Channelers REPORT being LIED TO by Pleiadians, Intergalactic Federation of Light, Council of Elohim, etc.

Since the early 90’s, I’ve heard of countless people who experienced this type of spiritual journey. I myself am among that number!

Please browse my blog for such accounts. You may be convinced such communication is from light-based entities but how can you be certain such beings are benevolent? Please see my numerous articles of true stories where people Tested the Spirits in Jesus Name to reveal their true identity.

Please, don’t just assume they are telling you the truth! Please also see Spirits impersonate the LIVING too or my TV and radio interviews where myself and others elaborate on this in greater detail.

Plus eye opening accounts by ex-contactees in my link light-workers-lied-to-by-ashtar-and-other-entities-channeled-via-stargates-etc/


Two of the most detailed radio interviews I broadcast where with my radio guests Natalia and Barbara Briggs.

To hear our interviews of their amazing spiritual journeys seeking knowledge and truth, please click below playlists!


Natalia ‘s interviews on The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.


A written summary of Natalia‘s journey is shared below:

Entities Natalia had channeled actually began to attack her!!! Below a list of keywords – beliefs she held and practises she was involved in.

new age healing source energy meditation yoga

We are all just ‘energy’; Believing the Universe was our Source; One Mind, Awakening her Higher Self; DNA Activation; Enlightenment, Synchronicites, Law of Attraction; Twin Flame; Books: The Secret and A Course In Miracles; Akashic Records; Hindu Gurus; Yoga; Karma; Clearing Blocked Chakras; Meditation; Chanting unknown languages; Trance, Third Eye, Developing Psychic and Healing Powers; Past Lives; Channelling Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians;  Reiki and Energy Healing; Pantheistic View; Tarot Cards, Metaphysical Workshops; certain Holistic new age practices in Beauty Salons…

DNA Activation Energy Healing New Age Source Higher Self Angel

But entities Natalia had channeled actually began to attack her!!! They’d claimed to be Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, ascended masters, beings from alien races, and so on!

She experienced Sleep Paralysis too. Through coming to Jesus Christ she got free from their grip.

She also discovered that the New Age movement and many of it’s founders were Luciferian: Alice Bailey and so on. That in reality, their agenda mirrors that of the secret societies, Illuminati, Zeitgeist, etc, to unite all religions and people groups under the Luciferian Oneness consciousness, masquerading as the Christ Consciousness, which is actually the antichrist spirit!

I’d urge you to listen to these shows to the end. At the end of each show Natalia prays for the viewers, very powerful and heartfelt prayers I’d love you all to hear!

Flourish 8

Barbara’s interviews on The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.


A written summary of Barbara’s journey is shared below:

Flourish 8

Beings claiming to be leaders/masters from The Council of Elohim and The Intergalactic Federation of Light ‘came through’ Barbara.

She attended metaphysical and paranormal meetings, meeting well known psychics, channelers and gurus from Arizona, a spiritual hotspot. Along with them, she believed they channeled beings such as Pleiadians, various star beings from different star systems. Also, gods, goddesses and Horus, Osiris, Virgin Mary, Apostle Paul, Merlin, even producing automatic writing.

She got involved with tarot, psychic development, law of attraction, spiritualism, yoga and meditation in her attempts to raise her vibrations, ascend and reach enlightenment and oneness.

She found though that such ideals were not just new age but the same as those who were in the Illuminati, Luciferianism, etc, as she noticed they went to the same meetings and practised the same spiritual activities, even the current Pope associated with a few of the channelers and agreed with their beliefs!


She’d been open to spirit guides, goddesses, ascended masters, aliens and so on. Reading auras, astral projection, were part of her training. Her experiences were powerful. She’d feel ‘energies’ surge through her!

But she noticed many contradictions and even lies were being channeled by the above beings, so began to question them and seek the whole truth. Who was at the top of this spiritual hierarchy of beings? Who would tell her the truth and not contradictions?

Evil spirits began to attack her, admitting they’d been the ones creating the deceptive ‘energies’ she’d felt, trusted and loved!

spirit attacks 2

She discovered the beings claiming to be leaders/masters from The Council of Elohim and The Intergalactic Federation of Light were the same entities being channeled by satanists and evil occultists! These demonic deceptive liars were high level entities in the satanic hierarchy! One of the ex satanists who confirmed this to her was author William Schnoebelen.

She realised she’d unknowingly climbed pretty high in the occult-satanic pyramid.

false angels of light_demon

Lying demons mimic angels of light

Barbara went through hell as she sought to be freed from spirits. She met Jesus Christ and He wonderfully cast those demons out her and transformed her life!

Barbara’s Comment :

Below see an extract from Barbara’s Facebook post re: the true identity of The Council of Elohim and The Intergalactic Federation of Light…

I can relate to what Ex Satanist William Schnoebelen is saying in his videos. You will have to listen to whom the demonic council is!

Please listen to Natalia and Barbara’s fascinating spiritual journeys seeking knowledge and truth!





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