San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A “Sexual Orientation.”

Conservatives have been warning for years that the ultimate endgame of every fetish, gender identity and sexuality being not merely tolerated but endorsed would eventually be the mainstreaming of pedophilia. We are now not far away from that very eventuality.

San Diego State University is teaching students that pedophilia could merely be considered to be an alternative “sexual orientation.” 

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

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“An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Alex Mazzara.

The photo shows a presentation slide entitled ‘Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation’.

It suggests that embracing pedophilia as an alternative sexual orientation could be part of the “acceptance of diverse sexual identities.”

The VICE video showcasing pedophiles may well have been their platforming of Todd Nickerson, a self confessed pedophile.

VICE’s article about Nickerson sympathetically portrayed him, an individual who openly admits wanting to molest children, as a victim of right-wing “vigilantes”.

Conservatives have been warning for years that the ultimate endgame of every fetish, gender identity and sexuality being not merely tolerated but endorsed would eventually be the mainstreaming of pedophilia.

My voice is being silenced by free speech-hating Silicon Valley behemoths who want me disappeared forever…

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Paul Joseph Watson Infowars Editor



VICE’s article about Nickerson sympathetically portrayed him, an individual who openly admits wanting to molest children, as a victim of right-wing “vigilantes”…

A Pedophile Opens Up About Being Targeted by Vigilantes.

Todd Nickerson is attracted to children but says he’s never abused one. By Manisha Krishnan

Todd Nickerson is a 43-year-old virgin. The graphic designer, who has dark blond shoulder-length hair, thinning at the front, and a prosthetic right hand, lives alone in a mobile home near Savannah, Tennessee. For a long time, he stayed in his bedroom, isolated, because he had a secret: He was attracted to children.

Nickerson is a pedophile. By definition, it means he is sexually aroused by prepubescent children (in his case, girls). However, Nickerson tells VICE it does not mean he is a child molester, and he stresses he has never and will never act on his desires.

“I kind of had to get over a lot of society’s BS, this idea that you’re doomed to offend,” he says in a phone interview. “I had to say, ‘No, no. You’re not, you have control over that.’ We’re not slaves to our hormones.”

This is a part of a VICE Canada project investigating the impact of vigilante pedophile hunting in Canada.

Due to the stigma surrounding pedophilia, it’s difficult to know how many people are affected by it, although experts have estimated its 0.5 to two percent of the general population. But not all people who commit sexual offenses against children are pedophiles. In fact, according to studies, between 40 to 75 percent are not. When it comes to child porn, however, closer to 80 percent are pedophiles.

“There are people who are pedophilic, they know they’re attracted to children, and never touch a child, never download any kind of child pornography, they never break any kind of law,” says James Cantor, a Toronto-based clinical psychologist and sexual behavior scientist who has been studying pedophilia for 20 years.

“It also works the other way around. There are people who are child molesters, they actually committed crimes and victimized someone even though they sexually prefer adults.” These people are sometimes referred to as surrogate sex offenders, Cantor explains, who use children to replace an adult sexual partner.



The distinction is rarely discussed publicly, likely in part because no one really has much sympathy for a pedophile. More recently, self-described “pedophile hunters” like Creep Catchers have made a point of labelling most of the people they shame online a “pedophile.”

Ryan Laforge, president of Surrey Creep Catchers, tells VICE in his mind a guy who says he wants to ride bikes with a teenager is as much a pedophile as someone who requests naked photographs.

Laforge and vigilantes like him operate by posting profiles on Craigslist and dating sites, pretending to be at least 18 years old, and later informing the adults who express interest in them that they are actually a minor, typically around 14-15 years old. During the ensuing conversations, they send photos of people who look young, pulled from volunteers. The people in the images are currently over the age of 18 but were often younger at the time the photos were taken—though there’s no set standard as to what age.

Cantor says the ideal age range for a true pedophile would be ten and under, while hebephiles are attracted to children around 11-14 years old.

People who attracted to children in the later teens, aged 15 to 16, are technically ephebophiles and aren’t considered to have any kind of mental disorder. Based on the tactics used by vigilantes, the majority of the people vigilantes bust are hebephiles or ephebophiles, says Cantor.

“It sounds like few of them would be considered pedophiles.”

Media reports that often conflate pedophiles with child abusers exacerbate the confusion. But Nickerson says there are many pedophiles who have no interest in hurting children. His own realization that he was a pedophile came over time.

Nickerson, who was born without his right hand, says he was molested by a family friend at the age of seven. He believes both factors could have contributed to his sexuality (research shows pedophiles are more likely to be left-handed.)

“I think on some level I identified with my abuser more than I did with the males in my family. He was very gentle and clearly interested in me,” says Nickerson.


He recalls being in sixth grade, standing around with three or four boys from his class discussing which girls they had crushes on.

“All the other boys in my group were kind of [into] this one particular girl who was the most well-developed girl in our class. I wasn’t attracted to her at all,” he says. “The girl I was I was attracted to was the petite, undeveloped girl.”

But, being 12, he didn’t think much of it. His “eureka moment” came when he was 13, hanging out at his grandparents’ house. He remembers sitting in the living room drawing when his grandparents’ neighbor visited with his seven-year-old daughter.

“I looked up, and this little girl was standing there watching me draw. It just struck me, ‘wow,'” he says. “At that moment I realized, this is a little different than being attracted to the least-developed girl in your class.”

What followed, he says, was a period of deep denial, including visits to church where Nickerson prayed that god would “take this away from me.”



Then, when he was 18, he says he fell in love with a five-year-old girl he was babysitting—the daughter of a family friend.

“She would take her clothes off and run through the house,” he says. “That girl was the only time in my life that I faced real temptation.”

“There were days when I was suicidal, where I would wake up and that’s all I could think about.”

Nickerson has also tried and failed to have adult relationships. When he was 20, he says he briefly dated a woman who was six years older than him, but there was no sexual chemistry. In college, which he started at the age of 25, he says he didn’t date at all.

“When two adults are flirting, there’s that unspoken exchange and non-verbal cues. I’m not good at reading those because I’m just not really attracted to them.” As graduation loomed, Nickerson says he panicked.

“It kinda dawned on me even though I’d accepted my attraction, for a while I’d entertained this idea that I could get married and have a family and have a normal life,” he says. “I realized that would never happen.”

Nickerson says he experienced stages of grief, including serious depression. To make things worse, a cousin had found some journal entries in which Nickerson admitted to being a pedophile, so he knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of his family found out.

Desperate for some sort of comfort, he turned to Girlchat in 2005, an online forum for pedophiles who mostly believe in “pro-contact”—the idea that consent laws should be changed to make sex with minors legal. Though he says that point of view made him uncomfortable, the “cult-like” mentality sucked him in.

“I kinda threw myself at it, it was kinda like: These are my people.”

Within a year, he says he outed himself on the forum, giving up his real name. “I was kind of of the mindset that I was gonna die soon anyway, take my own life. It didn’t really matter.” He says it was liberating and that he even created an autobiographical page online that stated he was a pedophile; he shared it with his parents.

“They didn’t really want to address it,” he said. Eventually, though, he said they came around to accept it. “They knew I wasn’t going to hurt any kids.” These days he says he’s not around kids, as most of the children in his family are grown.


But soon after, a vigilante group called Perverted Justice, which partnered with Dateline to film To Catch A Predator, infiltrated Girlchat and found Nickerson’s information. They outed him publicly, posting his name and photos on a site called Wikisposure. He says they also called people in his town and spread lies about him, including that he was in possession of child porn, and distributed flyers with his face on it.

Nickerson lost his job at Lowe’s. His father also lost his job when his employers found out about Nickerson.

He feared being physically attacked, but that never happened. He also claims cops never charged him with any crime.

On a positive note, however, he says being outed made him leave Girlchat. He’s now a moderator on Virtuous Pedophiles, a closed online support group for pedophiles who say they’re committed to not offending. An organizer told VICE the group currently has 1,845 members.

In light of his experiences, Nickerson says he’s wary of vigilantism. He echoes the concerns of authorities who say vigilantes don’t have standards or ethics to abide by.

“They can say whatever they want to say. If someone’s coming there to meet a minor, that’s not really a person who is completely innocent or anything,” he concedes. “But I know that in some cases they would actually badger people, force people into it. We don’t know that they’re not doing that.”


But he also believes continuing to stigmatize pedophiles can actually endanger children.

“Real pedophiles get that idea stuck in their head, they start to believe the myths. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for them,” he says. “Society thinks we’re the scum of the earth as it is.”

The theory is bolstered by Cantor, who says people often offend after a long time of trying to abstain. “They often know that there’s something up, that they’re different, and they don’t want to be acting on it but they talk themselves into believing that it’s not so bad, that a particular circumstance is an exception, that a particular is kid is more developed and knows more about what’s going on,” he explains.

“If somebody is surfing the net looking for an inappropriately young partner and is all of a sudden going to get confronted with ‘Look at what you’re doing,’ to me that’s an opportunity for this person now confronted to start thinking… ‘Do you want to talk to somebody about this? Do you want sex drive-reducing medications? Do you want a therapist to help you deal with these feelings that you can’t express in a public way?'” he says.

“Rather than publicly shame, drive somebody further into suicide and depression, which essentially just drives people underground where nobody can support them.” Mandatory reporting laws in Canada requiring a therapist to report on a client who is a pedophile if a child is believed to be at risk make it even harder for pedophiles to speak out, he notes.

Laforge admits that Creep Catchers might push a predator underground. But he thinks that’s proof that more people like him are needed “until there’s nowhere left for them to go.”

He says he can respect someone like Nickerson—a non-offending pedophile who is open about his condition so everyone around him knows. But he believes Creep Catchers are necessary for the people who won’t be so forthcoming.

“At least people can say ‘OK, you see this guy at the school, you see him at a park, you see him at the pool or something, at least you know you can watch your kids better’.”

Follow Manisha Krishnan on Twitter.


See also a clip from VICE Canada’s upcoming documentary ‘Age of Consent’




Pedophile Cults 


Child Sexual Abuse 

Satanic Ritual Abuse 

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Directory of Former New Agers, Pagans and Occultists.

Are you interested in ‘ghost hunting’, or ‘spirit communication’? Maybe you explore Eastern Mystical practises, metaphysical techniques, or other spiritualities?

Maybe you follow an ancient path based on Paganism? Do you practice Magick, Wicca, New Thought, or even the Occult?

As an open-minded seeker of truth, please consider others who followed such paths; what we saw and experienced in the supernatural realms and where it eventually led us. As supernatural whistleblowers, we expose inside secrets including those of top spiritual leaders!

Please, see the list of people in the box below. I myself left New Age Spiritualism in 1996 and have heard countless accounts of others world wide who experienced these same things.

I highly recommend you look at the true life stories below. Please contact them if you have any questions. Please also read the last section in the top Menu bar, ‘Your Life?’

Directory of Former New Agers and Occultists.

Name Background Introduction Their Resources More Resources
Matthew Ex Master Occultist Article
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A Tower Ex Witch Blog
Joseph Jordan, as seen on TV Ex Alien Contactee Blog
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Laura Maxwell, as seen on TV Ex New Age Spiritualist TrueLightNet
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** Lynne Dickie,Ex-Reiki ‘Healer’ & Ex Channeller of demonic ‘Aliens’ Radio Talk
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More to follow soon!

Also, please scroll through this blog, as I often forget to add people to this box!

** For excellent testimonies of Ex Reiki Masters, please see the site What You Should Know About Reiki.

All About Jesus

More True Stories.

You can hear episodes from my show ‘The Supernatural With Laura Maxwell – Eternal Radio’, where I interviewed international guests who teach on the dangers of various spiritualities, as well as the New Age, the Occult, etc. Also, from those who once followed various religions.

Please Listen Below:

You can also hear episodes from my show Spirituality Today: Laura and Dana Investigate’, on my YouTube channel.

Please Listen Below: 

The above testimonies are amazing true stories of ordinary people like you!

Also, they give glory to God for everything He has done in their lives and what He rescued them from.

Please don't stay silent - help others!

Please don’t stay silent – help others!

Psalm 96:3 (NLT) ‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.’

In a world saturated with negative news reports, it’s so exciting to share these amazing true accounts. See what God is doing in our countries and homes today! I pray these wonderful testimonies will encourage and bless you.

You may have friends tormented by spirits! If you care, please share. Remember, silence is consent. Help spread the truth to liberate those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

Why don't you add your story?

Why don’t you add your story? Please contact me!

Disclaimer : Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information presented by guests featured on her blog.


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Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts and more about Laura, please visit her blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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Is “The News” Making You Sick? By Berni Dymet.

Is “the News” Making You Sick?

Is “The News” Making You Sick?

The news ain’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s changed, irrevocably. And more and more, people are simply opting out, because they’re sick of it. So what’s going on and what, if anything, can you do to get high quality news these days … to really know what’s going on in your community, your country and around the world?

Here are some scary facts about “the news”:

1. There Are Far Fewer Journalists These Days:  For years, media outlets have been cutting back on their news resources – specifically on high quality journalists, because those guys tend to be very expensive. This trend has only been exacerbated as news outlets struggle financially, to come to grips with fragmentation, competition and the incredible disruption to their business models, arising out of all things digital.

2. Sources are Getting Very Dodgy Indeed: As a result, much of your “news” is being shadow-written by spin merchants, being paid large amounts of money, by powerful commercial interests who want their interests to be furthered by surreptitiously gaining, if not your approval, then your complicity through silence, disinterest, or both. It’s a straightforward fact that an increasing proportion of the so-called news in your paper or the nightly news bulletin is being fed to journalists by PR agencies being paid huge dollars, to slip them into the news cycle. While editors, stretched for resources, are only too happy to accept these “freebies”. If you don’t believe me, read some of the articles in today’s paper and ask yourself, “I wonder where that article about the lack of evidence between sugar consumption and obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease originated.” Hmm?!

3. Acute Competition and Technological Disruption are Resulting in Increased Sensationalisation and Spin: With the competition to grab a small slice of your attention span running white-hot (let’s face it, you have so many choices these days!) journalists are constantly having to play to their commercial reality – driven by metrics about readership, listenership, viewing audience, etc to fuel advertising revenue, which in turn is being drawn from an ever shrinking pool of funds as a result of fragmentation (they didn’t have to worry about the behemoths of Facebook advertising and Google AdWords even five years ago). So, even the real journo’s have to put some serious spin on things to grab your attention. My local newspaper (the Sydney Morning Herald) has a list of the most read articles at the bottom of the main news page on its website. It’d make you weep to see what, in the face of potential nuclear war, real economic and social issues, etc. – aka “the important stuff” – people are actually reading! Here are the top two “most read articles” in today’s edition:

#1 – The game should hang its head in shame over City-Country farce (rugby league)

#2 – Jacenko seen kissing ex-lover while husband Oliver Curtis still in jail

Really??!!! And this, from an allegedly serious, well-respected paper that’s been servicing its market for over a century.

Maybe we’re getting the news that we deserve, rather than the news that we need.

4.  Fake News: No, not everything you read in social media, or even on so-called news websites, is true. Fake news is a real thing. People just make things up to suit they’re agendas, tarting it up, making it sound credible, playing to people’s fears … and other people are believing it as truth. It’s changing whole countries. It’s a real thing and it’s a real worry. When was the last time you were duped into believing “fake news”? Answer? You have no idea. In fact sometimes you have to ask yourself, exactly where is the fake news coming from.

So the question is … what are we going to do about it?

Do we simply “tune out”? Do we just scroll endlessly through Facebook and cherry-pick the stuff we choose to believe, not really caring whether its true or not?

Charles Spurgeon once said “A preacher should have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other, ” meaning that we should have both the truth, and know what’s going on in the world, so that we can share the truth in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to people.

I wonder what he would say these days?

So with the world of news having changed irrevocably, here are ..

4 Tips To Help You Figure Out What’s Actually Going On … Through the News

Tip #1 – Filter out the Dross

The so-called news is made up of so much trivia and rubbish that it’s almost beyond comprehension. Really, the stuff that they’re passing off for news these days, a great deal of it just makes me want to puke!

Even if I knew who Jacenko, her ex lover and Oliver Curtis were (and, for the record, I don’t, nor do I care to) I certainly wouldn’t be interested in who is kissing whom, while whoever is in jail. Would you? The rubbish that news outlets trot out day after day, particularly the stuff that plays on our fears … who cares?!

So I have my dross-filter turned on and working in overdrive. When I read a headline and the first paragraph, or listen to the first few words, of an alleged piece of news, I ask myself “Does this deserve my attention?” If the answer is no … it doesn’t get my attention. Simple really. It’s like an unwanted, unsolicited phone call – just hang up, move on, ignore it. Or do you want this stuff, designed as it is to play on your fears, to drag you down? Really?!

You are what you eat … and for me, being discerning about the news that I consume, is incredibly important.

Tip #2 – Find Some Trusted Sources + Understand Where They’re Coming From

Even trusted sources these days can’t be trusted completely, for the very reasons outlined above. But some are more trustworthy than others. So these days, I’m searching out specific journalists, rather than just looking at the news outlet as a whole. People whom I can get to know and to trust, up to a point. The question is … where is that point?

So when I do find them, I try to understand where they’re coming from, beyond the broad-brush of “conservative” versus “left-wing”. What barrow is this journo pushing? What things matter to them? How does this colour their perspective on the news that they report?

Everyone has a perspective. You can’t help it. But it’s important for us to get to know and understand the perspective of the journo, so that we can know up to what point, and on what issues, we can trust them.

That’s why I deliberately source my news from multiple outlets – in particular, outlets that I know to have different biases and perspectives. That way I can think about the an issue from different angles, and make up my own mind.

It’s time to stop consuming the news without thinking. Those days are well and truly over and they are never, ever coming back.

Which leads me to my next point …

Tip #3 – Consume the News Critically 

No matter how driven or hard-working we are, most of us become fundamentally lazy when we plonk ourselves down in front of the box after a long day at the office, to watch the evening news. But that’s the very time that we can’t afford to let our guard down. Because the spin that I was talking about earlier, is everywhere.  Everywhere!!

And the language used by the journalists is a dead give away. Take this classic beat up:

The Prime Minister was forced today, to deny rumours of a leadership challenge.

Why was the PM forced to deny talk of a leadership challenge? Was it simply because the “journalist” who reported this alleged fact, asked the PM the question, which she duly answered? Nine times out of ten, that’s exactly why, because the journalist was trying to drum up a story to justify his or her existence, in a newsroom always looking to make cuts.

Test the language. Put it under a microscope. Is it a beat up? Is it a PR spin piece? Or is it a simple reporting of the facts (something, that in news, is all too rare these days). One could take that same alleged piece of news about a leadership challenge, and report it like this:

The Prime Minister today stared down talk of a leadership challenge amongst some back benchers, and re-exerted her influence over the party.

Spin is such a grand thing, isn’t it?!

Emotive language full of innuendo, colours our perception of the facts. Strip that rubbish away, get to the facts of the matter for yourself, and make up your own mind. Oh, and by the way, please do feel free to disagree with the journo’s spin.

Which brings me to my final point …

Tip #4 – Take Time to Digest the News and Formulate Your Opinions

The news – I mean, the important issues, post the filtering out of the dross – is something that I like to think about on an ongoing basis, because it helps me, in part, to shape my opinions, and ultimately, my world view (to the latter it is but one of several key inputs).

At the end of the day, I’m not so interested in what Donald Trump tweeted at 3 am this morning, as I am in what this piece of behaviour adds to my understanding of him as a leader and his likely impact on this world going forward.

Nor am I keen to dwell on the doom and gloom that someone is trying to drum up about the economy. (Parenthetically, I am clearly of the view that way too many people are letting too much of the spin and the dross play to their fears and poison their outlook. I believe that the news really is making these people sick.)

No, I want to stand back from the daily jumble of “news” and ask myself: So Berni, what does this all really mean? What’s it telling me? Where are things headed? What are people missing? What am I missing? To what extent is my self-interest driving my perceptions? How can I react and contribute in a way that makes things better rather than making them worse?

For instance, as I read of the to-ing and fro-ing about taxation and expenditure, over time, and as I’ve observed the blatant the pork barreling of one party over the other, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in Australia at least, we spend far too much of the public purse on middle class welfare to prop up high expectations of living standards (and hence, of course, the perceived electoral prospects of the particular party who, today, happens to be doing the pork barreling), resulting in an under-expenditure on essential public infrastructure which would serve to increase the capacity of the economic and stimulate sustained growth … not to mention a growing sense of selfishness and entitlement, rather than selflessness and sacrifice.

I’ve come to that conclusion by thinking about what I see and hear from my multiple sources over time. And I’m happy to share and debate those conclusions with people, to help formulate constructive responses to what’s going on in the world today.

But sadly, too often, our ideas about, for instance, public policy, are driven by raw self-interest, rather than what’s good for the economy as a whole, for the vulnerable and the under-privileged, for lifting the less fortunate up, and so on.

An old business colleague of mine (one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known) tells me how, many years ago, a teacher of his at school said to him: Lad, you sit and think, but mostly you just sit!

I confess, I think that’s what we do, way too often, when it comes to “the news”.

But then, those are just my ramblings. What do you think?



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Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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Astral Projection, Automatic Writing, Japanese Occultism, Dark and Martial Arts, to Freedom: Matthew’s Story.

‘A strange thing happened one day as I was researching Wizardry. A demon spoke up and told me that to get stronger I had to recant Jesus Christ. That was like a slap in the face and it woke me up for a moment of what I was doing.’

When I was about 16 I started into the world of Martial Arts, I became ridiculously obsessed. I was living, breathing, eating, sleeping Martial Arts, and I especially became obsessed with the Internal Arts of Chi and Internal Energy. I always was interested, but we never really had the resources to pursue it, and that now we had good internet and I had my own personal computer, so I went nuts. I went full into martial arts research of its history, acquired tons of books, and became obsessed with Chi and Chi energy concepts of Eastern Mysticism.

The thing is I knew my parents would object, I spent a good amount of time feeling guilty about it, but my personal curiosity and I believe the temptation of the enemy won out. I kept it to myself and didn’t tell a single person, I made the choice to have it as only my own personal life, and the study was always done in secret.

new age light healing energy

This was my life for the next 7 years, and it just grew darker and darker, and I got better and better at living a double life. Nobody knew, neither my brothers, parents, or friends that I was into mysticism. All the while I knew this would cause an absolute storm if anyone found out, and at the same time I battled with the issue of Biblical trouble. I had convinced myself that this wasn’t wrong because I wasn’t using it for evil, and kept trying to create loopholes and excuses to keep it.

I studied Chi energy manipulation, Meditation, and Chi projection, and what I found was that it worked. One day I was meditating and learning how to control the mind, with my eyes closed it was like I was seeing myself from the inside out. It was like looking through the eyes of my spirit, and my eyes were looking down inside my chest which looked like an empty chest cavity. Suddenly a flame of fire appeared and shoved me out of the meditative trance and I was unable to trance again. Suddenly verses popped up convicting me of all this and I knew that was the Holy Spirit trying to tell me to stop and was warning me. Out of fear I listened for a while, but the fear wore off and I wound up going right back into it.

new age healing source energy meditation yoga

So many people believe that this stuff is fake, Hollywood nonsense fiction, fantasy, comic book stuff and deny any possibility that there could be something about it. This spurred my obsession, the idea of more than the natural reality, this fed my thirst for something mystical and “spiritual” which I still never really found in Church. This flowed into studies of how all nature and reality is wrapped with energy, and that even the New Age teachings that thought energy could affect the surroundings. Studies on vibration, thought, warping reality.

Later on in life, not even my wife and in-laws knew a single thing I was doing, I always kept it hidden and made excuses, I lied, and twisted the truth.I did feel bad about it, hiding things from her and others, it was a constant guilt, a feeling of betrayal, but again I would just excuse this as my personal life and “people don’t have to know everything”. I would just push these feelings down, ignore the conviction, and I’d use the ADD excuse to brush off any possible prying from others. I still “believed” in the Christian things, I still went to Church, sang the hymns, read the Bible (from time to time), and prayed.

Shortly after I got married is when it clicked in my mind that since everything is Energy, affected by it, I started to think that what the Bible is talking about regarding Magic and how it is wrong, that this is using it for evil, selfish reasons, or using it in the name of the devil. But (delusionally) if I use it for good, for God, then it is not evil. That what regular Christians who don’t know anything about this stuff think is then completely wrong, they’re just scared of it, ignorant of it, and thus label it all witchcraft, not knowing the difference. Because in the Bible there are many stories of such things, healings, miracles, the Urim and Thummim, that these are just people using the powers of Heaven for good. However I never went and asked for clarity from anyone, this fed my delusion and allowed me to continue.

I spent years studying this more and more, got into Eastern Mysticism, combined Japanese energy arts the Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri (Japanese occultism) into my practices, focusing more and more on how to use stronger energy magic for “good”. I found this to be very effective, it affected those around me in controlling people, mind manipulation and suggestion, reading minds, and mystical healings. This Craft also deepened my ability to focus and concentrate, deepened meditation, and also got me interested in other cultural arts.

And suddenly the thought came to me “What if western magic is no different? And that the terminologies are wrong too?”. So I looked into it and found that Wizardry, Sorcery, and Witchcraft as people call it, is literally no different in many ways from Eastern Mysticism – that it’s all in “how you use it”, so again I believed that it was ignorance of deeper study that caused people to generically label it all the same thing. White magic was then safe I believed, the RHP (right hand path, white magic), and that Black magic is what the Bible was talking about which is the LHP (left hand path, black magic) for those using it for selfish or evil reasons.

This is when I started reaching out and finding others around me with the same interest, and we created an “Order” for practitioners of Magic for good, and I got busy and started teaching what I found, and it exploded. Tons of people started to flood in, and in no time I had hundreds of followers and this fed my Ego like mad. I found a well of info in “Christian Mysticism / Christian Occultism” and I was introduced and ate up Angelic Conjuring, Energy Manipulation for Mystic Healings, Astral Projection to help people find things, Divination for encouragement and answers, and I was also the head instructor of it all.

There were about 5 of us at the top, our leadership was constantly shuffling but I was always the strongest of it all. We helped people, and we wound up calling ourselves “Seers for God”. And please make no mistake, we weren’t just making it up, we weren’t imagining it, this was all seriously real. The entities would show up and we believed them to be Angels of God, we could actually do everything I mentioned, and I grew so arrogant and prideful, very opinionated and aggressive. I was paid money for my abilities because I had the highest success rate, and I could easily conjure, spell cast, and curse whatever I wanted. Magic is real, sorcery is real, wizardry is real, it is all one hundred percent real – but it is all absolutely demonic.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15) “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

But this didn’t last long, you cannot take fire into your bosom and not be burned. Playing with these things never stays neutral or “good” for long. It drew me further and further down the rabbit hole of Occultism and I got introduced to Symbology and Artifact Enchanting. I got sort of bored with the group and I started leaving them more and more and went into personal Magic studies and Conjuring, and started focusing on developing my own abilities more. The big thing is that my stress, ADD issues decreased, and personal sense of well-being was increased, I felt like I was somebody that I had a special ability and that my problems of the past were finally no longer an issue because of all this.

I honestly saw this craft as a personal redemption. I became quite popular, people paying me money for my skills, my name was famous in the Occult community, I was swarmed with notifications from people looking for help and advice. There were People who practiced the Occult for 60+ years saying I was more powerful than any other they knew, and that insanely fed my ego. And this drove me right off the deep end into the dark magic and I didn’t even realize what I was doing.

A strange thing happened one day as I was researching Wizardry. A demon spoke up and told me that to get stronger I had to recant Jesus Christ. That was like a slap in the face and it woke me up for a moment of what I was doing.

I was scared, shaking uncontrollably, and so I called my Dad who is a Pastor to come over and help me. He said he’d be there right away, and a few minutes later he showed up. I only confessed the one thing that I had done that day out of fear of letting him know what I had fully done, and I didn’t tell him the rest. We prayed and I confessed the sin, and that’s when the same devil spoke up again and told me that it would be going after my brothers to destroy them. I immediately told Dad what it had said, and we prayed again and asked the Lord to protect them. This “repentance” only lasted a couple weeks maybe, and I just fell right back into it all over again. Obsessions don’t die easily.

That week that I delved into the Dark Arts is when I met the Egyptian god of magic and sorcery Toth. I was sleeping and suddenly I was pulled out of my body and was on the Astral plane, he was standing in front of me offering me the book of knowledge and hidden magic, and I could feel the power coming off of it, and after deliberation I accepted it. It was shortly after that I dove into heavier dark magic, no longer really caring or even thinking about the Bible or Christianity, I was convinced that I was on the right path and my personal convictions were dead.

Everything I did I was completely deluded and deceived to the extreme. Case in point, I finally got to a point where I had plateaued in my Craft, and by direction of my familiar spirits I created a magic Witches Sigil and cut my finger and marked the Sigil with my blood and burned it in a ritual to make myself a master. I had started to become interested in Scandinavian myth and lore, and especially in the Norse gods, and it all became very real to me that night.

That night after the Sigil ritual, a dark being came into my bedroom and walked right up to me, it put its hand on me and asked me what I wanted. I could feel the mist that accompanies a spirit manifestation and the presence of the being, and it gave me its name of a Norse god named Heimdallr. I said I wanted to become a master of divination and conjuring, it said “very well” and left. My abilities immensely increased after that, and I quickly became a master and a full time instructor of Conjuring, Enchantment, and Divination.

Tibetan Mysticism

I went into dark magic, the lesser banishing right of the pentagram for conjuring spirits for protection, stone and mirror scrying, and witches bone and stone casting divination. I had gotten so familiar with certain spirits that I learned their names and they even gave me a special name. The spirit naming does not happen unless you are a devoted servant of the spirits, and this validated to me everything I was doing. And by this point I had grown so apathetic of Church and everything Biblical that I really didn’t care about Christianity anymore. However I still kept up regular appearances, attending prayer meetings and reading the Bible so others wouldn’t ask questions. I was very careful to not give away any indications of what I was doing, and in all this I started to quickly lose any conviction altogether.

I had secret Idols I had crafted, Tibetan Yak bone bead necklace that had been blessed by Tibetan mystics, and many other amulets and charms I wore. I specialized in many different forms of Divination and instructed in it, and my second speciality was Spirit Conjuring. If I spoke, they appeared, it was that close and powerful of a connection. I could send them to people and they’d manifest to them, and I could easily trance and perform Remote Viewing to help people with whatever they needed.

Nordic Shamanism

I went into Scandinavian Shamanism called Seither, I had researched many different forms of it and this is what appealed to me. I really loved Shamanistic trance drumming meditation which increased my abilities of Remote Viewing and Astral Projection. More people started to follow me and this is when I started to really not like anything Christian. I made excuses to not go to Church, I didn’t want to pray, read my Bible, none of it. I also had a lot of anger issues, fits of rage and lots of verbal fights with my wife. I really wanted to get into drinking, drugs for meditation, tattoos, and piercings but I couldn’t because people would then know.

This caused a lot of anger and frustration, which would manifest in bad temper issues and anger towards Christianity. I was really afraid of hurting my family with revealing all this, and they still thought I was a good Christian. I was actually spending a lot of time thinking of how I could come clean and reveal all of this, but I couldn’t think of any way without hurting everyone. My older brother had gone completely Atheist, my one younger was going worldly and was immensely influenced by my older brother, and if I was to let everyone know what I was up to it could kill my parents with grief. I loved my parents and family too much to say this, even though I didn’t really believe Christianity much really – I couldn’t hurt them.

Free Psychic Reading

Time seemed to fly, years went by and I grew so powerful and obsessed, I developed an entirely new system of magic and conjuring, writing whole rituals and traditions, conducting mass rituals for hundreds of people, and I then formed a new group. This new group was an open forum for psychics, mediums, astrologers, witches, anyone that could or would want to do free psychic readings for people.

Now these weren’t cold readers, these were real practicing witches and possessed mediums that could actually use real powers for the forum. We wanted a way to give back to society and help people, and this took off and became famous overnight. Thousands of followers attended the group, and our main readers increased in number swiftly too. I also discovered the demonic book “The Seals of Solomon” and it taught me more ways to conjure, control, and converse with spirits.

(On a side note – Years later when the Avengers Movies were coming out, I was blown away when I saw that the movie Dr. Strange referenced two writings in the demonic Seals of Solomon that the Doctor was an expert in, the “Ars Notoria” and “Ars Goetia”. He was also a Master Mystic and Sorcerer, and so many Christian parents let their kids watch that movie. Also Harry Potter references MANY forms of this too).

I could see the spirits everywhere, they followed me, spoke to me, and they would do anything I asked. They would walk around my house as beautiful wisps, they would form whenever I asked, and they would do my bidding.

Ouija Board or Spirit Board.

I actually really liked them because they were so friendly and helpful and we developed a very close relationship. I called them my angels and guardians, and I developed a small pocket Ouija style board that I could carry so they could talk to me when I was out and about. I was practicing automatic writing as well, learning how to allow the spirits to take over my arm and hand to write and draw, and this was the beginning of the end, conducting willful possessions.

Everything seemed to be going well until I messed up in a ritual and my familiar got very mad with me. I was working as a Security Guard for a large Resort, and I worked primarily the night shift. I was at work and my familiar came upon me and suddenly possessed me aggressively. My heart started to fibrillate really bad and it stopped for a couple seconds, and then slammed really hard. I felt my consciousness being pushed to the back of my mind and something else took over, my voice changed, and my whole body felt like lead but strangely also like I could run a million miles an hour.

This absolutely terrified me and I felt like I was going to die any second. I panicked and I immediately cried out to Jesus Christ and begged Him to help me and remove this thing. I felt the demon had lost its full grip, even though it was still in me, I could feel a massive fight for control, and I knew it was trying to kill me with an induced heart attack. I notified my Supervisor that I was having heart problems and he quickly rushed me to the Hospital where they hooked me up to everything, took blood, and after 6 long hours they couldn’t find a single thing wrong with me.

‘My familiar spirit tried to kill me.’

At that moment I knew I messed up, I knew what I was doing, I knew I had willingly allowed myself to practice Witchcraft and I repented of it and begged the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I kept calling upon Christ, and after hours of struggle the spirit finally left me and my monitor readings stabilized and the doctors let me go. The thing is, I hadn’t repented of all my sins and turned from my magic. I only repented of the “dark stuff” and justified the “white magic”.

The enemy doesn’t let go that easy, and it only lasted about a week maybe. I was way too scared to go back to what I was because my new familiars, yes I rejected the previous and summoned new ones. They had convinced me that I had unknowingly stepped over into the LHP of dark magic. So I restructured everything and left the groups, purged myself of everything I was in up to that point, and reinvented myself as a mystic healer shaman of light magic (you know, the delusional “good” side of evil).

A few months later I was driving around at work, working the night shift again, it was very quiet due it being the off-season for tourism. From time to time over the years I would get Bible verses popping up in my head that would trouble me in what I was doing, but I’d just bat them down and brush them off. Normally I could ignore the conviction and keep on, but this night the Lord cut it short. Suddenly it was like the Lord stepped through the fog I was in and Bible verses I had learned from my childhood just flooded my mind.

I couldn’t shake it out, I couldn’t ignore it, full pure realization and enlightenment was upon me and I came under extreme conviction. I had to pull over because I started crying, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles I was trying hard to hold on to my powers and ignore it all. This was my everything, my life, my identity, I had invested literally blood, sweat, tears, and years of my life. This was the only thing that made me feel whole and like I had any value and worth, and now God wanted to take it away from me – was what the familiars were screaming at me.

But finally, I felt Him, it was like I could literally feel Christ Jesus sitting in the passenger seat staring into my soul, and I was afraid to look at Him. I was angry, scared, massively convicted, my emotions just a mess, and I started bawling and completely broke down. Here I was, a Master Witch and Conjurer, a Master Instructor of Occultism and Mysticism, and I was sobbing like a baby.

I knew I was wrong, I knew it was all against the Lord, and I knew I had sinned a great sin. I knew that the past 16 years were years of darkness and lies, I knew the familiars were demons, I knew that I was defying the Lord and I was twisting the Scriptures for my benefit. I knew I was a sinner, and I truly repented. I confessed it all, rejected it all, and I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour and begged His salvation. I begged and begged for His Salvation, I told the Lord that I wouldn’t blame Him if He sent me to Hell because I knew I deserved it for what I had done. But then the verse that my Mom and Dad had drilled into me when I was a kid came up to my mind –

1 John 1:9) “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

I could hear my ex-familiars screaming a fit, they were furious but there was nothing they could do, the Blood of Jesus cancelled my blood pact with them, and I was saved, sealed, forgiven. I immediately lost all my powers, all my connection with the spirits was cancelled, my mind went silent, and there was an extreme stillness and peace upon me. It was a really strange feeling, and there was a very calm voice that was unlike anything I had ever heard that spoke to me and showed me who I now was. Verses were just running through my mind and this time I accepted all of it.

I looked around and saw there was still nobody around me, so I stepped out of the vehicle and burned all my charms. Until I came to the last one on me, a special bracelet made of cotton and bamboo, a bracelet of protection that was specially spell cast. I was scared to take it off, but Scripture popped up and showed me how the Lord protects me now, so I ripped the thing off and set fire to it. It wouldn’t burn, I held fire to it and it wouldn’t burn. I prayed and asked the Lord for help and I condemned the thing to Hell and set fire to it once again and it finally was consumed by the fire.

I called my wife and asked her to trust me and not ask any questions, as she still had no idea about all this. I asked her to go into my room, look in a certain box and she would see my necklace. I asked her to break it and throw it in the garbage, that I’d explain it all later. She found it and broke it, and I told her that I’d see her later.

The Lord spoke to me about all my stuff, showing me that I needed to destroy it all. So I broke and smashed all my icons, idols, and artifacts, burned the books, and did a complete purge of my life. And so mightily grew the word of God and prevailed!

Jesus overcomes Satan

Jesus overcomes Satan

Acts 19:19-20) “Many of them also which used curious arts brought their sorcery books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.”

Honestly,I felt really naked and exposed. I for the first time had no idea what to do, I had no powers, I had nothing. That’s when I said “now what God?” and He showed me that I needed to re-learn the Faith and re-read the Word of God. With obsessed passion I gave myself to the study of Scripture, I became obsessed with Jesus Christ, obsessed with Prayer, obsessed with everything Christian.

And it wasn’t long until the Lord called me as an Evangelist of the Gospel. I now serve the Lord as an Associate Pastor, Evangelist of the Gospel of Christ, a Bible Teacher, and a Biblical Counselor for Spiritual Warfare.

I’ve had the honor over the years of leading many Witches and Occultists to the Lord, starting a Ministry called Christian Coffee Time for online Bible studies and preaching.

Here’s the Periscope link to my account:

I preach the Gospel around the World online, with over 10,000 people reached daily from the Bible studies. And also recently my older brother recanted Atheism and turned to the Lord, and my younger brothers have also confessed upon the Lord as their Saviour.

”The Devil tried to kill me, Jesus Christ saved me. I once was blind, but now I see.”


A Final Word.

I hope this helps to encourage others that have come out of darkness and believed upon the Lord. And I hope this reaches some that may still be into all this to realize the Truth of Jesus Christ and repent and believe the Gospel.

Proverbs 28:5) “Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.”

James 1:5-7) “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.”

2 Corinthians 10:3-5) “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”

Before I Fell Into Occultism.

Some background notes about myself before I fell into Occultism. Since my childhood I had always felt that something was wrong with me, and it wasn’t until I learned that I had ADD that I realized a lot of my issues. I was never really able to focus well and this caused many issues in my life, from School to my Jobs, I always struggled. This carried into my Church life growing up, I couldn’t focus on Biblical things like reading the Bible or listening to the Services. Church felt empty and I just saw it as regular traditions, it never really felt personal and I longed for and craved for something personal and real. I attended the Sparky’s and Awana programs, memorizing the Bible, learning the hymns, and attending youth groups regularly. But it was all just fun and games and never felt personal.

In 1999 I came close to understanding, I was troubled with the thought of Hell and it scared me. I always worried about whether or not I was Saved – I did believe because that was what I was raised to believe, but I never made it personal. So I went to my Dad and told him and he lead me through the sinners prayer, and I was sincerely emotional about it and such, but I really do not believe I was saved then because of what followed.

My story started when I was 16. I’m 35 now, (at the writing of this Nov 1st/2019).

Brother Matthew.

Here’s Matthew’s Periscope Link:

Matthew is also on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, using the name #ChristianCoffeeTime You can find him on each of those too.

Many thanks to Brother Matthew for kindly granting me permission to share his powerful testimony on my blog. God bless you! Laura Maxwell.



Automatic Writing,



Astral Projection.

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Ex-Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel’s Testimony.

Dana Emanuel, a former Paranormal Investigator of 15 years, wrote this excellent article! My dear friend Dana from Florida, USA, kindly gave me permission to share it here! I really encourage you to read this and share it with friends! Laura Maxwell. 

Finding Jesus While On The Wrong Path: Testimony of Ex-Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel of    

Dana Emanuel

It is no secret that society is making a case that that the supernatural exists, and that there is a fine line between normal, and the paranormal. There is something intriguing about gathering real evidence that the spirit world truly exists. For some that have had personal experiences of the unknown, it only sparked the beginning of a life long journey on an adventurous path of seeking the truth.

Naturally, we all have an understanding that one day we will die. As we watch people we know and love, die through the years, it becomes more and more apparent that one day we too will face our own death. We all long for some kind of comforting assurance that as we take our last earthly breath here on earth, that we will wake up to our eternal existence beyond the grave. But, we all can’t help but wonder, is their really life after death? This remains to be the most common question of all time, by all of humanity.

There are two paths that can be taken to learn the truth regarding life after death, and the spiritual world. We can learn it by seeking God’s word on this subject, or we can venture out on our own to learn, through science and personal experiences. If we take the path which depends on our own logic and understanding, it can lead not only to the truth that the paranormal “really exist”, but that we can suddenly find ourselves in a spiritual war zone, resulting in devastating results.

My Testimony

As far back as I can remember, Ive always been interested in the paranormal (things such as ghost stories, scary movies, ufos, etc.) As for my religious beliefs, I have always believed in God, and the fact that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and that He died on the cross for us and rose again the third day. I’ve went to church all my life, with the exceptions of only a few brief periods. I was always a Jesus “believer” but as you will see, my involvement in the occult shows I was not actually a Jesus “follower”. I never really read or studied the Bible. I wasn’t dedicated in attending church on a regular basis either. If it weren’t for my dear father calling me every Sunday morning, asking, “Hey, you going to church today”?, I probably wouldn’t have went to church as often as I did. My lifestyle did not truly reflect one of a “born again” Christian.

When I was approx. 29 years old, me and my family moved in with my grandmother. She was a widow, as my grandfather had passed away approx. 15 years prior. She was in the advanced stages of Alzheimers. I went to nursing school and I had worked previously in the medical field, so I volunteered to move in and be her full time caregiver. Soon after my family and I moved in, I personally witnessed such the sounds of footsteps up and down the hallway (outside my grandmothers bedroom) and her music box would start playing on its own.

This paranormal activity in her home fueled my interest in the paranormal even more. After we had several incidents of paranormal activity, I had an experience that would truly convince me that the paranormal/supernatural was indeed real, and that there really is a spirit world.

Like many nights before, I was awoken by noises in the house. Except this time, it was coming from the kitchen area. (in my grandmothers home) My husband and I slept in the old family room, which connected to the kitchen by 2 large sliding glass doors. We left those sliding glass doors open at night, so we could keep cool with the air conditioner. After I was woke up by the noises, I kept my eyes closed, and I continued to hear the noises. I laid there and wanted so badly to open my eyes to look across the room and into the kitchen to see what was making the noises.

But I was afraid. Whenever this would happen, I would get a very eerie feeling. It was a feeling that is hard to explain. Although I couldn’t “see anything”, I could literally “feel” a dark presence there around me. And if you looked around, It was when the dark was darker than the dark.

So, as the noises continued, I finally got up the courage to open my eyes to see what it was. As I was opening my eyes I could hear a noise, and as my eyes came into focus, I could literally see (and hear) one of the kitchen chairs move away from the table as it slid across the floor! I was terrified, and in panic, I got out of bed and ran out the side door and went outside. My husband heard me yell as I jumped up and ran out the door, and he followed me to find out what happened. Even though I was always attracted to the paranormal, this incident still frightened me.

My husband then calmed me down as he was reassuring me that this “spirit” that was haunting my grandmothers house was most likely my grandfather, which had passed alway several years before this. We finally just came to the conclusion that it must be him, and that he was just simply watching over my dear grandma. Because after all, the spirit didn’t try to attack any of us, or harm us, so this just reinforced our belief that it was probably my grandfather.

After this incident, I found myself beginning to really question the afterlife more than ever before. Because after all, if this was indeed my grandfather, why was he not in heaven? Why would he still be here, on earth lingering around my grandmothers house, and not in heaven?

It was already rumored within the family that my grandmothers house was haunted by my deceased grandfather, as a few of them had lived with her and had experiences of their own while living there. They all believed he was simply “looking after my grandmother”.

After the incident, I started researching the subject. I went to bookstores, and the local public library, reading everything I could find related to the paranormal, ghost hunting, and earthbound spirits.

Interestingly, I sought the truth in every book I could find, but neglected to seek the truth in God’s Word

As my curiosity grew, I started going to the local graveyards to “hunt ghosts”, using cameras and voice recorders. I remember the very first night we went to a local graveyard, we actually got a very compelling photo of what “appeared” to be a full bodied apparition of an earthbound spirit. (It was actually a demonic spirit, masquerading as an earthbound spirit)

I was also using a small audio recorder, attempting to capture “EVPS” (Electronic voice phenomenon) I started asking questions. One of the questions I asked was, “ what is your name”? After we finished the investigation that night, we went home, and I started analyzing the recordings to see if we captured any EVPS. Soon after I started playing the recording, I heard a very clear response when I asked that question, “what is your name”? And very clearly, I heard a male voice, say, “Frank”! We were all stunned, and so “fascinated” by this.

I remembered the exact spot where I had started asking questions with my recorder, so the very next day, I went back to the graveyard, and went to that exact spot, and looked at the grave. To my amazement, the first name on the grave stone was indeed “Frank”! I “thought” that the evidence I collected indeed “proved” that this voice was indeed the earthbound spirit of the man buried in that grave.

The more “evidence” I collected from other investigations, the more I become obsessed with the paranormal. And I admit, I loved the “thrill of the hunt”. I watched all the paranormal realities shows, and movies related to the paranormal.

Once I got my first computer it opened up a whole new world to me. I was then able to interact with many other people in the paranormal field that had the same interest and “passion” as me. I joined several paranormal community websites. I started reaching out to others in the paranormal field, and later joined a team of investigators. During these years I gathered a large collection of research equipment and tools.

After a few years, I decided to start my own paranormal research team. We would investigate people’s homes that claimed to have paranormal activity, hoping to provide answers for the families, concerning what “kind” of spirits were in their homes, or if there were any at all.

Hauntings were categorized by “earthbound human spirits”, poltergeist hauntings, residual haunts, or demonic haunts, as we mistakenly thought hauntings could be classified into such categories.

Other than private cases, we would go to public places that were rumored to be “haunted”. (Such as old jails, motels, clubs, graveyards, business locations, etc.)

Dana during a paranormal investigation at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Motel .

Although I was a “Christian” during this time, I lived my life without any regard for what the Bible said about the afterlife, and most importantly, Gods stern warnings against practicing divination, necromancy, or consulting familiar spirits, etc. (See Deuteronomy 18) I truly didn’t see any harm in what I was doing. (At least not yet…)

During this time, I had a few people approach me, and tell me that according to the Bible, ghosts do not remain “earthbound” or trapped here on earth when we die, and that the spirits I was communicating with were in fact demonic spirits, masquerading as such.

One day I was at work, and while I was on lunch break sitting with my brother Billy, I started showing him pictures of apparitions I had captured during an investigation, and he looked at me and said, ” you do know that these things are not really ghosts, they are demons, right??” He told me that according to the Bible, ghosts do not remain earthbound when we die, and that we go to either heaven or hell immediately. And he told me that demons masquerade as earthbound spirits.

In the paranormal field, I did hear about something called “mimicking”, but I had learned that demons do sometimes do this, but I had also learned that earthbound ghosts were really here too. So I listened to what he told me, but sort of “dismissed it” at the time, as I knew that my brother was never into the paranormal like I was, and that perhaps my “experiences” superseded his “knowledge of the scriptures”.

I also had my other brother, Donnie warm me by telling me scriptures out of the bible, where it forbids the practice of necromancy, divination, and consulting mediums and familiar spirits. But at that time, I had been on my paranormal explorations so long that since I did not see any harm (at the time) in what I was doing, I did not heed his warnings, as I truly enjoyed the paranormal field, and I truthfully, I did not want the truth. Not only did I enjoy paranormal research, but I loved the paranormal community. (I still do) They were like my second family.

Kraig, Krystal, Dana, and Joe, with Ghost Search Investigations. In Virginia, the morning after conducting a private residential investigation.

Dead Time Paranormal, F.A.N.G., Pride Paranormal, and Florida Ghost Chasers, at a paranormal group meetup.

I rejected the truth, and I would try to justify what I was doing by convincing myself that I was doing my research to “help others”. The truth was, I was also doing it because I was obsessed with the paranormal and did not want to give it up. In reality, it does not help people when you go into their homes and open them and their homes up (like a spiritual portal to the demonic) when you engage with these spirits and provoke them into materializing and manifestation. (for “evidence” collection purposes)

A few of my family members were praying for me to see the dangers involved in the paranormal, and to see these spirits for what they really were, and for me to stop my paranormal exploration.

During my research, I learned that there was something indeed called “mimicking”. This was something that most, if not all, paranormal research teams know about, and many agree that it takes place “at times”. But they also believe that some hauntings are by earthbound spirits of our departed loved ones. After several investigations, I began to suspect that possibly ALL of these hauntings were in fact demons, masquerading as the departed spirits of our departed loved ones. In the cases we had, it always seems to be at least one “negative” spirit involved.

Even when there was a spirit of what appeared to be a child, there would always be another spirit there that was negative. It was what I call “good spirit-bad spirit” scenarios. For instance, there were cases where a “good spirit” was being held against their will by a “bad spirit”, and was not able to move on into the light, or “cross over”. And there were cases where a good spirit was hanging around to protect those in the home from a “bad spirit”. I had personally witnessed a spirit of what claimed to be a sweet innocent “little girl”, throw a man into a wall with great force.

It was cases like this that revealed to me the true nature and identity of what these “ghostly entities” truly were. I have also found that no matter what the entity claims to be, that if you tell it to leave in the name of Jesus, it always flees! I also noticed that when I started questioning this, things would happen.

instead of the usual paranormal occurrences that we were used to experiencing, There were a few things that happened… things that other people would not necessarily see as a “sign” from God, but It became clear to me that God was trying to show me that the true identity behind these spirits were indeed demonic spirits. And it seemed to become more and more obvious that this was the case. And as I began to talk to others about it, things would also happen. I didn’t know it at the time, but these demonic spirits would try to “interfere” everytime I would try to talk to others about it.

I remember one night I was a guest on a paranormal radio talk show We were to discuss an upcoming Paracon Convention where I was scheduled to speak at. At this point, my home was under severe demonic attack, and I was really questioning the true identity of these spirits. When I was talking to the host, I began to share with her my discoveries and why I believed it. But as we talked, we had several disruptions. And then our connection on the phone seemed to be broken several times. So I went out on my back porch where the connection seemed to be better, and as we began to talk again, my dogs began to bark. I checked on them and everything seemed to be fine.

We started to talk again and I felt a strong feeling of a dark presence there. Then as we were talking, my dogs grew more and more agitated.. to the point where they were growling and even barking in a howling manner. And oddly enough, they weren’t looking toward the fence or anything.. they were looking toward me. It was so freakish. And even began to feel nauseous. Eventually the show was cut short as all the interruptions become to be too much to continue.

During my years of paranormal research, I always used protection prayers before and after my investigations. We believed that this would protect us from any “spirit attachments” or from any “hitchhikers”. (Spirits following us home)

I remember one weekend, I went to St. Augustine, Florida with my daughter, as we went to the “haunted town” for the weekend. A town that is well known for its many haunted locations. It was only my daughter and I that went, as it was more like a “weekend get-away” for us. One of the nights that we were there, we arranged to take a late tour of the old jail. While we were on the tour, we separated ourselves from the others, and we started conducting an EVP session. And during the session, I was asking questions, and I asked the spirits to “show me a sign” that they were there, and to do something to prove to me that they do indeed exist.

After a few minutes, to my surprise, my husband called me on my cellphone. He was at home, as he did not come on the trip with us. He was not into the paranormal like I was. When I answered the phone, He was upset, and he told me, “Dana, I don’t know where you are right now, or what you are doing, but please STOP.. because you have got stuff stirred up here at our house”!!

I asked him what happened, and he told me that he was sitting in the living room at home, and there was a basketball sitting in front of him on the floor, and suddenly, the ball started rolling across the floor, went through the dining room, and into the kitchen, and through the hallway, and around into the other door coming back into the living room, and then it stopped right in the same spot it was in before it moved.

Right away I realized that a few minutes before this happened, I was asking the spirits to show me some kind of sign that they are there and that they do exist. And to my surprise, after I reviewed the evp recordings, there was a voice that said the word “home”.

This incident was a real eye opener, as it showed me that when we are at different locations doing these investigations, these demonic spirits have a legal right to us and our homes. We are opening ourselves up to the demonic when we are communicating with them etc. Even when we think we are protecting ourselves with prayers. We cannot willfully sin and expect God to just protect us from the consequences of that sin. For us to pray for protection while engaging in a willful sinful, is to tempt God.

Unyielded sin causes us to lose ground with God in prayer, because unyielded sin is actually siding with the devil.

For example, when Satan tempted Jesus and told him to jump from the pinnacle of the temple, and he told him that he should not worry because God will send his angels to protect him.. Jesus rebuked him by reciting scripture and saying thou shall not tempt the Lord your God…

For us to participate in occult practices, while assuming that God will protect us, is to “tempt God”.

Matthew 4:5-10 KJV

[5] Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple, [6] And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. [7] Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. [8] Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; [9] And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. [10] Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

I also started to realize that these demonic spirits affect us in other ways as well, not always by paranormal occurrences; but also by wrecking havoc in our personal lives. Things such as marital problems, health issues, drug/alcohol addictions, obsessive disorders, anger issues, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.

Not only in my own life, but also my paranormal friends, and even my clients. I had become so used to a “dysfunctional” lifestyle by this time, it was a fact that was easily missed. I just thought that everyone in my inner circle was just normal like me. They had the same type of dysfunctions and “struggles”as I did.

I used to have “blogstar” shows. Blogstar was a podcaster website that we utilized, to have interactive live videos on a platform that allowed several people at one time, to discuss a particular subject. It was similar to the format used for live YouTube videos. We would have discussions with others in the paranormal field, and we would discuss different cases, and we would share our “evidence” with each other and we would also discuss the newest research equipment, and techniques used to gather such evidence. (Evidence such as: photos of ghostly apparitions, orbs, EVPs, and video footages of paranormal activity.)

It was during these discussions with other paranormal enthusiasts, where I began to learn how often “spirit mimicking” was happening. I heard countless stories of “little girl ghosts” that ended up being exposed as evil demonic spirits . There were so many of these stories that I began to question to myself, ” if these demonic spirits mimic human spirits “some of the time”, how do we know they aren’t mimicking our departed loved ones, ALL of the time”??

When I was starting to “question” if these spirits were in fact, ALL demonic spirits, I would mention it to my friends and others in the paranormal community, and I would point out the fact that these “spirits” always seemed to leave when commanded to, “in the name of Jesus”. I noticed that many of the other investigators would strongly deny this possibility, and I would get a lot of backlash from them whenever I suggested it. I found that this theory was not a popular one within the paranormal community.

Many of my paranormal friends seemed to always be open to all other “theories” regarding the paranormal and the spiritual world, EXCEPT the possibly that all “ghostly spirits” were in fact demons, mimicking the dead. (Familiar Spirits)

Some of the theories believed by the paranormal community is; Residual Haunts, Poltergeist Haunts, Demonic Haunts, Ghostly Haunts, Bigfoot, Alien visitations, Angelic visitations, etc.

So I became a bit hesitant when bringing up this theory to others because I did not want to offend or anger them.

Since it seemed that the Christian “church” didn’t accept or understand paranormal exploration, (Paranormal research) it was nearly impossible to find a minister to really help when we had cases that appeared to be demonic or negative. This always left us with the option to turn to others in the field… those that identified themselves as mediums, demonologists, shaman, exorcists, etc.

Although I was in the paranormal field, I had my Christian beliefs and during this time I always had a conflict within my spirit regarding these other faiths and practice.

During the time where I really started to question this possibility, was when I had a case that involved a client (young man) that was suffering physical attacks. He was having instances where he would suddenly be thrown into the wall by an invisible force. Once when it happened, it injured his back. He went to the ER, with back pain. When he told the doctor what happened, the doctor sent him to “Circles of Care” (a mental health hospital) for evaluation and observation. While he was there, he told one of the nurses what happened, and she believed him.

It just so happend, that she too too was “ into the paranormal”. She had a “business card” of another paranormal investigation team, which was friends of ours. This friend of ours wasn’t able to take the case, as she already had several other cases, so she called a man we knew, that founded another team.

We were at another investigation with his team, when he got the phone call. A few of the members left that night, and went to talk to the other people that lived in the house where the young man was getting attacks, to do a preliminary investigation. While they were there, they put a few voice recorders around the house, and they interviewed the family. While they interviewed them, a young lady started “talking to the spirit of what she believed to be a young female child that alleged to be the victim of abuse by her father. Once she started doing this, she went into a bedroom closet and started “manifesting” as if the girl was channeling through her.

“The practice of channeling — a person’s body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication”

She was acting as if she was being abused by her father and she sobbed and was asking for help. After hearing about the young man being thrown with supernatural strength, by what we questioned to be an evil spirit or demon, this incident with the “spirit of a little girl” confused us. This is when I was suspecting that it could possibly be a demon, posing as a little girl, just so it could gain our trust and sympathy, and deceive us.

After reviewing the audio recordings that were collected at the house, we heard several voices, saying things like, “ Get out, get out now, all of you!!!!” So, we all felt like it was “possibly” an evil spirit of a man (perhaps the abusive father of the little girl) or even worse, a demonic spirit. We scheduled the full investigation for the following week, because by that time, the young man would be released from the mental hospital.

The day of the investigation came, and one of the team members went to their church (Catholic Church) and talked to someone there, and they got some holy water. When we arrived at the home that night, we sat in the van and prayed. We were praying to Jesus and St. Michael the archangel, for protection.

We should never do this, but at that particular time, I wasn’t aware that praying to angels, the saints, or Mary was considered necromancy and/or idolatry. As this is placing our faith in someone or something else, besides Jesus. And we should never pray to the dead.

When we attempt to call on Michael the archangel, A demonic spirit will respond, pretending to be Michael, because holy angels only respond if God chooses to send them. God gives angels charge over us.

The bible tells us:

Psalm 91:11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

I later found out that we should only call upon the name of the Lord, for protection. And another important thing I learned was; if we engage in occult practices, We are leaving God’s umbrella of protection. So even if we call on the name of the Lord while doing these occult practices (necromancy, divination, witchcraft, etc.,) we are still in harms way. God will not “bless a sin”, and He will not hear our prayers while we regard iniquity in our hearts.


After praying in the van, we went inside and began praying throughout the house, we put holy water over every door, and over all the windows. We set up our monitoring equipment out on the front porch and we placed several stationary IR cameras in the house. When we started the investigation, the young man (that suffered the violent attacks) left for a while, and come back later that evening. While he was gone, we did several “ séance sessions”, using dowsing rods.

A few times, when we asked the spirits questions, the bedroom door of the room we were in, would open and then shut, and we were getting responses using our dowsing rods. But this was the only thing “paranormal” that happened at this point of the investigation. Later that night, the young man came back to the house, and we were talking to him and telling him what had occurred thus far. And he asked us, “ well, since the spirit seems to target me, maybe it will help if I go in with you?”

We told him that it was up to him if he wanted to go in with us, but that if anything happened, we wouldn’t be liable. After all, he basically lived there, as he was best friends with the teen age girl that lived there. So, he went in with a few of us. We went into the bedroom again, and my daughter Krystal sat on the bed behind me as I was using a handheld camcorder.

During this séance, I was filming another team member while he was asking questions, using the “dowsing rods”. During this “session”, the man was suddenly thrown into the wall, with great force! This was the first time I ever witnessed anything like this! Although I found out what these spirits could actually do, my obsession with the paranormal only got worse..

I had the footage of the incident on tape, and I was asked to speak at a few paranormal conventions for a few years and I would show the footage and discuss with others, the “dangers involved in paranormal research”. I would teach others how to conduct investigations safely, and I would also teach the public on how to communicate with spirits.


“The only safety in paranormal research is to not do it.”

You see, I was still being deceived by these spirits, as I still had not accepted the truth, that in fact, all these spirits were actually demons in disguise, mimicking the dead, and that my involvement in the paranormal was giving demonic spirits legal rights into my life, and the life of my family.

It was during this time, I really started questioning it, because the only real evidence we had, was how these spirits manifested, and what these spirits said to us, and what they claimed to be. We were merely taking their word for it. It had not come to my full knowledge of truth yet, that all these spirits lie about their true identity.

It’s very interesting to know how many ghost hunters truly rely on their own 5 senses, and trust what these spirits “tell them”, or how they “appear”. When coming to a conclusion in “paranormal cases”, the evidence that is always presented as “proof” of ghosts include things such as:

*EVP recordings (having to trust in what the spirits tell them)

*Photographs of paranormal anomalies (familiar spirits can “appear” as ghost)

*Temperature readings of the area during the investigation.

*EMF readings (again, this can be manipulated by demonic spirits)

*Video footage of paranormal activity.

*Information given through a medium or psychic. (Demonic spirits are known to do this, as even many in the paranormal/psychic community agree that occurrences such as “demons mimicking the dead” do happen at times, but many deny the possibility that this is perhaps always the case.)

All of the types of evidence above, are determined by using our natural senses. How do we know they are telling the truth? How do we know that when that ghostly apparition manifests to appear like “uncle Bob”, how do we know it isn’t truly a demon masquerading as uncle Bob? We already know that sometimes these demonic spirits will mimic a dead loved one, so why is it so hard to accept the fact that this may very well always be the case?

When we determine the presence of a “spirit”, we do not have the “natural” ability to distinguish whether the spirit is that of a deceased loved one, or if the spirit is truly demonic. We cannot go by our own senses or “feelings” according to scripture.

The Bible tells us:

Proverbs 14:12 KJV

[12] There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Jeremiah 17:9 KJV

[9] The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Proverbs 3:5 KJV

[5] Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Therefore, we must seek the truth in God’s Word.

Once I started realizing that perhaps this could indeed always be the case, I started really seeking the truth and started praying for God to show me the truth. I prayed for God to show me the true identity of these spirits.

Then I started experiencing a lot of negative paranormal activity in our home, which after some time, began to get severe. This was much different that our normal “hearing footsteps in the middle of the night”. The activity became very negative. It was as if the “spirit/s” became angry.

My husband began suffering physical attacks. My husband suffered a lot of these attacks. He dreamed of what appeared to be a beautiful woman with long red hair. One night, he told me about his dream, and how the woman tried to seduce him, and he said that the dream seemed very real to him. And a few nights after he told me about this, I was at a paranormal investigation, and while I was there, another one of my newest team members told me that her husband was having dreams about a woman with long red hair, and that she was trying to “seduce” him. I was shocked as she was telling me about this, but, I chose not to tell her that my husband was also dreaming about a woman with long red hair, as I felt this was something my husband would be sensitive about, and that perhaps he wouldn’t want me to tell anyone about it.

When I got home, I immediately told him what she told me, and we both come to the conclusion that the same “spirit” that was coming to my husband at night in his dreams, was most likely the same spirit that was coming to my team members’ husband, in his dreams. I thought that perhaps, it was a case of “transference of a demonic spirit” from her, and now it was attached to my husband. Soon after we come to this conclusion, these “hauntings” became more severe, and physical.

Another night, this spirit came to my husband again, but this time, it became violent, and attacked him… he got up and grabbed a rosary bead necklace and started rebuking this “spirit”, “ in the name of Jesus”. Suddenly, the necklace busted in mid air, and beads flew all over the room! But then it seemed to leave.

After everything was settled down, he noticed that the “spirit” actually left bite marks, in his groin area! We had several other incidents after this one, and I came to believe that it was the same spirit that my friend was dealing with, or perhaps it was the demonic spirit that threw the man on my previous investigation, and that it followed me home, and possibly it “attached to my husband” and was now tormenting Him.

I started seeking ways to rid this spirit. I was getting desperate. I tried doing things that I heard from other people to do. I put bibles in every room of my house, I hung rosary bead necklaces over every door in our house and over windows, I put “anointing oil” over every door also, while praying for these spirits to leave in Jesus name. The activity would stop temporarily, but would soon return again, yet another night. I was seeking ways to stop it and to cleanse my house. I bought an audio book, called “The Invisible War”, by Chip Ingram. I let it play on my laptop, on a nightstand next to my bed. We fell asleep while it was playing. The audio book was approx. 8 hours long so it played most of the night. On this audio book, it has some “Deliverance prayers” on it.

During the night, my husband suddenly felt the “presence” in our room. He could feel it get on our bed next to him. When this happened, the audiobook was saying a deliverance prayer. My husband was terrified as he could feel the presence next to him, and so he started following along in prayer, in agreement with the prayer that was playing on my laptop. Suddenly, when he started “saying the prayer”, our fan flew across the room and slammed into the wall! It woke me up, and my husband started shaking my shoulder, and said, “Dana, hurry, turn that off, whatever it is, it don’t like that”!! When I realized the audio that was playing was actually deliverance prayers, I started rebuking the spirit in the name of Jesus! The activity stopped that night.

I began searching more on the internet about deliverance, I found a few deliverance ministers on blog talk radio. I listened to them talk about doing deliverances on people that had evil spirits and they would cast them out of people. But they also talked a lot about God’s Word and would read scriptures, so I heard a lot about what the bible said on the subject, that I never heard about before, in my years of “going to church”. I started looking at what the Bible said about demonic spirits and how to be delivered from them.

I also found testimonies on YouTube of others that also were tormented by demonic spirits, and left the occult. I watched a video of Laura Maxwell’s testimony, which had a big impact on me. Laura explained how she lost her dear mom to suicide, after she suffered severe demonic attacks. It gave me a strong sense of urgency to find help.

The attacks were so bad, and then finally, we had an incident that was the “final straw”, it was when a demonic spirit actually manifested and appeared to my 4 year old grandson. He was in my room on my bed, watching tv, and I walked in my room to check on him and when I walked in, he was sitting on my bed, and he looked terrified and confused, staring at the foot of my bed, because he had seen something, and when I asked him what was wrong, he was trying to tell me he had seen something.

He was having a hard time trying to explain to me what he actually saw, he just said, “I don’t know what it was, it was maybe a monster or something”.. then I relied, “there isn’t no such thing as monsters”, then I said, “ I don’t see no monster, where is the monster”? He looked so confused, and he jumped on the floor and rubbed his hand across the floor and said, ” I don’t know, it went in the floor or something”, and he kept looking around confused, as if he couldn’t figure out where it went to.

Well, needless to say, that was when I had had ENOUGH, and could not take anymore! It was bad enough that these spirits were terrorizing us, but now they were targeting my grandson!! I became terrified, as I knew these spirits were also capable of physical attacks, and I couldn’t bear the thought of my grandson possibly getting attacked! After this incident with my grandson, I finally talked my husband into going to a local church for prayer and possibly deliverance.

We went to a local church the following Sunday. After the church service was over, we went up to the assistant pastor, and asked for prayer. I told him that “my husband needed deliverance”. I explained to him that I was a “paranormal investigator”, and that I believed an evil spirit attached to my husband and was now tormenting him. He looked at me and told me, ” oh…you are going to have to stop doing what you are doing, you are in the occult and that’s most likely why these things are happening”.

Although I was so obsessed with the paranormal, and I was totally unprepared to hear the minister say that, somehow I knew this to be true, deep down. At this point, I was far more desperate to help my family, and to stop the attacks we were going through.

It was at that moment, I made the decision to repent and truly turn to Jesus and to live for Him, no matter what that meant. Even if it meant to give it all up. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to save my family from these attacks. I knew deep down he was telling me the truth. He looked at my husband, and noticed he was wearing a rosary bead necklace. He asked my husband, “why are you wearing that”? My husband and I both explained that it was for “protection”, and the pastor told him, “please take that off”. We both were confused by this, as I thought this was a “Christian” thing to do, to wear a cross.

I thought it was supposed to give us protection. My husband went ahead and took it off. The pastor then told him to just put it away, or put it in his pocket. My husband put it in his pocket. I then asked him why. Then the pastor explained, He said “you cannot put your faith into an object”. He said, “when you are putting your faith in an object, you are taking your faith off of Jesus… You must put ALL your faith in Jesus, and Jesus alone.”

As crazy as it may sound, I thought to myself, ” oh wow, can we really just trust Jesus, and Him alone, to free us, really??” Everything he was telling us, rang truth with me. He started praying for us. I came there, expecting that my husband would get delivered, but as he started praying for us, I started have strong feelings of fear and I felt an urgency to run out of the church.

I had feelings of panic and I couldn’t figure out why I was having these feelings, because of how desperate I was to be there and to get us prayed for. But then it occurred to me that it was actually me that had an evil spirit all along, and that I needed to rebuke it in the name of Jesus, and to have faith in him alone to do it.

I knew that I had to take a real leap of faith and just trust Jesus to free me. I prayed along with the pastor silently, and kept rebuking it and telling it to go, in Jesus’ name. I made up my mind to truly turn my back on the enemy and to turn to Jesus, in everything! It was a true submission to God. And finally, after a few minutes, the feelings of fear left me and suddenly I felt tremendous peace come over me! As if I had been dipped in warm oil, and my whole body became relaxed. I felt the presence of Jesus!!

And from that moment on, my eyes were truly opened, and I could see all the deception for what it was! God truly opened my eyes. He removed the scales that the enemy had over my eyes. Suddenly, I just knew that all these “alleged ghosts, spirit guides, aliens, and so on, are actually demonic spirits that lie.

They lie to us for a reason. Their purpose is to keep people away from the truth in God’s word. The truth is, when we die, we either go to heaven or we go to hell. And if we have reason to believe that we remain earthbound after death, then we have no reason to fear the possibility of going to hell, and we won’t have the hope of our promise of going to heaven if we believe in Jesus.

God’s word tells us:

2 Corinthians 5:8 KJV

[8] We are confident, I say , and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

Hebrews 9:27 KJV

[27] And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

What happens when we die, according to Gods Holy Word:

Luke 16:22-31 KJV

[22] And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; [23] And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. [24] And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. [25] But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. [26] And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. [27] Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: [28] For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. [29] Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. [30] And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. [31] And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

The scripture above, from Luke 16, is very clear. It tells us that immediately, when we die, we are either carried by angels to heaven, or we will lift up our eyes being in everlasting torment. It also tells us that there is a great gulf “fixed” in place, so that anyone in heaven or hell cannot leave.

And most importantly, this scripture tells us that God will not allow one to come back from the dead, even if it is to warn others. And if God were to have any exceptions to this rule, it would definitely be for the gospels sake, as there is not a more important message than the gospel.

Satan tries to keep us from getting saved. He wants to lead us astray, and to allure us into the paranormal, by using our dead loved ones to do it. This is an especially cruel tactic he uses, but, we can’t expect anything less from him. He is the father of lies, and he wants to take as many to hell with him as he can.

Now as a minister, after observing firsthand the amount of destruction that the enemy brings into peoples’ lives when they give him a foothold, I am even more convinced now than before that I made the right decision to close the door to the enemy by leaving the occult. ~ Dana

I repented of all my involvement in the occult, and got rid of all my paranormal research equipment and anything else I had that was related to the occult. I had alot of equipment, as I had my own paranormal investigation team.

Mark 8:36-37 KJV

[36] For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? [37] Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

ALL paranormal activity and attacks from that day forward, stopped! God truly delivered me that day. He physically healed me too! I had a large tumor in my breast, but I got prayed for, and the biopsy came back negative! And I give God all the glory, and I pray that my testimony will help lead others out of darkness and into the light of Christ!

It was truly a miracle that Jesus saved and delivered me that day!

Seeking first the Kingdom,

Dana Emanuel.

Recommended Books By Dana:

*A Spiritual Quest, by Laura Maxwell

*Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes, by Mark Hunneman

*Dancing With The Devil, by Jeff Harshbarger

*Invisible War, by Chip Ingram

* The Case for Christ, by Lee Stroble

* 220 Fifth Street, A Terrifying True Story, by Patrick Meechan

*Nightmare in Holmes County: A True Story, by Patrick Meechan

*Ron Rhodes (The truth behind ghosts, mediums and psychic phenomena)

*The Beautiful Side of Evil”, by Johanna Michaelsen

*Grandma, is that you in my closet? By Dan Langenfeld

Dana Emanuel



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Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

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Vegas Supernatural LIVE!!! Famous Paranormal Investigator Keith Johnson with Laura Maxwell and Dana Emanuel: Spiritism and Occult, hosted by Rev. Shawn Whittington.

You think The Devil has a Bad Attitude Now?

Wait ‘Till He Gets A Load Of THESE TWO!!!

Occult Survivors and Extreme Warriors for Christ, “Laura Maxwell” and “Dana Emanuel“, LIVE with Rev. Shawn Whittington, on the all new VEGAS SUPERNATURAL!!!

Mon, 18 Nov, at 5 – 7 pm PST |  8 – 10pm EST | 7 – 9pm CST | Tues 1 – 3am GMT.


Vegas Supernatural’s 60th Birthday Bash for Rev. Shawn.

Vegas Supernatural’s 60th B-Day Bash for The Rev. Hosted by KCOR Digital Radio Network, 2791 Alnwick Ct, Henderson, Nevada 89044.

*This is a LIVE Online All Things Paranormal Radio Show*

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: PLEASE mark your calendars for this, another great event, on my birthday!

My special birthday gift to all of you will be, BACK BY EXTREME POPULAR DEMAND, “Laura Maxwell.”

This time Laura brings one of her closest friends, her radio co-host and fellow Warrior for Christ, Dana Emanuel!!!

I absolutely have to recommend, that you go to Confession, attend Mass and receive Communion before tuning into this show!!!

ALL ARE WELCOME regardless of your religious belief system, (or not), but be advised, The Devil will be opening the blood floodgates of hell when he hears about this one…

You think he has a bad attitude now!


Keith and Sandra Johnson, Famous Paranormal Investigators.

P.S. PLUS A SPECIAL PHONE-IN GUEST, mutual friend of Laura and Dana:

The FAMOUS Paranormal Investigator Keith and Sandra Johnson, from North Scituate, Rhode Island!!!

As seen on Ghost Adventures with Zac Bagans and many other TV and Radio Shows!

On Ghost Adventures Halloween Special 2019, Keith Johnson shared true detail from the original home The Conjuring film was based on.

Keith Johnson world famous Paranormal Investigator phoned in LIVE to ask Laura Maxwell and her friend Dana Emanuel a question!

Famous Ghost Hunter Keith also shares his 1970’s experience with Ed and Lorraine Warren, the famous Mediums involved with the true stories behind the blockbuster Hollywood films The Conjuring, Amityville House Horror, Haunting In Connecticut, and Annabelle – The Haunted Doll.

Rev. Shawn shares his personal knowledge of the original priest from the real story of The Exorcist film.

Laura and Dana share incredible experience of their journeys into and out of Ghost Hunting and how they were freed from spirits and demonic torment by Jesus Christ.

God bless you, Rev. Shawn Whittington.



‘Los testimonios que publica Laura Maxwell son reales, el ocultismo y satanismo rampante es real, parte de nuestro ministerio ha sido ayudar a personas a ser libres y dejar estas prácticas que son muy comunes en la sociedad, una práctica de moda es buscar fantasmas en casas embrujadas y “cazarlos” es decir grabarlos por medios electrónicos etc, esto es una práctica ocultista que abre la puerta al enemigo en la vida de muchos, Jesucristo vino a hacernos libres, les dejo este testimonio, (en inglés), que nos comparte la hermana Laura.’ Pastores Arturo Perales, Mexico. Una amiga del ministerio de Laura.


‘The testimonies that Laura Maxwell publishes are real, the occultism and rampant satanism is real, part of our ministry has been helping people to be freed and leave these practices that are very common in society. A fashionable practice is to seek ghosts in Haunted houses and “hunting them,” that is to say recording them by electronic means, etc. This is an occult practice that opens the door to the enemy in the lives of many, Jesus Christ came to make us free. I leave this testimony, (in English), that shares from sister Laura and friends. ‘ Pastor Arthur Perales, Mexico. A ministry friend of Laura.

Shawn The Rev, Vegas Supernatural.

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Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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During a LIVE show on Revelation TV – satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.










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Hoax Or True? Claims L.A.’s Elite Illuminati Cannibal Restaurant Boasts Celebrities As Members!!!

‘These incidents have sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of their masterplan, and have begun openly promoting dark spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance.’


Hoax Or Real?

This article features a website said to be run by an elite restaurant. Is it a hoax? Surely it can’t be a legitimate site!

What restaurant would advertise this online?! Most likely it’s a hoax, in attempts to either cause a media stir or discredit whistle-blowers who have reported on genuine cases of such elite criminal and satanic activities!!!

There are far too many whistle-blowers who speak out about satanic ritual abuse, elite child sex trafficking rings and sacrifice. So, believing such restaurants exist isn’t difficult, although they’ll be shared secretly not publicly!

Below the article, I’ve pasted a discussion myself and others had about this online article.



1.  Ex Satanic High Priestess Charlotte Wants You To Know God’s Love Conquers All.

2.  Confessions: Interviews with Ex Satanists and other Ex Occultist Whistleblowers.


The last link above lists TV and radio interviews, myself, Laura Maxwelland other ex occultists. These interviews include testimonies with confessions from Ex Satanists, Satanic High Priests, witches, demon worshippers, pagans and other whistleblowers.

The PlayList also has my own radio interviews with Ex Satanists and other Ex Occultists, on my show The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell.

Also, for articles by guest writers and Laura on Satanism, please see: About Satanism Today

Many thanks for reading this! Laura Maxwell


L.A.’s Elite Cannibal Restaurant Boasts Katy Perry, Meryl Streep, Chelsea Clinton As Members. LocksNewsNetwork

Elite Cannibal Restaurant

via LocksNewsNetwork

What do Katy Perry, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Clinton have in common? They have all eaten human flesh at LA’s notorious cannibal restaurant, Cannibal Club.

The private restaurant has long operated under the radar in Los Angeles, with rumors circulating about who has attended and what is really served behind closed doors. Now a leaked Cannibal Club document has exposed some of the notorious restaurant’s “elite” patrons.


Meryl Streep, Chelsea Clinton and CNN’s Anderson Cooper all hold Cannibal Club membership, according to the document. Katy Perry, who has previously said that “Cannibalism is way more popular than you might think” and “human flesh is the best meat“, is also a regular diner.

Boasting that the restaurant is the “cutting edge of experimental cuisine” and serves “L.A.’s cultural elite“, the Cannibal Club website makes clear they “specialize in the preparation of human meat” that comes from “young and healthy bodies.

Cannibal Club’s visiting chefs “hail from around the world” and come to L.A. to “practice their craft free of compromise and unbounded by convention,” according to the Cannibal Club website.


Our exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism. On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain our guests.

“At Cannibal Club, we celebrate artistic excellence as the natural and inevitable expression of the unbridled human spirit.

Describing each dish as a “study in taste and elegance“, Chef de Cuisine Sophie Laffite explains: “The meat we serve is selected from the young and healthy. Consistent with the practice of cannibalism in many primitive societies, we view anthropophagy as homage to the dead, who are reborn into the bodies of their consumers.”

But don’t think you can just walk in there and check the place out. The private restaurant operates a strict vetting policy, according to the website:

It is necessary for us to operate privately and to vette our members in order to avoid disruption from the less enlightened.


The current menu listed on the site includes Sirloin Steak (human meat, flame-broiled 8oz), Liver and Mushroom Pirozhi (“a Russian version of pierogies, baked rather than boiled, with a savory filling of wild mushrooms and human liver“) and Placenta Lasagne (“an otherwise traditional lasagna with one layer of cheese substituted by minced placenta in heirloom tomato sauce, seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano”.)

Elspeth Blake, the Cannibal Club proprietor who claims to have earned her stripes working under Vincent Sardi Jr. in New York, did not immediately respond to our questions regarding where the human flesh comes from.


In the FAQ section of the website, Cannibal Club claims:

Most of the businesses and institutions who supply us prefer to keep those relationships discreet. On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses. For others, such as Cannibal Club member Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008, being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more the traditional practices of burial and cremation.

The revelation that Hollywood, royalty, pop stars and cable TV anchors consume human flesh when they are in Los Angeles is merely the latest example of public figures being exposed as dark figures, reveling in the darkness.  Jay-Z described Jesus Christ as “the original fake news“ late in 2017. Miley Cyrus said “Hail Satan” on live radio and claimed she has a closer relationship with the devil than with her “earthly father”, Billy Ray. Rihanna was caught telling children in Barbados that “if Jesus hasn’t answered your prayers, try praying to Satan.”

Just last week, Chelsea Clinton told her Twitter followers that Satanism is a “religion” that deserves “respect.”

These incidents have sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of their masterplan, and have begun openly promoting dark spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance.


‘Collaborating with visiting cooks from around the world, Chef de Cuisine Sophie Laffite regularly updates our menu with new and daring culinary experiments.’

Cuisine – Cannibal Club › cuisine

‘Specializing in the preparation of human meat, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite. Our master chefs hail from around the world for the opportunity to practice their craft free of compromise and unbounded by convention.

Our exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism. On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain our guests.

At Cannibal Club, we celebrate artistic excellence as the natural and inevitable expression of the unbridled human spirit.’


Article By Factions of Freedom, 10th January 2018.


Factions of Freedom


Below, I share extracts from a discussion myself and others had about this article.

Vincent McCann I’ve been hearing a lot about this kind of stuff lately. Celebrities have spirit cooking parties where they eat and drink urine, blood, seamen, excrement etc. So demonic.

Nancy Gorman How could they openly have a website? Can’t anyone trace the webdesigner? I know this goes on, but a website?


Jerry Blase This is why it is also no surprise that Hollywood thrives on making movies about the subject.
Nadene Gordon We live in a world today where nothing is a surprise. We need to pray more and speak the word of the Lord. Time is short. 


Lin Files God bless you sister. Thank you for being on the front lines of God’s army. Thank you for speaking up.

David Sullivan Disruption from the less enlightened? That is hilarious. I wonder who is enlightened enough to determine if someone is enlightened enough? 


Camilla Rosa Eriksen, Laura Maxwell has this been verified as genuine? It could be a hoax to make us appear stupid while they hide their real agenda. This doesn’t look like something they would openly do.

Simone TrinderCamilla Rosa Eriksen Sadly, it’s genuine. I spoke to a person about this months ago. It’s in LA somewhere, but obviously no address.

Laura Maxwell It’s genuine Camilla, their website link is there It is exactly something they’d openely do, as they r slowly tryin to normalise such things, think of everythign they have normalised down the centuries, things once illegal, now perfectly legal and accepted in most nations and cultures. They drip it into society a little at a time til it becomes ‘evil’ to actually criticise it. Post-birth abortions, etc. I saw a tv clip where a young couple let a chef slice some of their own skin, they cooked it for them and they ate it. Even if the website was actually a hoax, it is something we can expect the horizon. Decades ago we wldnt think they’d get bestiality normalised, wld we, but now so many countries have decriminalised sex with animals, including the army, etc. The restaurant claims the meat is donated by those who GAVE consent before their death. ”Is it a crime to eat human flesh?
”There is no criminal charge for eating human flesh, but the National Health Act clearly stipulates that it is illegal to be in possession of any human tissue unless authorised by the relevant person or institution, says Labuschagne.” Quote : In 1988, performance artist Rick Gibson ate human tonsils on the street; he claims to be “the first cannibal in British history to legally eat human meat in public.” With a rise in “body food”, and eating your partner’s placenta, he may not be the last. ”Existing laws against murder and corpse desecration cover it. Our concern is ultimately violence against each other’s persons and our legal system reflects that concern. U.S. state laws against the desecration of corpses prohibit the consumption of already-deceased human flesh. A cannibalism statute would really only apply to autocannibals like Greg Foot and consensual cannibals (in 2003, Armin Miewes’ lover, Bern Brandes, famously asked to be eaten). The law wouldn’t come up much: Most instances of human flesh eating involve murder. What does this mean for Greg Foot? He can eat his own flesh, an act that involved neither murder nor the desecration of a corpse. He just has to do it in America.”


Nadene Gordon ,totally agree, that’s how all sin has eventually become the norm.

Norman Murdoch WOW, more and more of the evil practices of these alleged groups just keep on being revealed; I fear that this is what is becoming normalized, in preparation for far, far worse atrocities, in the not too distant future!!! The Lord JESUS have mercy and please RETURN soon…

Lin Files yes I agree and I’ve seen this exact progression even though people around me can’t see it. I have to keep these things to myself because people can’t see it. In college, I studied history of the Mexicos… and the Indian culture of history. How they ate the flesh of the strong warrior enemy tribes, how they believe eating them would give them the strength of the warriors they ate, and if they could eat the rival chief even better. My teacher was a male witch and in his youth was in training to be a Shaman. One night in the spirit he came to attack me and I used the name of Jesus against him (all in a night vision). Next class period, middle of semester, he demanded we all write a journal of our dreams and turn it in at end of semester. I did not do this.
Anyway, I know I went on tangents here… but it’s all stemming from the ancient Luciferian religions of the Pagans. The teacher I had tried to normalize many things. Jesus was with me for sure!

Laura Maxwell I’ve reworded the intro. Rethinking it, it must be a fake. But the fact someone has even done this, is itself clever and like Camilla Rosa Eriksen said above, often the elite do drip small amounts of information that could indeed be possible yet is fake, in attempts to discredit whistle blowers who do report on such criminal satanic activities!!!

Many thanks for reading this! Laura Maxwell

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Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

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Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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Jesus Turning Water Into Wine: Miracle At Cana.


Written by Marc Roy.


The miracle of Jesus turning the water into wine is found in John 2:1-11.

Some people try to justify the drinking of alcohol by saying that Jesus made alcoholic wine. But was the wine Jesus created alcoholic?

When they ran out of wine at the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus had them fill six water pots to the brim, each of which held about 20 gallons. This would make a total of about 120 gallons.

When it was taken to the master of the wedding feast to taste, he was surprised and said, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now” (John 2:10).

The ‘good wine’ in those days was grape juice that had not yet fermented.

The Greek word “OINOS” which is translated wine in the Bible can be either fermented or unfermented wine.

We see in Isaiah 65:8, “Thus says the Lord, ‘As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one says do not destroy it’”. What is the alcoholic content in the new wine in a cluster of grapes? Zero. There is no alcohol in a cluster of grapes.

Also God says in Isaiah 16:10, “No treaders will tread out wine in the presses; I have made their shouting cease.” Again we know the alcoholic content of the new wine that is being treaded out in the grape presses is zero. This wine is only fresh grape juice.

Jesus says in Matthew 9:17, “Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”

New wine, which is unfermented wine as we have seen in Isaiah 16:10, 65:8, is not placed into old wine skins because the old wine skins probably have been contaminated with fermentation bacteria which will ferment the new wine. If new wine is placed into old wineskins, then the new wine will become fermented and the fermentation gasses will break the wineskins and the wine will pour out.

But Jesus says that you put new wine (fresh grape juice) into new wineskins (which have not been contaminated with fermentation bacteria) “and both are preserved”.

Jesus did not create an alcoholic wine.

God’s word forbade giving alcoholic wine to someone else.

Habakkuk 2:15 says, “Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbor, pressing him to the bottle, even to make him drunk, that you may look on his nakedness.”

Jesus would have disobeyed God’s word as found in Habakkuk and sinned if he had made an alcoholic wine, which was drunk by others. Hebrews 4:15 says that Jesus “was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.” Jesus never sinned, or He could not have died for us. If He sinned He would have had to die for His own sin.

We have seen in the above scriptures that the wine Jesus made was not fermented. It was fresh grape juice, which is also referred to as wine (OINOS).

To say that Jesus made 120 gallons of fermented wine is blasphemy.

God’s word says “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise” (Proverbs 20:1).


Written by Marc Roy.

~ ♡ ~

   ~ ♡ ~     

FOR MORE ABOUT: Laura Maxwell’s TV and Radio Shows, publications, speaking engagements, etc, please see her blog at


Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts and more about Laura, please visit her blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

Click on this LINK to see some of her TV interviews.

During a LIVE show on Revelation TV – satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.










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Pope Denies Christ’s Divinity: Whistleblower Archbishop Says Recent Vatican Statements Inadequate.

In wake of Italian journalist’s claim, whistleblower says Vatican staff’s denials are not enough.


by David Nussman  •  •  October 11, 2019    120 Comments

ROME ( – A whistleblower archbishop wants the Pope himself to respond to a claim that he denies Christ’s divinity.

Ninety-five-year-old Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari caused shock among Catholics on Wednesday when he attributed to Pope Francis a statement that “Jesus of Nazareth … was not God at all.”

In comments to LifeSiteNews on Thursday, Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò urged the Pope to give a “clear answer” about Scalfari’s claim.

The whistleblower archbishop believes recent statements from Vatican officials are not enough, arguing, “Christians expect a clear answer from the Pope himself. The thing is too important, it is essential; ‘Yes, I believe that Christ is the Son of God made Man, the only Savior and Lord.'”

He went on to say, “All Christians await this clarification from him, not from others, and by virtue of their baptism have the right to have this response.”

Vatican officials have said Scalfari’s recent editorial was inaccurate. On Wednesday, a statement from the Vatican Press Office said, “As has been affirmed in other occasions, the words that Dr. Eugenio Scalfari attributes between quotes to the Holy Father during his colloquies held with him cannot be considered as a faithful account of what was effectively said.”

Likewise, at a Vatican press conference on Thursday, Prefect of the Dicastery for Communications Paolo Ruffini told reporters, “I would like to reiterate that the Holy Father never said what Scalfari wrote that he said.”

But Abp. Viganò says the Pope himself must speak out.

“Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no,'” Abp. Viganò stated.

Pope Francis addressing Congress 2015

He also remarked, “Why doesn’t the Pope use the language of simple people, while he invites people … to create chaos, confusion and division? Is this the mission of the Pope?”

All Christians await this clarification from him, not from others, and by virtue of their baptism have the right to have this response.Tweet

Scalfari, an atheist, does not use audio recordings or take notes during his meetings with the Pope.

The editorial piece that ginned up this controversy was published Wednesday in La Repubblica. It stated:

Those who have had the chance, as I have had many times, to meet him and speak to him with the greatest cultural confidence, know that Pope Francis conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, a man, not God incarnate. Once incarnated, Jesus ceases to be a God and becomes a man until his death on the cross.

Scalfari’s article alluded to some arguments against Christ’s divinity, adding, “When I happened to discuss these phrases, Pope Francis told me, ‘They are the definite proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once he became a man, even if he was a man of exceptional virtue, was not God at all.'”

The 95-year-old journalist said this was a memory from one of his past conversations with the Pope over the years.

Catholics on social media have been outraged about Scalfari’s alleged quote of the supreme pontiff and disappointed with the responses from Vatican officials.

“This whole mess is of Francis’ making,” Twitter user Sodalitium Pianum opined. “Give an interview to a socialist atheist, who is an ally and reported friend, and this is precisely what everyone feared would happen.”

Steve Skojec@SteveSkojec

There really is something disturbing here. They don’t say Scalfari lied or made it up. They call it a free reconstruction? They still sound like they’re playing the same semantic game: “That’s not EXACTLY what he said.”

The more I look at this, the more it doesn’t cut it. 

Catholic Sat@CatholicSat

At the end of today’s #SinodoAmazonico #AmazonSynod Presser; Paolo Ruffini says “the Holy Father never said what Scalfari writes”, in reference to an article by Scalfari which claimed Pope Francis said “Jesus of Nazareth … was man of exceptional virtue, not at all a God.”

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Sodalitium Pianum@andy_ngi3

This whole mess is of Francis’ making. Give an interview to a socialist atheist, who is an ally and reported friend, and this is precisely what everyone feared would happen. Did anyone think Scalfari would report that Francis said anything controversially orthodox?

Another Catholic on Twitter referred to Vatican officials’ statements as “a laughable non-denial.”

Laurence England@TheCrushedBones

In the journalism field, Scalfari’s name must be like dirt now, because EVERYONE now knows that he made up and lied about Pope Francis’s words and that he has no journalistic integrity.

Or do I have that wrong?


Actually, the Italians aren’t dumb. They know Scalfari is an atheist who despises religion. The question they have is why Francis keeps meeting with him to chat when he himself know what will come of it. Plus, the Vatican’s response to Scalfari’s article is a laughable non-denial

Some agreed with Abp. Vigano’s call for an official statement from the Pope himself affirming Christ’s Divinity. One person tweeted, “At this stage, nothing less than a formal document issued by Francis himself denying Scalfari’s claims of heresy and explicitly professing the Faith will suffice.”

At this stage, nothing less than a formal document issued by Francis himself denying Scalfari’s claims of heresy and explicitly professing the Faith will suffice. Otherwise I’ve got no good reason to doubt Scalfari’s repeated claims and Francis remains under suspicion.

Throughout Francis’ pontificate, Scalfari has repeatedly published supposed transcripts and quotations from his interviews with the Pope — all without the aid of recording devices or note-taking.

In those articles about his papal interviews, Scalfari has frequently attributed claims to Francis that many faithful Catholics found scandalous, confusing or bizarre.

Back in 2013, just a few months after Francis took the throne of St. Peter, Scalfari quoted him as saying, “Each of us has a vision of good and of evil. We have to encourage people to move towards what they think is good.”

He also attributed to the Pope the claim that “the most serious of the evils that afflict the world these days are youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old.”

During Holy Week in 2018, Scalfari wrote that the Pope believes there is no Hell and souls too wicked to enter Heaven are annihilated. A statement from the Vatican Press Office said this was not a “faithful transcription” of what the Pope said.

Similar statements had been issued in July 2014 and November 2015, in the wake of other papal interview articles by Scalfari.


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‘The One God and Modern Society: Meetings With Pope Francis and Cdl. Carlo Maria Martini’ by Dr. Eugenio Scalfari.


by Jules Gomes  •  •  November 7, 2019    325 Comments

Italian journalist doubles down on Francis’ alleged denial of Jesus’ divinity.

ROME ( – In a new series of troubling revelations, Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari has quoted Pope Francis as denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus in stating that the crucified Christ emerged from the tomb as a spirit rather than as a body.

In a front-page article in Tuesday’s La Repubblica, Scalfari expands on his earlier quote from Pope Francis, where the Holy Father is interpreted as rejecting the divinity of Jesus while on earth, and dovetails that statement with Francis’ alleged denial of Christ’s bodily resurrection.

According to Scalfari, Pope Francis said, “He [Jesus] was a man until he was put in the sepulchre by the women who restored his corpse. That night in the sepulchre the man disappeared and from that cave came out in the form of a spirit that met the women and the Apostles, still preserving the shadow of the person, and then definitively disappeared.”

That night in the sepulchre the man disappeared and from that cave came out in the form of a spirit that met the women and the Apostles.

Church Militant contacted the Holy See Press Office for comment, which was caught by surprise and was unaware of the new allegations. Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See Press Office, told Church Militant:

As already stated on other occasions, the words that Dr. Eugenio Scalfari attributes in quotation marks to the Holy Father during the interviews he had cannot be considered as a faithful account of what was actually said, but rather represent a personal and free interpretation of those who listened, as appears completely evident from what is written today regarding the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The explosive new quotes have been published in Scalfari’s book Il Dio unico e la società moderna: Incontri con papa Francesco e il cardinale Carlo Maria Martini (“The One God and Modern Society: Meetings With Pope Francis and Cdl. Carlo Maria Martini”) released on Tuesday.

“The Scalfari claims about Francis’ heretical beliefs are so shocking, and the Pope’s adamant silence so incomprehensible, we have to assume that this is an accurate account of their conversations, U.K. Deacon Nick Donnelly told Church Militant.

“The claim that Francis denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus takes us into the area of de fide doctrine,” he added. “Every time we recite the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed we proclaim the bodily resurrection of Jesus. In the past, an ecumenical council would have been convened to condemn Christological heresies.”

“Scalfari’s claim that Bergoglio is a Docetist — someone who holds that Jesus only appeared as a phantasm or spirit — takes us into the territory of needing an Ecumenical Council to condemn him and uphold the Catholic doctrine of the Resurrection,” he said.

Scalfari’s La Repubblica article is a reproduction of his introduction in his book.

The journalist, who admits to being an unbeliever, insists that he is nevertheless “very much interested in the history of the Church that began when Paul fell from his horse while going from Jerusalem to Damascus.”

Drawing a wedge between Pauline Christianity as a radical innovation compared to the Jewish Christianity of Jesus’ first apostles, including Peter, Scalfari identifies Jesus’ recognition of His divine Sonship at the age of 30.

“Until he was 30 he had remained in the family but it is at that moment that he discovers in himself the Son of God descended to earth for the redemption of men from all over the world,” Scalfari writes.

Because Saint Paul interpreted Christianity as totally different from Judaism, Christianity now saw itself as unique “without being confused with other religions.” This gave rise to a number of controversies, chief of which was the relationship of Jesus to the Father.

“The Son had the same powers as the Father but there was a substantial difference between them: the Father had created the Son, after which the powers were the same but the Son was Creature while the Father was Creator,” he remarks.

It is in this context Scalfari elaborates on his meeting with Pope Francis.

“I was personally responsible for speaking with Pope Francis in our first meeting four years ago, and His Holiness, who is very prepared in these matters,” told him that “God, who is Unique to all the people of the whole world, decided on his incarnation to help humanity to believe in the hereafter and to behave appropriately in thinking and acting.”

Then, Pope Francis reportedly told Scalfari: “That is, he is a man: true and total, and he shows it in the last week spent in Jerusalem, at the last supper, in the Garden of Gethsemane where he prays to God to exempt him from being crucified, but God does not answer him.”

“Also on the cross he is a man who turns to what he calls the Father and almost reproaches him by saying: ‘Father, Father, you have abandoned me,'” Francis reportedly said.

Italian social media has erupted in shock at the new revelations.

“Scalfari continues to attribute to Bergoglio quotes that contain unheard-of theological enormities and no one from the Vatican cares in the least of denying, nor do they tell Scalfari to stop. Catholics think: those who keep silent agree,” tweeted noted Italian journalist Antonio Socci.

“Pure heresy: the risen Jesus was not a Spirit but was alive in flesh and blood. Thomas put his finger in his wounds,” an Italian Catholic tweeted back.

Scalfari commends Francis for preaching this interpretation “with the strength that no one else has employed,” as it “corresponds to a reality that our mind can only judge perfectly logical for those who believe in a deity.”

Pope Francis and Islam

Pope Francis has solved the problem of religious plurality because he is not thinking of a God monopolized by only one group, Scalfari explains.

“There cannot be a supreme deity generated only by a group of faithful while other groups have different deities,” and “these are differences that must be overcome.”

“Thinking of a God owned by a people and not others is meaningless, and the Pope is denying it day by day, and not only with words but with facts: He embraces Muslims, obviously embraces Jews and Protestants,” he adds.

Explaining why he treats both Pope Francis and Cdl. Martini in one book, Scalfari notes that “both priests addressed issues of the highest cultural, religious and even political level in the sense in which politics has a positive or negative influence on the life of men.”

Moreover, Martini was a great friend of Pope Francis in Argentina and, like Francis, had tried to modernize the Church. “Martini knew that the Church needed profound changes,” writes Scalfari.

A companion piece in La Repubblica written by Italian philosopher Roberto Esposito suggests that Martini also supports the idea of Jesus’ spiritual rather than bodily resurrection.

“The Resurrection of the spirit — states the cardinal in one of the highest moments of the dialogue with Scalfari — it is the flame that drives the wheel of the world,” Esposito writes.

Esposito relativizes the Resurrection: “The resurrection is not only the dead, in the unfathomable mystery of faith. It can also involve the living, whenever the love of neighbour wins over self-love. In this second sense we rise again, we can rise again, with respect to the hell of egoism, at every moment, on the part of each, even of the worst of sinners.”

Esposito praises Scalfari’s book for examining Francis’ “relationship with politics and therefore with power” as “the other front on which all the novelty of the pontificate of Francis is measured.”

This position of Francis is “revolutionary” and “an exercise that looks like a real battle outside and inside the Church.”

“Outside, in defense of those who are abandoned, discriminated against, rejected by the protected areas of the world. Inside the Church, against the powers that, putting the interests of the ecclesiastical institution in front of her and remove her from her pastoral mission,” Esposito observes.

Martini, a biblical scholar and Jesuit who died in 2012 as The Archbishop of Milan, was suspected of being a member of the Italian Freemasonry.



For such statements, his historical Roman Catholic hierarchy would burn heretics at the stake and yet it seems the Pope himself has said such remarks over the years!

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