Since 2008, various Christian, secular, alternative news and truth seeking radio channels have interviewed me. It’s a great honour to be invited as a guest.

Some of them were recorded, so you can still hear them on the links below. Some are on various YouTube channels as well as my own You Tube Playlists or this blog.

We’d really appreciate your prayers for future programs!



Some of these radio channels are aired world wide. You can see a selection of them on my You Tube Playlist.

See below for my 2nd interview on The Kev Baker Show part of TFR, Truth Frequency Radio.

I shared secret information gleaned over the years regarding Halloween, Satanism, the coming One World Religion and related topics. I thank God that Kev and Johnny have invited me back for future shows.

Flourish 7

Mike Getter, AKA Mike Ghost Getter, from Dallas, interviewed me LIVE, see below video. Mike surprised me by saying our’s was one of his best interviews, yet he began his show in 2007! I thank God for Mike inviting me back in the future.

Flourish 7

Laura on Cross Walk Talk Radio

Laura on Cross Walk Talk Radio

Carlotta Waldmann, from Florida, USA, is a minister to ministers and leaders. I was very honoured to be her live guest on 11th May 2015, Cross Walk Talk Radio.

Click to hear it on demand :

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Jake Ruchotzke hosts Seek4Truth, in Kansas interviewed me in May 2015.

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The morning before Halloween 2014, I was interviewed by Maria Rodrigeous, host of the daily Woman to Woman show. Premier Radio broadcasts on air across the UK, also on digital and online.

Link to the Premier Interview.

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Before Halloween 2014, I was interviewed by Richard Grund, Ex Occultist and Joe Cetrone, Ex Satanist. It was for their special Halloween show, ‘Reflections In The Dark – Out From The Shadows, for Occultoberfest’, on Firefall Talk Radio.  To hear it, please go to this link.


Revival Radio

‘Revival Radio’ – had several interviews with Bill Anderson and also a Halloween special with him, on ‘Morning Matters’, Glasgow, Scotland. Revival FM, radio transmitting over the central belt of Scotland, on 100.8 FM Also online at

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Eternal Radio

‘Eternal Radio’ – had a couple of testimony interviews and also a special on Halloween with Pastor Stephen Merrick, England. Eternal Radio transmits from Birmingham and online at

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‘The Stained Glass Sunday Show,’ (on the secular station ‘Northsound’), – had an interview with Ken Hancock, non-Christian station in the Scottish Highlands.

Northsound Radio, a secular station, in Aberdeen, transmitting over the Highlands of Scotland.

“Songs of Praise it isn’t! Ken brings you music by Christian artists from the UK and beyond. And our guests have a variety of stories to tell, ranging from from Boyzone’s Shane Lynch to a Baptist minister from Texas who died in a car crash – and came back to tell the tale! Listen again to some of our past guests…” Northsound Radio.

Northsound 2 , 1035 MW DAB
Also online.

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With Lorna Farrell

‘Revival Radio’ – had an interview with Lorna Farrell on ‘The Late Show’, Scotland. It was one of my faveourites, but unfortunately it didn’t get recorded.

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‘He Came To Set The Captives Free’ Dec. 2010 – with EX Medium, Lynn Dickie, Texas, USA. Discussed so called ‘Christian Reiki, Christian Yoga, Angel Healing,’ etc, in churches today. Lynne has already helped folks who were inardvertantly dabbling in the occult too. Glory to God. Her radio station based in Texas, USA.

Hear the recording on the list titled – 061—laura-maxwell-testimony–former-spiritualist

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With Andrew Polsen

On Andrew Polsen’s ‘Breakfast Show’, Revival FM Radio, Scotland.

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‘He Came To Set The Captives Free,’ with Steve Burns, an EX Satanist, Canada. We shared both our testimonies & also truths about Halloween, from Spiritualists’ and Traditional Satanists’ viewpoints. Oct’ 24th 2011

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OnFm 101.4 London

ON FM 101.4 London, with Rebecca Burge a non-Christian station, Oct’ 2011. The secular station reaches 9 boroughs of London, based in Hammersmith. Michael Cummins Revelation TV, someone from the Jewish community & a practicing Pagan in discussion. Rebecca shared my written testimony.
OnFm 101.4. London Radio.
You can listen on OnFM 101.4. if you live in London.

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The Judge Eve Show

On The Judge Eve Show, with Judge Eve Ellingwood in California, sharing my testimony & the truths of Halloween, Satur’, 22nd Sept 2012 on



To speak on more radio stations in the future. We’d really appreciate your prayers! Thank you very much, God bless you, Laura.

“All for Christ, His Glory and the spreading of His gospel. Amen.”


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