Preacher’s Kid Rebels And Turns To Follow Satan.

‘I was a preacher’s kid. I was approached by a pastor in a sexual way. It changed my perspective towards God and pastors. I’m sharing this to show you how I was later drawn to the level of doing what I did.’

Ex Satanist Leroy’s Story And His Reflections On Halloween.

W A R N I N G:  S O M E   G R A P H I C   I M A G E S.

My Early Life.

My mom and dad were both ordained ministers. My dad was in WW2 on a ship. He told the Lord if he could make it out of there alive, he’d go into the ministry. And so he did.

My dad built a house. A pastor helped to paint the bedrooms. I was in the 6th grade at the time. He approached me in a sexual way.

After that, I started to see ‘shadows’ and hearing voices.

I was around 15. My attitude towards God, preachers and all Christians changed from that point. I got to where I was against preacher’s and all Christians. As my father was a preacher, I even had a resentment toward him.

Selling My Soul To Satan.

That’s when I fell into the dark side of things, when I sold my soul to satan. I never joined a coven, or had anyone teach me anything. I just knew what to do. I hated church so much, I started to enjoy going to ‘haunted houses’, and learning about the power of the unknown. We then moved to Missouri. I was 16 at the time.

I started seeing more of these dark shadows. One came in the house. I got scared and called my brother and said somebody was in the house. He came over but couldn’t see what I could see. And he didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy so we never told anyone. I was the type that was always bullied in school, a loner so to speak, but I did have a few friends.

My Teens.

My dad had a 1967 Chevy. I wanted it for Christmas. He gave me it. I wanted to run away from home. I gathered up a few things. I heard voices in my head say, “Do it. Do it.” My mom went to get her hair fixed, so I took the car. I didn’t make it too far, as this guy was walking down the road carrying a shot gun. I seen him point it at me!

I ran off the road, hitting a mail box, jumping a ditch, then hit a telephone pole and hit the windshield. I ran off into the woods. I wasn’t found until several hours later. Once found, I told my oldest brother I kept hearing voices that told me to do it. He never said a word to no one. He didn’t want them to send me off somewhere. I learned to live with hearing the voices.

I shortly turned 16. I then had even stronger desires to know more of the dark side of things, about spirits, demonised or ‘haunted houses’, going to grave yards and such. I met up with this chick, who used drugs. I ended up asking this girl to marry me. My dad didn’t like her. My mother married us.

My dad told me. “Son, I don’t mean to scare you, but you’re going to face something very hard in your life.” And you know that old man knew what he was talking about, for I did face some things that were very hard. The hardest things I ever faced.

My Marriage.

Shortly after I got married, my wife told me if I ever divorced her she would kill me. I got to cutting myself. Had a really bad anger problem, hitting the walls.

I never had to do actual witchcraft to get results, but, yes, I did pray to Satan. I was thought of as a healer, by some. I thought I was healing others, but what happened was those demons, or ‘sickness spirits’, were coming out of them and going into me! I realised that, because they ‘grew’ inside of me. What I mean is, I started having new thoughts of different things.

The demons became more controlling. I was being even more lead by them.

Living With A Wizard.

Then a wizard moved in with me and my now ex wife. So, more supernatural things started to happen. I came home from work one day and there was this picture on the wall, in my bedroom. It was a picture of Satan. There were candles around our bed!

Drugs were being used in the house when I was at work. We also had a witch that lived across from us, as well as this wizard guy staying with us. Between the covens taking place there and spells from the guy across the street it was a miserable time. My wife was even talking of selling her soul to satan. We ended up splitting up.

One day me and my wife were fighting. She threw her glasses. They hit the curtain. They fell to the floor. They moved to the bedroom where the wizard was staying! He’d tell us stories of how this unknown force would pick him up and throw him around. Sometimes those demons can be very strong, they can even transform themselves into a human form and have super strength.

I learned to not just let anyone into your home. You’re not just letting people in your home, but their demons too.

Demonic Sexual Appetite.

Even before the wizard moved in with us, I’d have desires of sleeping with relatives. My wife at the time, tried to get me to sleep with her mom. I’d also desire to have sex with dead people. I seen a few counsellors but they’d just say there was no hope for helping me. My wife ran off with the wizard, way up north. She kept saying she was going to be an escort. Her mother was a prostitute, so I guess it runs in the family, these generational curses.

Demonic Taste For Blood.

One time I hit a deer and I called my pastor. We took it over to another guy’s house to dress it out and give the meat to a needy family. Oh, the desire I had to drink that blood. I told the pastor. He made a face like, “Gross”. I had to leave.


At the end of my marriage, I was really losing it. Thinking a lot more on suicide than I ever did before. Been multiple times with counsellors, to where they said we can’t help you. But at that point in my life I really just wanted it all to end.

One day my mother came up to me and said, “We have a new pastor at our church, go talk with him”. I thought a pastor out of all people, a preacher … lol! Well, as time went on, I did go talk to him. He invited me to church that Sunday.

The Bright Light.

I went. During the singing I had such an intense urge to leave I couldn’t stand it being there! I couldn’t stand being where Christians were. I left. The pastor and my oldest brother came out and talked me into going back. Once I went back in, I was sitting on the back bench and the singing stopped.

The preacher got up to preach. I was listening and then out of the blue this bright light formed around him. I thought to myself what kind of satanic thing is this?!

I was looking at him. This bright light was around him. So I took off my glasses and cleaned them. After putting them back on that light was still there. So I took them off again and rubbed my eyes. But still it was there. I thought, well it must be the lighting in this church. But each time the preacher moved light moved with him!

Dramatic Encounter With God.

I finally realised this was something different! There was something different about him. I knew this was real. I wanted it. So, I went down to the altar and I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, as my Saviour. That was back in 1991. Then that preacher and a few others prayed for me.

Shaking Uncontrollably With Power.

I can still hear my mother say, “Leroy, you shook! You shook!” After that my life started to change! That’s when I’m sure the demons left me, when I shook. I had no control over what was happening. After some time it stopped. My mother said I shook really bad!

Jesus pulled me out just in time, but even when I gave my life over to God, satan still tried his best to not let me go.

Working at a factory, I read my bible. One day, walking on the back dock, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The light I saw on the preacher was the Holy Spirit. Right there, I asked the Lord if He would give me this Holy Spirit too.

A few days later, this guy working on a fork lift raised up his arms and hands covering his eyes from the light. He told me I had power. I said I have no power but Jesus does!

Jesus is the TRUE Light

I met a guy once. I could feel a demon manifest in him against me. I rebuked the demon, in the name of Jesus. I could the demon through his face. Then, I saw it go out of him. I asked the guy after it was over, what was it that he wanted to do to me. He said, ‘I wanted to kill you but I couldn’t.’ He said, ‘Each time I tried to step toward you I couldn’t go, but so far’.  That day I realized first hand, just how powerful Jesus name really is!

Escaping Death More Than Once.

One day my pastor asked if I had a chance of going to college, would I go. I said I’d think about it. My divorce was finally over. I decided to go. My nephew and one of his friends went motorcycle riding. I wanted to go, so my brother let me use one of his bikes.

I was doing good until I hit a house face first. I woke up in the ambulance. They asked me if I knew what happened. I said no. They said I was in an accident.

I had a full face helmet on and had white paint on the forehead and the chin. The top of the helmet was busted. They released me that same day with no broken bones, nothing!


A few months later I got off work and this truck driver gave us some bread. Way more than I needed, so I was going to stop by my pastor’s house to give him some. It was a misty rainy night and I had my right blinker on and this lady was behind me.

She didn’t notice I was turning and hit me from behind. Instead of putting the brake on, I hit the gas still making my right turn but hitting my pastor’s home!

I was once again rushed to the hospital and released later. See when God has a call on your life, Satan will put things in front of you to try to stop you from doing so! But, if you stay close to Jesus and obey Him, He will protect you!


It’s an evil time. I will give you my best as to my thoughts on Satan’s night.

To sum up its true purpose? Blood sucking, flesh eating, sexual abuse, power hungry, standing around a fire dancing, summoning up Satan and demons.

Also, I don’t agree about church congregations doing ‘haunted house’ events. I remember times, at Halloween, at my parent’s church, they had a room in the back, one of the class rooms. It had a long table with a dummy corpse. They had grapes for the eyes, noodles for the guts and so forth.

We were blind folded and having to touch each part. Now maybe they thought it was harmless fun but with my curiosity of the dark side already, it just boosted me up.

They even had a casket from a funeral home and at one time had a dead person in it. They’d transported a body somewhere. Even had a blood stain in it. They’d have a ‘haunted house’ each Halloween to raise money for the youth.

So, I thought it was ok to mess around with this stuff. Those who communicate with what they think are dead people, actually communicate with demons. They don’t realize the danger of messing around with it. I have no desire to ever get into any of it again.

I don’t think my parents were ever into the occult when younger. They just thought the Halloween stuff they did in church was all fun and games. Really though, I don’t know how they didn’t realise what was going on with me either, cause my dad had dealt with demons before, as a pastor. He knew a lot about things, but how much, I don’t know.

Most churches just don’t have any understanding of what all takes place in the occult. They’re not aware that some Satanists do eat human hearts and drink blood. They just think that’s scary movies, just fiction but not real. I don’t know why my dad allowed that Halloween stuff to take place in his church. I don’t think he meant any harm by it.

Demon mimic’s dead Granddad

Halloween is a night of more than just misbehaving, especially if it’s a full moon. It’s a night of sacrifices, drinking blood, eating flesh, summoning up spirits, sexual behaviour of all kinds.

My mom said she thought she seen my dad after he died, but it was tormenting spirits. I’ve seen the black shadows, some of them will raise up the hair on your neck. My mom knew it wasn’t really him, for once they die and go to heaven they have no concern for their past on earth, and even if they could, why would they, being at peace, with Jesus now?

My Transformed Life.

I’ve been threatened many times. It’s only because Jesus protected me during those times that I wasn’t killed.

I thank Jesus for pulling me out of the grave and giving me a new life, a love that never ends. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believer in him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.”

I trust and Love Jesus with all my heart. He is awesome. God’s Love for you and me is so great. The powers of darkness have nothing compared to the power of God. I love Jesus and trust Him.

I gave my life to serving Satan. But at the end, there was a small glimpse of light shining threw the dirt. When I was in my spiritual grave, Jesus reached down, grabbed me and pulled me out.

The Love He has for me and you is so great, that even me a sinner, He saved and gave me life.

A Plea To Satanists: It’s Now Your Decision.

Thank the Lord I’m no longer as I was. Cause I am a life that was changed. He wants to do the same with you. But it’s up to you to make that first step. There is nothing in this world worth losing your own soul over. At that time I thought there was. Even though our soul isn’t ours to sell anyway. It belongs to Jesus, our Creator. Jesus is awesome!

I pray I can reach lots of kids and teenagers who are interested in the dark side! It’s getting worse every day. That’s what I’ve been told by a few, who have heard me, even though they never heard all my story.

A Plea To Christians.

Any Christian pastor, please, don’t blow off satanist’s. Show them the love of God, just as Jesus loves you! We serve an awesome God. I love and trust Him daily.

That church that I attended back then didn’t welcome me to share my testimony there. Even though many there witnessed it all… myself coming to Jesus, all the shaking and such. And this was the church my dad used to pastor at! I’ve tried to go to different church’s to tell my testimony and been turned down a lot. One church said the people are not ready to hear about those that have been saved out satanism.

It’s been hard, as I’ve felt God’s call on my life. So, I tried twice to get my pastor license but was turned down. Once by a pastor that was going to back me up, and then didn’t. He said he thought I was going to kill him!

All I did was go across the street, where this guy always said he was going to shoot the preachers. He had been in prison for drugs. His brother I knew real well, so happened to go talk with him one Sunday. I guess the pastor seen me over there and thought the worst. And they found a KKK card in the drive way. But none of that had anything to do with me!

If you meet satanists, please show the Love of Christ, yes, to even the Satanist, witches, etc. It’s time to get real Church, cause time is running out.

I dislike Halloween so much, cause it appears to look fun and joyful dressing up but it can be a door way to take you in a place that is very dark with much torment.

And it is going against God, for taking part in such dark things, or anything that doesn’t uplift our soul, or God’s teaching. We all need to stay clear of such things, cause satan and evil spirits feed off those and God is against it, as His word the bible shows.

Christ sets prisoners free

A Final Word.

Sister Laura Maxwell asked me to write my testimony for her blog. This is the very first time I’ve shared it online! I pray God’s will is done and He uses it as He sees fit, to reach others and for His glory. Amen.

Thank you for reading or sharing my story of God’s power to transform a life from the pit! If Jesus could do that for me, He can do it for you!

God bless you all, Leroy.



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11 Responses to Preacher’s Kid Rebels And Turns To Follow Satan.

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  2. Ariana says:

    Wow this is so powerful thank you for sharing this!! Leroy I pray your testimony is shared around the world. I’m sharing it with others as I write this 🙂 May God Bless you and keep you in His perfect peace!!

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  3. Pingback: Preacher’s Kid Rebels And Turns To Follow Satan. – Jesus Christ Delivers

  4. Laura Constantino Leogrande says:

    Laura, what an awesome testimony. Could not stop reading it, untill I was finished. How awesome is it that this person found Jesus! ♥️

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  5. Juliet says:

    Dear Laura, thank you for this testimony but I cannot read it because of those horrible, satanic images in the article. Could you remove them please or swap them for some godly images showing the beauty of God creation or something like that? I know that images like these are very demonic and can have very bad influence on people looking at them and not to mention children. I truly tried to read it and hide those devils from my eyes but it is impossible. Hope you do not get offended, God bless you and keep you.

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    • Juliet says:

      Thank you Laura, much better now 🙂

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    • Dear Juliet, I apologise for the images, I have deleted some of them sister. Thank you for your patience. I’ve been warning about Halloween for 25 years, the past 10 yrs even on tv and radio. I work very hard doing this, plus in helping people come out the occult, all year round. Leroy didn’t choose the images, I did. So, I take full responsibility.

      Leroy and I worked on the article together for a few days and on the final day, for several hours actually, as it was his first time ever sharing it and I helped him. It was difficult for us both to focus on it for several days and we do pray it reaches those who need to read it and maybe even prevent dear people from going into such darkness, but to turn to Jesus instead!

      My intention wasn’t to upset or shock people, rather it was to show doubters that these things are real. The images were from 50’s films, current day music videos, or shops, that portray satanic things, that children can see anytime, not just on that post on my blog. Thus, I was hoping to show non believers and cynics that these things are real. My main desire to help others see the Truth and be set free! However, I was wrong to include such images and ask you to plz forgive me.

      Plz pray for me to continue to have boldness to share the gospel with occultists and to help satanic ritual victims and former abusers, like I do, year round and especially at Halloween. Plz also pray, I will share with wisdom and discernment and not go ahead of The Lord’s leading, in my zeal to wake people to the truth and open their eyes to reality. Many thank you for sharing your concerns and for being bold enough to do that and for caring! I’m not offended at all. I welcome correction, it’s very necessary, especially in ministry to remain accountable!

      My humble gratitude to you dear sister!!!! Thank you for showing grace to me. Laura Maxwell.

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