Illuminati whistleblower Carolyn Hamlett on The Awakening Liberty Show With Sean Caron.

Carolyn Hamlett and Sean Caron on TFR

Carolyn Hamlett and Sean Caron on Truth Frequency Radio

Please tune in today to hear my friends Carolyn Hamlett, Ex Illuminati member, and radio host Sean Caron expose The Plan. I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed with Carolyn and also Sean. So I can personally recommend this interview to you!

Today oThe Awakening Liberty Show With Sean Caron on Truth Frequency Radio. Full details below.

Sean’s Advert :

‘This week on the show, I welcome Illuminati whistleblower Carolyn Hamlett, “Beyond the Physical Realm.” She is a former “Illuminist” born and raised in the Luciferian organization, responsible for implementing the plan for the NWO, which is also Satan’s plan to install his chosen one in global rule, under the pretense of ushering in an era of global peace and spiritual harmony. Join us LIVE in the Chat Room at Truth Frequency Network at Sunday July 10th at 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm EST, 10pm UK! Or CALL IN 866-378-7884’

LIVE at 10pm GMT, 2pm PST, 5pm EST,



TO CALL IN LIVE 866-378-7884


Carolyn Hamlett's Blog

Carolyn Hamlett’s Blog


To read her blog or hear radio interviews of Carolyn, please go to her link

She and her mother had much personal experience of the Lucis Trust, Luciferainism, The Illuminati and so on.

To hear Carolyn and I speak together in interviews, please go to link

To read articles on my blog written by Carolyn, please go to link

To hear Sean and I speak together in interviews, please go to link





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2 Responses to Illuminati whistleblower Carolyn Hamlett on The Awakening Liberty Show With Sean Caron.

  1. Lyn shively says:

    Is there a way to contact carolyn Hallett ? This is not maliciously intended. I als have a ministry type thing where I teach in small- 2-6- people , groups. And I have been teaching along the same lines as she. My name is lyn shively , am from a village in northern mi. I h ave never ran to some on who believes the same as i. So if you could find out how I could reach her or her reach me either way. am also on Google plus.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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