A Witch’s Encounter with God by S.A. Tower – Ally Encountered God on Halloween!

Ex Witch Ally Tower had an encounter with God on Halloween! She shared Part One of her amazing story on my radio show, on Friday the 13th 2015! You can hear it below.

I was delighted to share posts here on my blog of her previous books From The Craft to Christ and Taken From The Night.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.

By author S.A. Tower, Ex Wiccan, as seen on TV.

Now, I’m thrilled to mention her new book, released just before Halloween!

A Witch’s Encounter with God by S.A. Tower.

This “Taken From The Night Expanded Edition” is a updated and freshly edited version that will not only share Ms. Tower’s true life story as in her highly acclaimed original book, but includes the Prologue which was edited out of the first edition, and has an Epilogue and three additional chapters detailing what happened in her life since her supernatural deliverance.

A Witch’s Encounter with God shares her complete testimony, from day of the mysterious otherworldy conversation, to stepping out in God’s boldness and authority.

A Witch’s Encounter with God by S A Tower

Current Endorsers:

“A Witch’s Encounter with God is one of the most transparent and enlightening testimonies I’ve ever read. S.A. Tower communicates with amazing detail, the life events that drew her into the Craft and displays God’s supernatural power and the extreme lengths He will go to redeem and restore. As a result of reading this book, you will be better equipped to effectively minister to those coming out of spiritual darkness. S.A. Tower is a living testament that we serve a God that never gives up on us, even when we throw in the towel or when others do.” – Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President – NHCLC, Conela and Author of the best-seller, “Be Light”

“A Witch’s Encounter With God engages the reader immediately and transports them to the battlefield of the soul. A young woman became entangled with a coven of white witchcraft and her ensuing journey to be delivered. This compelling narrative pulls no punches about church life, family struggles, and the darkness that often parades as light!”- Dr. Ron Phillips, Senior Pastor of Abba’s House and Author of over 30 books, including Our Invisible Allies

“A Witch’s Encounter With God is a powerful and “no-holds-barred” memoir of an ex-witch who experiences God’s relentless love and grace, in spite of our flawed humanity. This book is an insightful view of the spiritual battle through the eyes of one who actually lived it, being transformed from eternal darkness to everlasting light.” – Michael Leehan, Author of Ascent From Darkness.

A true supernatural story by Author S. A. Tower.

Don’t be left in the dark! Order at:  http://takenfromthenight.com/the-books.html

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Select video snippets – Scarlett’s Witch used by permission F.C. Rabbath

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