Heather Everett-Ex Witch testimony-never shared before!


Here is the Testimony of an EX Witch, never shared in public before. I was very honoured and delighted when Heather sent her testimony to me for this blog.

Heather Everett studied older religions and also Druidism, Shamanism, Wicca and divination. Please read her incredible testimony below. It is beautifully written and very moving.

‘I went in search of God and found Goddess’.

This was the answer I used to offer when people asked me how I had gotten involved with witchcraft. It was true, but it wasn’t the end of the story.

The Goddess Tarot pack that Heather used.

The Goddess Tarot pack that Heather used.

I grew up attending church every time the doors were open. When I was 18, I got married and we continued attending church every time there was a service. My husband joined the Air Force and we ended up in Panama City, Florida. We attended a few churches there, but never found one we could both agree on. He wanted to simply quit going to church and I wanted a church that looked like what I saw in the Bible. Soon after our second child was born, we stopped attending church.

A year earlier, when our first child was only a few months old, I had found a parenting website that included a forum. I became quite involved there and became friends with an incredible group of women. A multitude of religions and belief systems were represented on this forum and I quickly learned that much of what I had been told when I was growing up was untrue. I had grown up hearing that witches sacrifice babies. I watched as several witches in this group talked about their pregnancies, their births, their infants, toddlers, and beyond and realized there was no way what I had been told was true. These women loved their children with an incredible, selfless love; much the same as my own for my child. They offered encouragement, support, advice and opinions that were vital to a new mother and these things were not forgotten when I stopped attending church and stepped back to examine the path my life was on and figure out what path I wanted it to be on.

When I stopped attending church, I did not turn my back on Christianity immediately. I never really did. I was frustrated with much of what I saw in churches, many of the same things I remain frustrated with today. I was told to seek God, that if I sought Him with my whole heart I would find Him. That was my intention. I went in search of God. But, I decided early on that I had to allow room for belief systems other than Christianity. I knew so many women who were the sort of woman I wanted to be. They were strong of character, at peace with themselves and the world around them, they knew what they wanted from life and they worked to achieve it.

The moon in phases

The moon in phases

At first, all I did was read about different belief systems and religions. I studied what they believed and why. A friend sent me a link to a few sites that discussed Christian witchcraft and Christian Wicca. I recognized the contradictions between Christianity witchcraft and Wicca immediately. I could not blend Christianity with either path because I knew Christianity and the Bible spoke strongly against witchcraft. However, Wicca intrigued me and I began searching for more information. From there, I discovered witchcraft and began to study. Wicca is a modern religion, whereas I studied older religions and belief systems, many of which Wicca has also drawn from.

While a year and a day is a common length of time to study before initiating into witchcraft, I studied for over two years. I needed to be certain that I was willing to commit myself completely to that path. I was not looking for something I could read about or participate in part time. I was looking for something to completely devote myself to. I was not certain until after my third child was born. When he was born, I hemorrhaged badly. After I had been stabilized, I realized I could very easily have left three children aged three and under without a mother. The experience did change me in a very real and deep way. I also had another experience while I was hemorrhaging. Some people claim to see a light when they experience a life threatening situation. I did not. I was enveloped in absolute darkness. In that darkness was the sense of all the knowledge about everything and a deep peace. Every time I would regain consciousness, I could remember small bits of information for a few moments. As I recovered and spent time snuggling with my precious new baby, I had plenty of time to consider that experience. I became convinced that the knowledge and the depth of peace that I had experienced in that absolute darkness was only to be found in devoting myself to the study and practice of magick.


Eleven days later, on October 31st, I initiated as a solitary witch. I drew from a variety of religions and spiritual paths and developed an eclectic practice that was my own. I studied Wicca in order to find out more about the paths that were drawn from in the development of that path. I studied the paths that Wicca draws from. I studied Shamanism and drummed and visited medicine wheels with a Shaman for a time. I drew from Druidism. I became quite good at reading Tarot and dabbled in runes and other forms of divination as well. I focused heavily on the use of plants and other natural materials in magick. Eventually, I found a book that discussed green witchcraft and finally had a label that worked when I was pressed to define myself and my practice. Most of the time, I tried to simply say I was a witch. When pressed, I would call myself a solitary eclectic witch. When pressed further, I could finally call myself a green witch or a kitchen witch.

The book Heather used.

The book Heather used.

Three years after I initiated, I had a six year old, a five year old, a three year old, an almost two month old and a marriage that had disintegrated. Within two months, our divorce was final and my ex-husband had left the state leaving me alone with post-partum depression, four very young children, no education and no employment history to attempt to rebuild my life. I poured myself into witchcraft with even more devotion than I had previously. It became truly everything to me.

Several years later, I was new in town and interested in meeting people. I was happy with my life. Things were beginning to look up. I had just started working on my undergraduate degree. I was perfectly content with my spirituality and the path I was on. I jokingly told a friend that I would attend a church to meet people and find friends for my children if I could find one that would accommodate my beliefs. She told me to find the most open minded church and visit it, and then sent me a link to a church in my town. On a whim, and because I deeply respected her, I went to the next service.

I don’t remember what songs were sung during worship. I don’t remember what the sermon was about. I do remember the overwhelming presence of God when I first walked in the doors. I hesitate to make much of experience. It is generally subjective rather than objective and as such there is great room for experiences to lead to strange places. But this experience, however it can be defined or explained, was pivotal in my life.

When I opened the door to enter the church, a sensation washed over me much like stepping under a waterfall. It started at the top of my head and swept down to my feet and literally took my breath away. There was a depth and richness to it that I couldn’t explain. It was unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. I spent the entire service struggling to make sense of it. I kept repeating over and over, “God, you don’t want me. I’m a witch. I’m a witch, remember? You can’t want me.” I left the church that day still struggling to make sense of what had happened.

Driven by a desire to understand what I had experienced, I attended church every time there was a service. My children had never been to church before and did not know how to behave in service. I spent a lot of time in the room behind the sanctuary with them, listening to the sermon through the doors. In a lot of ways, that was probably a good thing for me. I was able to hear and wrestle with the things I was hearing without being around any other people. It was essentially me and God for months.

I didn’t find the answers I was looking for at that church. About seven months after I started attending, some things happened that revealed it was not a healthy place to be and I never went back. I was left, however, with questions about what I had experienced when I first walked into the church and a curiosity about God that hadn’t been there before. There had also been a multitude of supernatural experiences that had left me uncertain about witchcraft and practicing magick. I had believed witchcraft to be a positive thing, something that benefited me and served to better me. I believed it was something I controlled. I cast, I summoned spirits, I connected with the supernatural at my whim and I manipulated energy to my benefit. I was beginning to realize it was possible not all was as I thought.

Over the next several years, I would go months without attending church and then attend for a time. Sometimes I would attend consistently, other times I would attend quite sporadically. The questions about God; who He is, what He wanted, why He showed up that day when I walked into the church and most of all, how I should respond to these things were always on my mind. It was a very difficult time for me. Everything I believed was being brought into question. My entire life was unsettled and I felt completely off balance. Magick was no longer a source of great comfort and security for me. All of the ritual I had incorporated in my life had taken on an edge. I was uncertain what was really real and what was really true.

As I attended various churches, I would sometimes go to the pastor and try to find answers to the questions I had. Sadly, the conversations rarely went well. I remember one pastor telling me I just had to have faith. When I told him I didn’t, his voice raised until he was almost yelling at me as he said “Then you’re in a lot of trouble!” I already knew that. I wanted to know how to change it. Over and over, I was told that God loves me. Love was a very difficult concept for me. I didn’t love the deities I worked with in witchcraft. I didn’t love the god or goddess. I respected them, revered them, expected certain things from them and offered things to them. Love was not part of witchcraft or magick. I could not grasp a deity, a God, who operates strictly out of love.

I was convinced there was no way God could love me. I had sat through enough church services to know that “God hates…!” me. So many things I was could follow that, and did in the services I sat in. I was everything He could never love, or so I thought. It took a long time for God to convince me otherwise. A friend once told me, “God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I knew if God loved me, there was nothing I could do about it. But I remained unconvinced that God did love me. The words stayed in my mind, though. Gradually, gently, over time, God worked on this. One day, I was sitting in a church service during the singing and the words of the song caught my attention. I stopped singing and just stared at the screen. I read the words through that song, and the next, and the one after that. Every song was about the love of God. As I stood there reading the words, I started thinking, “Maybe God really does love me.” It was then that I told God I would make Him the Lord of my life. “God, I’ll make you Lord, but I don’t know how. I’ll make you Lord of my life if you show me how to do that.”

He has shown me how to do that. He has also delivered me from the bondage I was in. I thought the spirits I summoned were good, or at least neutral. They were not. Appearances can be deceiving and in this case, I was deeply deceived. He continues to show me how deeply He loves me. Every day, I find myself in awe of the opportunity I have to serve God, to love Him and live for Him. He is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I am grateful that He pursued me when I didn’t even know I was lacking anything in my life.

I have chosen to leave out much of the darker side of this journey. I do want to make a note about spiritual warfare here at the end. Spiritual warfare is very real. There really is a battle for the lives and souls of people. The intensity of the battle can be absolutely overwhelming. I am grateful for those people who prayed for me, for those who held onto me when I couldn’t hold onto anything, and most of all to God for being bigger than anything and everything. The details of the battle matter only where they can offer encouragement to someone else. The final word belongs to God. He pursued me, He wooed me. When I responded to Him, He saved me completely and absolutely. He has since transformed me and continues to do so. I was happy with my life, content and satisfied with who I was and how I lived when I encountered God that day. But He had so much more for me. He still has so much more. I am grateful for the opportunity to find out what else He wants to do in my life.’

Heather Everett, January 2014.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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14 Responses to Heather Everett-Ex Witch testimony-never shared before!

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  2. Kelly says:

    Hello Heather,

    You say in your testimony, “It was then that I told God I would make Him the Lord of my life. “God, I’ll make you Lord, but I don’t know how. I’ll make you Lord of my life if you show me how to do that.”

    He has shown me how to do that. He has also delivered me from the bondage I was in. I thought the spirits I summoned were good, or at least neutral. They were not. Appearances can be deceiving and in this case, I was deeply deceived. He continues to show me how deeply He loves me. Every day, I find myself in awe of the opportunity I have to serve God, to love Him and live for Him. He is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I am grateful that He pursued me when I didn’t even know I was lacking anything in my life.”

    How has God shown you how to make him your Lord?

    Context of my question: I have been involved with paganism/wicca/etc. in one way or another since I was 14. I am now 40 years old. For years I’ve felt this desperate pull to completely ditch the paganism and give myself to God, but I just… can’t. Not for very long. Unfailingly I will begin to doubt Christianity and feel drawn back to paganism. What it is exactly about paganism that continues to have a hold on me I’m not really sure, and that’s a huge part of the problem…

    Have you got any advice?

    Thank you


    • Hello Kelly, I’ve let Heather know you’ve messaged her. Can I share please? I sometimes hear from folks the same things you’ve shared. From hearing these accounts for many years, what I’ve found, is that the person sees a big difference, after they’ve had deliverance ministry, to cut those demons off. It also means the person doesn’t get tempted in the same ways again. As part of my own ministry, as I travel and share my testimony, I usually always minister deliverance to folks at the end of my talks. So, it’s not rare. If you want, you can consider seeking such help. I’ve listed a few ministries on my blog that offer such ministry. Maybe one is in your town? God bless you sister. https://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/adviceprayer/contact/


      • Kelly says:

        Thank you for passing my question along to Heather.

        With regards to “deliverance ministry”, do you mean “exorcism” or “spiritual warfare”? Do you believe the reason I haven’t been able to leave Paganism is because I’m in need of some kind of deliverance?



        • Hi Kelly, yes, very possibly both. I needed ‘exorcism’, although I don’t like that word, as it brings us thoughts of how Hollywood totally over exaggerate it! Most Christians I know, who came out of pagan things, needed it too. It is definately life-changing in many ways and well worth it. Plus, if Jesus wants it for us, that can only be a good thing too. And I’ve saw deliverance ministry like this, in the 19 years that I’ve been a Christian. It’s a common thing for me to see, so it’s not unusual for me. It’s in the New Testament, Jesus and the disciples did it as a very normal part of their ministries, and so can we today. It’s something that happens in most, if not all of my meetings. Sadly, many folks don’t realise the need for it and they may even wonder why they aren’t seeing victory in their lives. I hope that explains a little.


    • Heather says:

      Kelly, I apologize for the delay. Life has been crazy, and I’ve been considering your question in order to answer it as well as I can.

      How has God shown me how to make Him my Lord?

      He has shown me that the things I turn to for comfort are lord in my life. He has also shown me that He is my comfort. He has shown me that those things I turn to for direction are lord in my life. He has also shown me that He knows each step I should take, even if I can never seen more than one ahead…if even that. He has shown me that those things in my life that occupy my time are lord in my life. I have discovered that in order for Him to be Lord, He needs to occupy my time.

      I have discovered that what I serve is a choice that is within my power to make, even if I make it and remake it a hundred times a day.

      The occult is powerfully appealing. Overwhelmingly so. I sought comfort and direction in witchcraft. I also spent time studying, learning, engaging in ritual and just thinking about the Goddess and magick. Those things didn’t just go away when I made the choice to make God my Lord. They didn’t just go away a few months later, or even a few years later, either. I found a place to belong, I found a community, I found that I was valued for my insights and knowledge within the occult. When I chose to turn my back on witchcraft, I chose to turn my back on all of those very necessary things in my life. I wish I could say that they were immediately present in my life within Christianity, but they haven’t been. I am still learning where I fit, what my contribution is, and where I should find value. Those are human needs, and because they can be met within the occult, it can be difficult to leave…not knowing how they will be met. I also have discovered that I have areas that are deeply wounded, shattered, even. Within the occult, I could hide them, tuck them away and live in such a way that they weren’t put on display. I could serve Goddess without having to know Her. I could do my thing, become a better person, and shuffle the darker sides of myself away. God desires a true wholeness, not an illusion. He wants to heal those wounds and rebuild what has been shattered. That is terrifying, and painful. For me, that makes the occult even more appealing. There are times when my heart is bleeding and I long to return to where I found comfort and a sense of rightness. I have learned that the comfort and sense of rightness was an illusion, too. A very powerful one that draws me back to it over and over and over again. Every time, i make my choice again. I do want God to be my Lord, that’s the choice I have made. It’s the choice I pursue, even when I mess up or don’t live like it, or yell at Him because it’s hard.

      The occult was, for me, a place where I could exercise control and be, or at least feel, powerful. God demands vulnerability and a surrender of control. To truly follow Him, to submit to His Lordship, I have to surrender control and let Him lead. It’s hard to give up the security that I felt as a witch. This is where doubt comes from for me, sometimes. I like being/feeling in control. Is it really a good idea to surrender that control to a God who is, by all accounts, all powerful, all knowing, and all present? It helps to remember that He is also all good, all gracious, and all compassionate, but I still struggle sometimes.

      My advice is to do what you need to in order to make a decision, not necessarily based on feelings but on whatever information you gather. Not that feelings are a wrong reason to make a decision in all cases, but it can be difficult to find security in a decision based on feelings that change. I have discovered that the battle I faced when I made the choice to leave the occult is one that many others face as well. Having something you can cling to when the whole world goes crazy around you can help. If you can find people to be around you, to tell you it’s ok to feel all the things you feel, that it’s ok to struggle, that it’s ok to doubt, that it’s ok to question, that it’s ok to tell God you hate what’s happening, that would be great. If not…and I do know how difficult that can be…God is faithful. I promise you that He is faithful. He isn’t going to step back just because you doubt your decision or question, or yell at Him or….anything else you might do. He’s also not going to force you to follow Him. It really is your choice, every day, every moment, every step, it’s your choice to follow Him or not.


  3. Barbara says:

    I just gave my life back to Jesus after 11 years in Witchcraft. Thank the Lord He never gave up on me. God bless us all.


  4. Many thanks Victoria for reading the post & commenting. You might even like to prayerfully consider sending your own testimony to me? If so, plz see a previous post. God bless you! https://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/your-testimony-is-wanted/


  5. Victoria says:

    Awesome. I’m an ex-witch and I love other peoples’ stories.


  6. Heather says:

    Thank you again for the opportunity to share and for the link back to my blog. 🙂


  7. God bless you for stepping out in faith Heather. I felt just like you when I began sharing at first too. And many others are the same, I’ve noticed that over the years, when I encourage folks to testify. Years ago, I encouraged another Facebook friend of mine Tina, to share online, now her testimony is even featured on some well known websites and she now helps many others to come to Jesus and to see the dangers of the Tarot Cards! Think of Moses, Jeremiah, Jonah and so many others who felt reluctant at first. God is gracious & patient with us. Thank you for being bold and stepping out. It’s a powerful testimony & I’m so thrilled people can see it. God is good. God bless you sister. Laura.

    (See Heather’s full article below).

    http://phoenixphyre.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/testimony/ “Three weeks ago, I woke up to a message from my friend, Laura Maxwell, asking me if I thought it might be time to share some of my testimony publicly. I looked at the computer screen while a familiar knot started to tie itself in the pit of my stomach. And then I took a deep breath and decided that regardless of the knot in my stomach, it was time to start sharing what God has done for me.
    I wrote a testimony for Laura that summarizes part of my story and sent it to her. She posted it here. After she published it, I sent the link to a few friends. Two posted the link on Facebook and tagged me. I wasn’t comfortable with that and removed the tagged posts from my wall. I’ve been thinking about that. I may not be ready to share this with everyone who is on my Facebook, but it really is time to start sharing how amazing God is. I’ve decided to share the link to Laura’s blog here, and to share the link to my blog with a limited number of friends on Facebook.”


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