Laura Maxwell exposes Zeitgeist: Did Jesus copy previous saviors? The Kev Baker Show, Truth Frequency Radio.

The Kev Baker Show on TFR

The Kev Baker Show on TFR

The creators of Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph and friends are Luciferian, support The Lucis Trust and they support them. Do a search like the one below to see him speak in videos about his NWO views and bear this in mind when evaluating The Zeitgeist Movement’s/Christ Mythers teachings! Then ask yourself, what are the real myths being promoted?

I was very honoured to be interviewed on The Kev Baker Show again. The very popular TFR network is widely known as an alternative media platform.

Laura Maxwell exposes The Luciferian Zeitgeist Deception: DID JESUS CHRIST COPY PREVIOUS SAVIORS AND MYSTERY RELIGIONS?

Below is the advert Kev Baker, the radio host, posted on Facebook. His Bio is at the foot of this page. The Kev Baker Show is part of  Truth Frequency Radio.


Dispelling The Christmas Myths & Exposing The Luciferian Agenda: KBS Ep#425

A Spiritual Quest Continues… with very special guest Laura Maxwell LIVE on The Kev Baker Show.

Tonight we welcome back one of the listeners’ favourite guests in the brilliant Laura Maxwell! Tonight, Laura will take us through some of the disinfo that surrounds the Christmas festivities, the various religious stories that centre around Christmas as well Luciferianism and so much more along the way.

Laura is a wealth of information and just such a great person, and this is a combination that resonates with the hosts and the listeners alike, so please tune in to what promises to be yet another EPIC show!

Laura Maxwell rejoins the show and blows a hole in the Zeitgeist movies story about the many stories sharing similarities with that of the Jesus story.

Laura gets into various “saviours” and offers the historic evidence that makes her case a very strong one.


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One of Laura’s TV interviews

If interested, please see below – an interview  I did on Revelation TV. In it, we discussed some of these issues.


You may want to take the challenge of proving Jesus Christ is not a true historical figure! I mentioned the challenge in Kev’s show!

For more details, please see my various blog posts on Zeitgeist, including The Zeitgeist Challenge itself: Zeitgeist.


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There are many similar videos online, please look them up!


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