Flirting with Darkness by Ex Illuminati member Carolyn Hamlett.

My Ex Illuminati friend, Carolyn Hamlett and I were discussing how heartbreaking it is to watch people dabbling in deceptive and dangerous spiritual things. She gave an insightful illustration, kindly allowing me to share it below.

Carolyn Hamlett

Carolyn Hamlett

‘There are two spiritual kingdoms. People are flirting with and walking in the kingdom of evil…and they have no armor, nor do they know how to defend themselves.

As we know, the dark side is like a village that wines and dines a stranger and when the stranger’s guard is down, the villagers rob, beat and torture the stranger … sometimes to death. They at least make the stranger a slave.

We can pray that Satan would be bound from blinding their minds to the truth and that God would show them beyond a doubt that they are playing with fire.

We want them to see… the reality BEFORE they or their family suffer consequences … which are natural consequences of messing with things of the occult.

People certainly need to know what the kingdom of darkness is and know the boundaries and have it made clear to them what the villagers/deceiving demons are like and of their customs.

Eventually they will get burnt if they keep flirting with Satan.

‘And no wonder, for even Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light’, 2 Corinthians 11:14.


People need to know that even if they just walk through the gates of the village and leave, that a villager or more will follow them home and either entice them back, or bring them grief in some fashion or another.

They have you and probably others praying for them … so I know God will make a way to help them and their families too.’

Carolyn Hamlett's Blog

Carolyn Hamlett’s Blog

Please see Carolyn Hamlett’s personal story and articles

at Beyond the Physical Realm.


Many thanks. God bless you! Laura Maxwell.


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5 Responses to Flirting with Darkness by Ex Illuminati member Carolyn Hamlett.

  1. Crisyina says:

    So correct…flirting w a mean unloyal impure lying spirit..or legions of then…without the Armour of thr Blood of Jesuschrist!so fool…so unwise…i learned thst myself i could not battle with this mean entities without the Sword of the Word. Or the Name of Jesuschrist !

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  2. Amanda braeker says:

    Wow! I dont really know what to şay? I think that the place I live is now a very dark place. I dont know if it has anything to do w satan or demonic forces. That sounds too preposterous. However, this once sweet magical city feels now like a hellish place.

    Over night San Francisco downshifted into a place that now feels very scary and dark.

    Can anyone tell me what happened in SF? I have my own ideas but can anyone communicate knowledge as to how this place transformed.d overnight from good to bad?

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    • I grew up (and still live) in Sacramento so I’m not far away from SF. And of course I’ve spent alot of time there over the years. It just seems to me that SF now attracts alot of ppl who are into “alternative lifestyles”….they feel they can openly live in sin there without judgement and they are right. Anything goes. But these perversions invite demons…Same with Las Vegas. Every time Ive ever been to Vegas I can feel the heaviness…the spiritual oppression just as soon as I step off the plane. It blankets me. It’s a den of demons there and I have to say that I believe SF is much the same.


  3. Amy says:

    Thank you for this wise post!


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