Alien race promise SEX on their planet IF you renounce Jesus – Alan’s True Story.

Alan Brooks Alien Abductee

Alan Brooks


Alan Brooks, author and Alien Abductee shared his astonishing story on my show The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell. Hear the show archive below.



During what he thought was Astral Projection, he apparently visited other planets inhabited by ‘aliens’. Like many UFO contactees or abductees, once ‘arriving’ on this planet, Alan was forced to take oaths to renounce Jesus Christ, at the request of his ‘alien contacts’.

‘Freedom’ in various forms including nudity and sexual immorality were encouraged. Such requests sound exactly like what demons demand and similar to what many Satanic Cults also demand!

Last year, Alan kindly wrote his story for my blog. It includes details of his FREE book for download! You can read it on this link

Alan wrote and performed a song about his experiences :

Alan’s full story is available on his YouTube channel :

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I also interviewed Eddie Bennett who has an extremely similar testimony. He was also forced to take oaths to renounce Jesus Christ, at the request of his ‘alien contacts’.  Similarly, this different ‘alien race’ also promised free sex during ‘visits’ to their planet.

Also, please hear my previous guests Mario Brisson, AKA The Vigilant Christian and Nathan Colella. Nathan’s link includes his FREE book. Their stories contain such similar themes it’s uncanny!

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