Residual Haunts & Six Forms of Energy by Exorcist and author Mark Hunnemann.

Part Two in analysis of the extremely popular notion of residual energy. Please take time to think through this influential theory.


Eye On The Paranormal

Eye On The Paranormal

‘Mark was an outstanding guest on my radio show and I highly recommend his articles!’ Laura Maxwell.

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Mark Hunnemann, Expert on Ghosts.

Mark Hunnemann, Expert on Ghosts.


Residual Haunts & Six Forms of Energy by Exorcist and author Mark Hunnemann.

One reader told me that they thought I made a plausible case, BUT are there other forms of unknown energy which may account for the residual phenomenon? That is an excellent question, and I think by attempting to answer it we may further enrich our understanding of this topic. Let me remind you that the category known as “residual haunt” is thought to be the most common cause of paranormal activity. If for only that reason, it is important that we analyze it and try to get at the truth. More than usual, this newsletter builds on the foundation laid in the last one.

One other preliminary comment–please note that the ultimate court of appeal for truth is God’s special revelation…His personal Word to us in the Bible. Science (part of what is called general revelation), when properly understood, will always concur with scripture, but it must not be seen as an autonomous activity. God’s inerrant, written revelation to us has primacy of authority…science must not be seen as an equal in terms of authority. It would be an act of impiety to pursue scientific truth as if it were more “true” than the bible. When the bible speaks, God speaks with full authority over our lives, but general revelation cannot claim implicit obedience because the “assured results of science” often turn out to be not so sure! We must presuppose God and His word first, or all of reality, including science, will be meaningless and incoherent.

I had an “aha” moment recently while watching Ghost Adventures. Mr. Bagans was explaining the mechanics of r h (residual haunt) and he said that a murder would cause a wave of emotionalized energy to be imprinted in the environment. Two points stand out as clearly in error: energy CANNOT be imprinted in an environment ( this is discussed last time and today); and energy cannot be emotionalized.

A salient aspect of of being human is emotions…it is part of being a person.  To anthropopathize (assign human emotions) to an impersonal entity like energy is clearly fallacious reasoning. Energy is emotionless…inanimate. There is no precedent in the natural realm of any form of energy expressing emotions.  If these two notions are debunked, then the whole r h house of cards comes crashing down.

Let me review some basic physical science first. There are two types of energy–kinetic and potential. It seems that scientists really do not know how to describe what energy IS…all they can do is give a functional definition (the ability to do work) or a mathematical equation–E=mc2, but a truly ontological definition remains elusive. That does not bother me because in God’s world we should expect mysteries. However, in addition to the two types of energy (kinetic/potential) there are six forms which energy takes–chemical energy, electrical energy, radiant energy (light),  mechanical energy, nuclear energy, and thermal energy.

The question put to me was: is it possible that there is some form of unknown energy that can explain residual paranormal activity?  First, if it is an unknown form of energy, then how are we to talk of it? The burden of proof lies on those who would entertain the notion that the paranormal realm has forms of energy unknown to us. Let me explain… What is true in the natural realm can and should  be extrapolated into the supernatural realm .

The paranormal/invisible realm here on Earth is part of the same space/time continuum that the normal or visible realm is part of–and is subject to all the laws of God which He has interwoven into space/time. It seems apparent to me that there is simply a dimensional veil separating the two, and they don’t exist or function like two distinct water-tight compartments….they “bleed ” into each other and occupy the same space.

Put another way, the same six forms of energy found in the visible realm on Earth, exist and function in the invisible realm on Earth. How do I know this? Because it is still the Earth (albeit invisible) and because energy itself is usually invisible…its effects are what is visible. Our eternal home will be here–right here… a renewed Earth which is perfect. We cannot escape time and its flow, even in eternity…the ‘ravages” of time will be done away with.

Here are the six known forms of energy again–chemical, electrical, radiant, mechanical, nuclear, and thermal energies. I won’t take the time to examine each one, but take a moment to picture in your mind each of these six forms of energy in action. The form that is most germane to our discussion is electrical because the body and brain do have electrical energy. In fact, it has become common to determine death by means of cessation of electrical activity in the brain, instead of the old way of heartbeat (which has electrical activity as well…I know this because I have a pace/defib in my chest!) There are other forms of energy active but electrical is primary I think.

Let me shift gears and state that none of the six known forms of energy can do what residual haunt (r h) requires. An r h is said to have energy that remains clustered in the environment for years. Also, this clustered potential energy summons itself to begin a sound and light show that may include–multiple moving apparitions, sounds, smells and so on.

It is important to note that we have no precedent for this kind of activity in the natural realm (please read that again). Try to grasp how involved this process would have to be–impersonal electrical energy (similar to what is flowing to the light in my room) would be expelled from human body and remain virtually unchanged for decades or longer.(any notion of the environment reacting and stirring up energy due to one’s violent death seems implausible to me) Then this potential electrical energy is able to recognize certain cues which causes this energy to manifest and loop. And not just loop but to energize an ultra hologram which science has not been able to create yet. An example would be the soldiers at Gettysburg walking about.

As I stated last time, some material conducts energy better than others but (and this is key) nobody has ever observed any of these six forms of energy putting on a visual, auditory, or olfactory demonstration similar to what is claimed in the residual haunt phenomenon. (We could spend an entire article merely on how extravagant this display of intelligent non-intelligent energy  becomes).

Even nuclear energy, which stores energy for a long time in radioactive isotopes, has never been observed doing what we have come to know as residual activity…looping. The burden of proof is on those who believe in these anomalous events to prove that there is a form of energy in the paranormal realm which has no know counterpart in the natural realm.

The only energy that I’m aware of that is released into the environment when one dies is the small amount of electrical activity in brain and heart. Electrical energy is electrical energy is electrical energy! For heavens sake, if a billion volts from an average lightning strike dissipates immediately after impact, then the minuscule voltage in a human body (1.5 volts?) is not going to “hang around.”. It is outta here! (because it is not the soul…we need special revelation for that knowledge).

In summary, none of the six forms of known energy have ever been observed functioning like an r h. We can posit all sorts of ideas but Ockham’s Razor would heavily favor a model of reality that is symmetrical–six forms of energy on both sides of thin, permeable veil. An unknown paranormal form of energy would make reality asymmetrical. At this point, it is clear to me that positing an unknown form of energy would be an act of special pleading.

I have become convinced that fascination with the paranormal in general, and ‘ghosts’ in particular, is one of Satan’s most effective and successful deceptions. It is a powerful door-opener to the demonic. We have also noted that residual energy/haunts is very popular in the paranormal community, and is bleeding over into general culture.

Hence, if I were the devil (no comment!) then I would do all I could to make this notion of residual energy as plausible and popular as possible. Or, I would use my considerable arsenal to make as many hauntings as possible appear residual. Why? Because since they are allegedly non-intelligent, then people will tend to see them as not as serious.

The last thing Satan wants are godly exorcists snooping around his strongholds. So, all he has to do is make his demons act non-intelligent by not replying intelligently to an EVP session…and the investigators will likely tell the client that they are safe. A residual haunt is not likely to be confronted in the Name of Jesus because IT IS MERELY ENERGY….NOT A SPIRIT.

Does that make sense? Another thing. Have you noticed how quickly many folks (many others are much more cautious) come to the conclusion that a haunt is residual? With perhaps an EVP or 2 that SEEM stupid or non-intelligent, the decision is made: this is residual.

Additionally, many folks assume in advance  that most real activity is residual in nature. Hence, they will have an unconscious tendency to PERCEIVE activity as non-intelligent, with only a small amount of evidence. How much data does one need before it is prudent to claim that a haunting is residual? Remember the clients welfare is linked to an accurate ‘diagnosis’. Given the deception in the spirit realm, do we not need to be cautious and not jump to conclusions?

I am quite sure that Satan is milking this notion for all its worth. If only these alleged non-intelligent residual energies were confronted in Jesus’ Name, they would suddenly become very intelligent and reveal their true demonic nature. I know because I’ve done it many times and urge you to find a competent person to do it for you as well.

Mark Hunnemann

Mark Hunnemann

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It’s also available in eBook format.

I was delighted to interview Mark Hunnemann on my radio show The Supenatural with Laura Maxwell, on Eternal Radio. Rather than one show, the interview lasted for five shows! I highly commend these OUTSTANDING shows to you. Please listen to them below and do share with friends!

Mark Hunnemann, is the author of  Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes.




Rev Mark Hunnemann is an Exorcist/Deliverance Minister, radio guest, former pastor and author of Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes.


Many thanks, Laura Maxwell.


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  1. There are demons commonly referred to as ‘dybbuks’, all they are is just low rank demons.
    There are 2 types – the residential dybbuk and the personal dybbuk.
    The residential dybbuk is much like the sort of person who resides in the house they were born in until death. They are largely governed by planetary hours which can make them ‘active’ up to 3 times in a 24 hour period. How they act with the residents of any ‘haunted’ building can vary but usually they are just annoying if anything.


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