Luciferians Think They’ll Alter Bible’s Ending And Win The War.


Ray Gano, deliverance minister and author has been a frequent TV and radio guest on The Jim Bakker Show, Skywatch TV with Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Into the Multiverse TV show with Josh Peck, and many others. Laura Maxwell was honoured Ray featured an interview with her in his DVD. (Details Follow Below Article).


PZ Insider Report – Luciferian War – Knowing The Enemy by Ray Gano.

PZ Insider Report – Luciferian War – Knowing The Enemy

The PZ Insider Report

June 25, 2018

Luciferians know the bible, probably better that many Christians. They know that prophecies foretold their ultimate demise.

But what they believe is that they can change the outcome and they are working with all their being to try and change those prophecies.

When you start digging into what these people believe, you see that they are basically in denial of scripture.

They honestly believe that history can be changed, and that John’s prophetic revelation is only one interpretation of the future. They know, read, study the bible and Revelation. But it is the rebellion in them that causes to minimalize it and not take seriously.

They think that bringing back the “gods” putting Lucifer on the throne to rule the world and being beside him is a good thing.

They are Luciferians, and they DO believe the Bible, but what you find out when you start going down the rabbit hole is that they believe the bible is a bunch of misguided assertions, cute stories and made their god , Lucifer the bad guy, where in reality they see Lucifer as the good guy and Jehovah is the bad guy with all the bad rules.

With that, I am honored to present the following articles in this issue of The PZ Insider Report.

Luciferian War – Knowing The Enemy – Answering The Call – By Ray Gano

The hypocrisy of the coup-makers – By Bill Wilson

California Bill Will Outlaw Churches Helping People Out Of LGBT Lifestyle – By Kade Hawkins

The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 2 – By Fred DeRuvo 

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Ray Gano‘s DVD featuring  Laura Maxwell and Others.

‘I was interviewed by Ray Gano, deliverance minister, TV guest and radio show host and was very honoured when he later said extracts from the show would be included in his DVD! I look forward to watching it.’  Laura Maxwell.

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New DVD by Deliverance Minister Ray Gano features Laura Maxwell.


Also, please see articles or tv/radio shows featuring Laura Maxwell on The Luciferian Agenda from her inside experience, whilst still immersed in the new age and occult, e.g.,

My Journey Out New Age Spiritualism – Laura Maxwell’s Story.

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About Laura Maxwell: 

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

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