a demon. It was not your PawPaw. Don’t ask any questions about it.”

Christian wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

“If she would have gone into a little more detail, explaining things to me, I may not have questioned things as much,” she says. “It just planted more questioning into me.”

Years later, Christian was immersed in the occult. With lessons from a childhood friend, she learned how to summon demons, cast spells and, with her satanist coven, participate in rituals too horrific to describe here.

That’s when she met a pastor who said one simple phrase to her over and over: “Jesus loves you.”

Hear the rest of Christian’s compelling story by listening to her podcast interview



Carrie Christian

Carrie Christian‘s story is featured in my good friend, Ex Witch, Ally Tower‘s book, From The Craft To Christ. SEE BELOW LINK:



Satanic Ritual Abuse 


Animal Sacrifice 

Blood Sacrifice 



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  2. Robert Eakin says:

    I’ve read that book, From the Craft to Christ, and incorporated some of its insight into a lesson I gave about Wicca at church.

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  3. Eu estava lendo isso há um mês. E agora voltei a ler novamente


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